GM Diet Plan Vegetarian Diet Chart: My Daily Meal Plan & Experience!

GM Diet Plan Vegetarian Diet Chart: My Daily Meal Plan Day 2

Hey everyone,

I managed to survive Day 2 of the GM diet and it was prettaaaay hard! I’ve had a tough time with the vegetable day earlier however this time it was worse. To know more about the GM diet & its 7 day meal plan do check out this post. So here is a breakdown of everything that I ate yesterday. Since I totally detest veggies, especially boiled ones I did not have much to eat and maybe that led to the weakness. Oh well!

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GM Diet Plan For Day 2 Experience & Tips

GM Diet Plan For Day 2, Experience & Tips

My Vegetarian GM Diet Plan: Day 2 & Experience

Breakfast: You need to have a large bolied potato on Day 2 of the GM Diet. Earlier I didn’t use to use any oil or seasoning but I recently came across some posts that mentioned you can but in low quantity. So I had one large piece of potato which was topped with garlic sauteed in olive oil and a pinch of salt. I love garlic and this tasted divine after a day of just fruits!

Lunch: In lunch, you’re supposed to have a bowl of salad which can be topped with a bit of olive oil or vinegar. Since I do not like veggies, I had 2 cucumbers topped with a big lemon and some salt.
Day 2 was going smoothly till now but by the time evening rolled over I started feeling dizzy and had a terrible headache.

Evening Snack: Since I was feeling quite light headed, I had 1 boiled beetroot (with lemon & salt) as they tend to be a bit heavier and would give me the much required energy. I went for a walk after it and ended up cheating. My mom forced me to have fresh coconut water as she could tell I was feeling quite weak. Oh , well!

GM Diet Chart Day 2 My Experience & Tips

GM Diet Chart Day 2 My Experience & Tips

Dinner: For dinner, I had diced cucumber, tomatoes, beetroot and onion topped with good amount of lemon and a hint of chat masala.

I felt a bit hungry since I was up till 3am, so had some raw beans 😀 In addition to this I continued having water but could only manage 2ltrs today.

Overall, I did not enjoy the GM Diet Plan of Day 2 at all. Had serious cravings for golgappas and even rusk (imagine that!) and by the evening I almost wanted to give up. However, I knew how terrible I would feel to end the GM diet experience right here and thats the only thing that kept me going. No GM diet Tips for Day 2 as I barely managed to make through it! Looking forward to Day 3 of the GM diet as I’ll get to eat fruits again 😀

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