Premature Grey Hair: Causes, Natural Remedies & Treatment

Premature Grey Hair Causes & Natural Home Remedies

Is your hair turning grey and you are spending sleepless nights worrying about it? Are you just 20? Fret not, for you are not the only one! Every living organism, both plant and animal grows old and has a lifespan. Growing old is something no one can evade. However, for humans accepting the changes that come with this process seems to be difficult. Both women and men face greying of hair as a part of the ageing process.

Premature Grey Hair Causes, Treatments & Natural Home Remedies

Premature Grey Hair Causes, Treatments & Natural Home Remedies

However, in some instances graying of hair sets in earlier than usual, making it more difficult to accept. First let understand why the hair turns grey in the first place.

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Why does hair turn grey?

Human hair gets its natural shade, black or other hues owing to the presence of a component called melanin. The root of the human hair strand is surrounded by hair follicles that contain this natural pigment. As a man or a woman grows older, the number of this pigment producing cells diminish. The new hair strands become less coloured and eventually turns grey. In some people this process takes place earlier than others, sometimes as early as mid-20s or late 20s.

What Causes Premature Grey Hair

What Causes Premature Grey Hair

What Causes Premature Grey Hair?

Hair can lead to premature greying owing to a number of factors. While some people have it embedded in their genes, for some others, it is triggered more by lifestyle choices and diet related factors:

Medical reasons
Some people end up getting premature grey hair or see sudden advances in hair greying owing to the onset of certain medical conditions and ailments. Thyroid gland problems can lead to premature greying of hair in both men and women, for example. Vitiligo is another disease that hastens greying of hair in many people.

Lifestyle related factors
A number of people experience premature greying of hair owing to the lifestyle they they lead. Resorting to junk food leads to regular deprivation of key vitamins and minerals that play a role in melanin production. This can lead to increased hair greying in affected individuals. Excessive levels of stress also affect melanin production, as it has been observed.

Hair styling products
Some women and men use excessive hair styling products like gel and hair colours that contain chemicals like ammonia. Prolonged usage of such products not only damage the scalp and the hair’s health, but greying of hair can also be an after effect. The same can be said about usage of hair dryers.

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How To Reduce Premature Grey Hair Naturally With Home Remedies!

How To Reduce Premature Grey Hair Naturally With Home Remedies!

How To Stop Grey Hair: Remedies & Treatment!

While a majority of people start noticing greying of hair by late 30s or early 40s, if you get those in your early 20s, it can be deemed as premature. Rather than using OTC products and quick fix solutions, it would be wise to seek natural remedies home remedies for grey hair. Here are some grey hair remedies.

Dietary changes
A lot of people find grey strands rising in numbers as they skip nutrient rich foods. You can
incorporate protein rich foods as well as dishes replete with Vitamins A and B. Vegetables like carrots, green leavy vegetables sweet potatoes and fruits like apricots, melons and mangoes are rich in Vitamins A. For adequate intake of Vit B include dairy products, meat, & poultry in your diet to reduce premature grey hair naturally.

Foods with minerals like copper and zinc can also aid in this regard. Ideally, you can eat plenty of seafood and organic produce, especially dark leafy vegetables which will further help in stopping grey hair.

How To Reduce Premature Grey Hair Naturally

Using a few herbs and natural extracts can also help reduce the onset of grey hair. To combat grey hair take some coconut oil and add curry leaves to it. Boil it till the leaves become charred. Massage this onto your hair and keep it for around an hour. Try this natural remedy to treat grey hair every week. Curry leaves along with coconut oil help in darkening the pigmentation of hair.

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Indian gooseberry or as we call it amla, is known to be beneficial for many hair problems including premature greying. To use amla, you can boil it in oil be it coconut or almond and apply it to your hair. This is another remedy known to be quite helpful in combating greys.

Henna is an herb that is said to be immensely useful in preventing greying of hair. It not only colors your locks and adds shine to them but also helps in nourishing it.

So these were just some of the causes and helpful remedies to stop premature greying of hair. Let us know if you found them helpful!

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