GM Diet Plan Vegetarian Diet Chart: My Daily Meal Plan & Experience!

GM Diet Plan Vegetarian Diet Chart: My Daily Meal Plan Day 7

Hi everyone,

Apologies for not being able to update you guys about my experience with Day 7 of the GM diet. Alot of things are happening in my personal life which kept me busy however I finally managed to take some time out to do an update. So on Gm Diet Plan Day 7, people are allowed to eat starch though beef or other types of meat are to be avoided. You can also have fruits and vegetables on day 7.

GM Diet Plan Gm Diet Chart For Day 7 Weight Loss Update

GM Diet Plan: Gm Diet Chart For Day 7 & Weight Loss Update

Do check out the GM Diet Plan & Chart post to know how this diet works! Below, is my GM diet chart for day 7!

My Vegetarian GM Plan Diet: Day 7 & Experience

Breakfast: The diet recommends having rice, brown or white, at the start of the day as it will fulfill your energy and carb requirements. So I had one bowl of brown rice with an apple in the morning.

Lunch: For lunch, I had a bowl of sharda/canary melon along with sprouts which contained chopped tomatoes, onion, coriander topped with lemon and salt.

Evening Snack: I wasn’t hungry at all but since I was out and about, I decided to have some fresh sweet lime/mosambi juice. This is the only day when the diet allows you to have juice and you have no idea how badly I was yearning for a glass of juice since Day 1 of the GM diet!

Dinner: I had a light dinner consisting of half a bowl of brown rice. I also had one cucumber topped with lemon for my last meal of the GM Plan Diet!

GM Diet Chart Day 7 My Experience Weight Loss Update

GM Diet Chart Day 7: My Experience & Weight Loss Update

GM Plan Diet Weight Loss Update

Now coming to the question I am sure you all have been waiting for. So how much did I lose with the GM diet plan in a week? 3.5kgs and 1.5 inches from the waist! I am so elated with the results and while writing this post its been 2 days since I ended the diet. I have kept off the weight though it is common to gain back a kilo. I feel its imperative to make a lifestyle change and if you do not start exercising on a regular basis or go back to your unhealthy dietary habits then you will definitely gain back the kilos you shed. This is the case with every diet and not just the GM Plan Diet.

I am hitting the gym in a couple of days and this winters instead of ballooning up like always you shall see a much fitter and toned Lisha 😀 Also, my appetite has been curbed and I cannot eat alot in one go which is really good.

This is the first time I managed to complete the GM diet after 2 failed attempts. I think my biggest motivation was the fact that I was sharing my GM diet plan journey with you guys and I knew if I cheated or gave up, I’d feel really bad about it. You all have been sooooo supportive throughout the week especially on Instagram and I loved sharing the pics, even if I had to pose with eggs and veggies 😀

The GM Diet is very challenging and difficult in the start but trust me it is so worth it. I feel energetic, my skin is glowing and well I lost weight 😀 I’m not sure if I’ll do it again, atleast not this year but I’m very happy to read your mails and updates about how many of you have been motivated to give this a try yourself! Let me know how it works out for you guys.

Love & Luck
LB <3

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