How to Grow Nails Faster & Stronger: 10 Best Home Remedies!

Top 10 Home Remedies for Faster Nail Growth Naturally

Having immaculate, beautiful and long nails is a dream of every girl. Healthy and long nails not just add to your beauty but are also a sign of a person who believes in personal grooming. However, given the amount of pollution, stress and poor diet, healthy nails turn out to be a distant reality. Brittle nails, splits, yellowishness, slow growth of nails are some of the common nail problems. However, there are a multitude of easy ways to grow nails naturally. Here are the 10 best natural home remedies for faster and stronger nail growth.

How To Grow Nails Faster Stronger Naturally At Home Top 10

How To Grow Nails Faster & Stronger At Home: Top 10

How To Grow Nails Faster & Naturally in 10 Days: Best Home Remedies!

1) Lemons: Vitamin C helps strengthen nails, which in turn keeps the nails healthy and promotes growth. Simply rubbing a slice of lemon on your nails for few minutes daily is sufficient or prepare a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil and heat it for some time. Make sure to let it cool before you soak your nails in it. After that, rinse your nails properly and moisturize it well after washing. Lemon is extremely beneficial for nails as it not only encourages growth, it also aids in getting rid of yellowness on the nails and makes it shiny. However, avoid using it in case of hangnails or any cut.

 Howto Grow Nails Faster Stronger

How to Grow Nails Faster & Stronger

2) Orange Juice: Being rich in Vitamin C, orange juice ensures the upkeep of nails and promotes nail growth naturally. Squeeze out some orange juice and soak your nails for 5 minutes. After that, rinse your hands well and apply some good hand cream.

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3) Tomatoes: Laden with Vitamin A, C, Biotin and lycopene, tomatoes can do wonders for your nails. Lycopene adds to the thickness of nails and is very essential. Prepare a mixture of tomato juice and one table spoon of olive oil, soak your nails in it for 10 to 15 minutes. Apart from boosting growth, it will also make your nails appear shiny and strong. Eating raw tomatoes is equally good for the growth of nails. However avoid cooking it as it eradicates the Vitamin C.

Best Home Remedies To Grow Nails In 10 Days

Best Home Remedies To Grow Nails

4) Olive oil: Well moisturized nails not only accelerate growth but also strengthen the nails and cuticles. Olive Oil, being rich in polyphenols has anti- bacterial and anti- fungal properties which make it extremely beneficial for the nails. Warm the olive oil, and apply it on nails and cuticle and gently massage it in circular motion for a few minutes. This practice will surely help you to strengthen weak and brittle nails.

How To Grow Nails Faster with Salt

How To Grow Nails Faster with Salt

5) How to Grow Nails with Salt: The most needed and common ingredient in the kitchen, salt also helps nails to grow faster. Take a bowl of water and add three pinches of salt along with olive oil. Mix the mixture well and dip your nails in it for 10 minutes. Apart from this, you can also add freshly squeezed lemon juice and salt in warm water and soak your nails in it. This easy home remedy strengthens nails which is prerequisite for proper nail growth.

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Nail Growth & Nail Care Tips: Easy & Natural Remedies

Best Home Remedies For Weak, Brittle Nails

Best Home Remedies For Weak & Brittle Nails

 6) Coconut oil: Like Olive oil, coconut oil also boosts the growth of nails. It prevents chipped nails, fungal nails and cuticle infection. Application of warm virgin coconut oil before bedtime every day is advisable.

Natural Nail Care Tips For Stronger Nails

Natural Nail Care Tips For Stronger Nails

7) Petroleum Jelly: The biggest advantage of Petroleum Jelly is that it is pocket friendly and can be used easily . Wash your hands well and apply the jelly all over your nails and cuticles and keep it on for few minutes so that it could penetrate well into the skin. It not just spurs growth but also keep dry cuticles at bay.

8) Flaxseed Oil: The high presence of omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B and magnesium in flax seed oil makes it a perfect homemade remedy for growing nails. Rub some oil on your nails and cuticles and massage it in a circular motion gently. Wear gloves for an hour if you wish to retain the moisture.

Faster Ways To Grow Nails At Home

Faster Ways To Grow Nails At Home

9) Horse Tail: Herbs have been used since time immemorial. One such herb is horse tail which is no less than any magic potion when it comes to nail care. Put 2 table spoon of dried horse tail (also known as puzzlegrazz) in boiling water. Let the water cool down and then dip your finger nails into it for a few minutes. The anti- bacterial, anti- fungal and anti- microbial properties of Horse tail will not only strengthen brittle nails but also promote kickass growth. It is said to have the highest amount of silica making it very beneficial for healthy nails and hair.

Best Nail Care Growth Tips Top Home Remedies

Best Nail Care Growth Tips: Top Home Remedies

10) Healthy diet: Ultimately, what one eats makes the greatest difference in our body. For a body part as tiny as nails, a proper intake of nutrients is imperative. Our nails are composed of Keratin, a protein, which is also the main constituent of hair. Hence, a plate full of good protein like eggs, meat, chicken, yogurt, milk will boost the amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. Apart from protein, a diet rich in Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin A is also useful to encourage the growth of nails.

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Try these natural homemade remedies regularly to get rid of snail paced nail growth, brittleness, splits and breakage. Also, try to avoid biting your nails as it hampers the growth. It can be quite hard to tame this annoying habit, hence wear a nail paint regularly to curb it. One should also trim their nails on a regular basis and avoid filing it in a zig-zag direction as it weakens the nail bed.