GM Diet Plan Vegetarian Diet Chart: My Daily Meal Plan & Experience!

GM Diet Plan Vegetarian Diet Chart: My Daily Meal Plan Day 3

Hey everyone,

I started Day 3 of the GM diet which much gusto 😀 After the terrible experience munching on just veggies, the addition of fruits lifted my spirits. I not only felt less cranky but was more energetic and my hunger pangs reduced greatly! So here is my complete GM Diet Chart for Day 3. Do check out my GM Diet Plan & Chart post to know more about the diet and how it works!

My Vegetarian GM Diet Plan: Day 3 & Experience

GM Diet Plan GM Diet Chart For Day 3

GM Diet Plan: GM Diet Chart For Day 3

My Vegetarian GM Diet Plan: Day 3 & Experience

Breakfast: I started my day with a bowl of Sharda/ Canary Melon and one apple with a glass of water. Since I hate veggies and I just couldn’t stand the sight of them after Day 2 I majorly skipped them today.

Lunch: My appetite had reduced greatly by Day 3 and I didn’t feel the need for a mid morning snack and skipped to lunch. I had a bowl of papaya along with some pears for lunch.

Evening Snack: I tend to feel quite hungry by the evening and decided to include some veggies in my diet. I had 2 cucumbers and a boiled beetroot topped with some lemon and salt.

GM Diet Chart Day 3 My Experience & Tips

GM Diet Chart Day 3: My Experience & Tips

Dinner: For dinner, I had Sharda, apple and 2 mosambi/ sweet lime.

Day 3 was a breeze compared to Day 2 of the GM diet. I had alot more energy and did quite a bit of work without feeling lethargic. I made sure to have 3 ltrs of water which I hope to continue tomorrow. Some amount of workout throughout the diet is really beneficial for increasing the metabolism so even though I didn’t feel like going out, I still managed to walk for 30 minutes.

By day 3, all the yummy food aroma wasn’t bothering me and I was more than happy with my melons and papayas 😀 Compared to green veggies, these felt like desserts 😀 I feel motivated to take on Day 4 of the GM Diet head on and can’t wait to update you guys on my progress.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments and support on the blog as well as Insta. I feel confident about completing it this time and it wouldn’t have been possible without you guys! xo

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