10 Best Benefits of Carom Seeds (Ajwain) For Skin, Hair, Health & Weight Loss

Top 10 Benefits of Carom Seeds on Health, Weight Loss & Skin

You will be surprised to know that a food ingredient as small as Carom seeds can do so many wonders for your body. Laden with anti- inflammatory and curative properties, the consumption of carom seeds eradicates toxins and cures several health problems. Popularly known as ‘Ajwain’ or ‘Bishop’s weed’, carom seeds also have umpteen benefits for the skin, health and weight loss. Today we list down the best benefits of carom seeds which will definitely motivate you to start including them in your routine.

Carom Seeds Benefits Home Remedies

Carom Seeds Benefits & Home Remedies

Best Benefits of Carom Seeds (Ajwain) for Skin, Hair & Health

1) Lightens Acne Marks
Treating acne is difficult but lightening its scars is a task on its own. Application of powdered carom seeds or ajwain mixed with yogurt on the affected area helps lighten the acne scars considerably.This is because of the presence of ‘thyme’ in ajwain which has anti- bacterial properties that eradicates acne causing bacteria. Apply this atleast once or twice a week to notice good results.

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2) Carom Seeds Reduces Premature Greying
Nowadays, it’s very common to see people as young as 20 complain of premature greying of hair. Excessive styling, use of chemical products and stress are just some of the factors that lead to premature greying. To stop this, take 2-3 curry leaves, dry grape, sugar and a pinch of carom seeds. Add all these ingredients in a cup of water and drink one glass everyday. This helps in treating premature greying and is one of the best carom seeds benefits for the hair.

Benefits Of Carom Seeds For Skin Hair Body

Benefits Of Carom Seeds For Skin, Hair & Body

Best Carom Seeds Benefits for Health

3) Helps Reduce Menstrual cramps
Cramps during menstruation are inevitable. The severe pain which women go through every month can be very difficult to deal with. However, consuming a handful of carom seeds can help reduce the pain. The anti- spasmodic properties of ajwain due to the presence of thyme in it, relieves one from spasms , thus giving relief from cramps.

4) Cold and cough
A bad cold and cough takes a toll on the entire body. The presence of thymol in carom seeds makes it one of the best remedies for curing cold and cough. Carom seeds being an expectorant helps in clearing congestion and cough as it eliminates mucus and phlegm. To get relief from cough or cold, you can either chew them or take a steam of the seeds infused in hot water.

Carom Seeds Benefits For Health Cold Cough

Carom Seeds Benefits For Health Cold Cough

5) Eases Joint Pain
One of the most common problems , arthritis can be cured with carom seeds.The anti- inflammatory and anti- rheumatic properties of ajwain helps in relaxation of the muscles which gives relief to acute joint pain. Apply carom seed oil on affected joints regularly for best results.

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6) Alleviates Stomach Problems
A poor digestive tract accounts for half of our health issues. Indigestion, constipation and acidity are some of the common stomach ailments which interfere in the functioning of other body parts too .Presence of thymol in carom seeds aids in breaking down the gastric juices which improves digestion, thus relieving one of constipation. Carom seeds and a small quantity of salt, when gulped down with warm water give you instant relief from stomach problems.

Health Benefits Of Carom Seeds

Health Benefits Of Carom Seeds For Body

Top Ajwain or Carom Seeds Benefits for Body, Health & Weight Loss

7) Helps with Migraine
To get rid of migraine or headache, wrap carom seeds in a tissue paper and smell it. You can also burn some carom seeds for the same. The pungent odor of burning ajwain is very effective in treating headache and migraine. This is one of the most effective and top benefits of ajwain.

8) Ajwain is an Effective Body Cleanser
Carom seeds effectively cleanses the entire body by flushing out toxins from it. These seeds combat bacteria and eradicate them from the body. Hence, regular consumption of carom seed tea is recommended.

Benefits Of Ajwain For Health Body Weight Loss

Benefits Of Ajwain For Body & Weight Loss

9) Cures piles
Constipation is the major reason behind piles. If not treated at the right time, one may have to undergo an operation to cure it. As noted earlier, presence of ‘Thymol’ in carom seeds improves digestion, thus curing constipation which further cures piles. For this, add rock salt and carom seeds to buttermilk and drink it after lunch and dinner. This is one of the top benefits of carom seeds and is very effective.

Top Benefits Of Carom Seeds For Weight Loss

Top Benefits Of Carom Seeds For Weight Loss

10) Weight Loss Benefits of Ajwain
As much as we like to eat junk food, we also want to stay in shape. Obesity is everyone’s worst nightmare and Carom seeds are very beneficial for weight loss. It has appetite stimulating properties and laxative components which fastens the bowel movements thus aiding weight loss. Just a handful of carom seeds in the morning, before breakfast, help in releasing the digestive juices which aid in proper digestion and regulate the bowel movement. Simple consumption of carom seeds is sufficient to reduce obesity however taking carom water is equally efficient for weight loss. Boil one liter of water and add one teaspoon of carom seeds. Let it boil and allow it to cool for some time before gulping it down. It fastens your metabolism rate which helps in weight loss.

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Carom Seeds Side Effects

Carom Seeds Ajwain Side Effects

Carom Seeds/Ajwain Side Effects

As good as the benefits sound, carom seeds also come with their fair share of cons. Here are some of the points need to be kept in mind while consuming ajwain.

  1. Carom seeds should be consumed in proper and sufficient amount as over consumption can do more harm than benefit. It can lead to nausea, vomiting, headache, skin infection, allergy, acidity or burning sensations.
  2. Avoid ajwain if you have mouth ulcer, stomach ulcer, internal bleeding or ulcerative colitis.
  3. If you are suffering from any liver related ailment or hyperacidity, abstain from consuming carom seeds as these may worsen your condition.
  4. For pregnant and lactating women, carom seeds are beneficial as it wards off constipation, improves digestion and regulates breast milk production. However, over consumption of ajwain may completely negate its positive effects as excessive amount builds up heat in the body which is not good for pregnant women.

These were some of the best benefits and side effects of carom seeds. Hope you find it helpful