GM Diet Plan Vegetarian Diet Chart: My Daily Meal Plan & Experience!

GM Diet Plan Vegetarian Diet Chart: My Daily Meal Plan Day 6

Hey everyone,

So its Day 6 of the GM Plan diet and I’m this close to completing it 😀 I feel so good about myself and am quite elated to have stuck to it this time. Day 6 is similar to Day 5 and the only addition is the veggies. Unlike Day 5, there is no limit to the amount of beef and vegetables you can have. Since I am an eggetarian I followed the Vegetarian GM Diet plan for Day 6.

GM Plan Diet Day 6 Chart With Vegetarian Alternatives

GM Plan Diet Day 6 Chart With Vegetarian Alternatives

My Vegetarian GM Plan Diet + Vegetarian Alternatives: Day 6 & Experience

Breakfast: To start off my day, I had paneer, my favorite 😀 I did not want have eggs as I got bored of them on Day 5. Took a bit of olive oil, sauteed garlic & ginger then added the paneer cubes to it. Cook for a few more minutes and spice it up as you like. This tasted really good and was my favorite breakfast of the entire GM Plan diet!

Lunch: For lunch, I had brown rice cooked with moong dal, onion and tomatoes. My appetite like I mentioned before has reduced greatly and I had only half of what I could eat normally.

Evening: So, I didn’t really feel hungry but you know how moms are. She thinks I’m starving myself so she force fed me some cucumber and beetroot, the only raw veggies I eat 😀

Dinner: For dinner, I again had half a bowl of brown rice with some curd.

I only managed to have 2lts of water today which is not adequate but I’m still hoping for great results. The best change besides the loss of kilos has been the reduction in my appetite. I have always been a hungry bacha and and I can eat a good quantity in one go. But now, my portions are much more controlled. Day 5 and 6 of the GM diet were very easy so my advice would be to get through the first 3 detox days as it only get easier thereafter.

Tomorrow is the last day of the GM diet plan and I’m so excited to see how much I Iost in total. I can definitely see some inch loss from the waist so watch out for the update tomorrow. 🙂

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