10 Best Benefits of Basil Seeds (Sabja Seeds) For Skin, Hair, Weight Loss & More!

Top 10 Benefits of Basil Seeds (Sabja) for Skin, Hair, Weight Loss and Health

Basil Seeds. also popularly known as Sabja Seeds or Thai Holy Basil are extremely beneficial for the human body. It can be called as an herbal wonder with many health benefits associated with it. In this modern world of science and technology, people rarely get a remedy which is free of chemicals and side effects. Hence herbal remedies are a much better alternative. Today we’ll focus on the numerous benefits of basil seeds on skin, hair, weight loss etc and why you should start including them in your regime.

Best Benefits Of Basil Seeds Sabja For Skin Hair Body

Best Benefits Of Basil Seeds/Sabja For Skin, Hair & Body

Beauty Benefits of Sabja Seeds or Basil Seeds On Skin, Hair, Weight Loss & Body!

1.Basil Seed Benefits For Skin

Basil seeds have anti-fungal, anti-microbial and antibiotic qualities which keeps the skin healthy. When taken in the diet, it leads to natural detoxification resulting in clearer and glowing skin from within. It also helps to secrete collagen which aids in cell renewal.

Basil seeds can also cure many skin related problems like psoriasis, eczema, irritation, boils etc. if used with coconut oil. To make this remedy, mix 1tbsp of crushed sabja/basil seeds with 100 ml of coconut oil and heat it for a few minutes. Then strain the mixture and use as required.

Beauty Benefits Of Basil Seeds For Skin Thai Holy Basil

Beauty Benefits Of Basil Seeds For Skin

2. Benefits of Sabja Seeds/Basil Seeds For Hair

Basil seeds are high in vitamin K, iron and protein which helps in achieving healthy and strong hair. Besides strengthening the hair, using a mixture of sabja seeds and coconut oil on your scalp, helps in reducing dandruff as well. It’s a very effective remedy for hair loss and fulfills many of the daily nutritional requirements.

Benefits Of Sabja Seeds Basil For Hair

Benefits Of Sabja Seeds For Hair

3. Basil Seeds Benefits For Weight Loss

The major cause of obesity is hunger and the more we eat , the more fat we accumulate. Basil seeds can be very helpful in this aspect as they are high in dietary fiber and keeps the stomach full for a longer period of time thereby reducing hunger pangs. The seeds contain alpha-linolenic acid that boost the metabolism of the body leading to greater fat burn. Sabja seeds have the capacity to expand up to 30 times when soaked in water so it is highly recommended to include these in your diet if you are trying to lose weight.

Benefits Of Basil Seeds Sabja For Weight Loss Health

Benefits Of Basil Seeds For Weight Loss & Health

Sabja Seeds Benefits For Body & Health

4. Natural treatment for cold and cough
The next time you are suffering from cold,cough or even asthma, opt for basil seeds instead of over the counter medication. Basil Seeds has antispasmodic properties ie it helps to relax the spastic muscles. Just add it to a mixture of honey and ginger or take it with some warm water.

5. Basil Seeds Relive Acidity
We often tend to eat outside which leads to acidity many a times. Acidity not only gives your stomach a burning sensation but can also make you sick. Sabja seeds or basil seeds are very effective at stomach ailments. Add 1/s tsp of basil seeds to your milk or tea to help relive yourself of acidity with this natural home remedy.

Basil Seeds Sabja Benefits For Body Skin Hair

Basil Seeds Benefits For Body, Skin & Hair

6. Basil Seeds Help Treat Diabetes
Sabja seeds help in reducing sugar level in type 2 diabetes and is a great home remedy to control this disease. Best way to use basil seeds in your diet is to soak it for a few hours and add it to milk or other drinks. After soaking, the basil seeds also popularly known as falooda seeds, absorb the water and get a gelatin-like coating which is perfectly normal.

7. Relives Respiratory Problems
Majority of the society is suffering from some respiratory ailment or the other thanks to the increase in dust, pollution, smoking etc. Basil seeds are the perfect natural remedy for ailments like bronchitis, asthma, wheezing etc according to some studies. Boil the seeds in water with some ginger. Add a bit of honey to this concoction and have it daily for relief.

Benefits Of Basil Seeds For Health Weight Loss

Benefits Of Basil Seeds For Health & Weight Loss

8. Basil seeds helps with constipation
Soaked basil seeds help bowel movement. It helps in proper cleansing of the stomach and flushes out toxins. It is ideal to have them soaked as the jelly like coating around it acts as a laxative and helps with constipation. One should have them every night with milk before hitting the bed.

9. Sabja seeds reduce fatigue
These seeds are famous as natural stress busters and help reduce tiredness. Thai holy basil aka sabja seeds help in minimizing depression and are known to elevate one’s mood. Even more reason to include this beneficial natural ingredient in your diet more often.

10. Regulates Body Temperature
Basil seeds act as a great body coolant and are perfect to be consumed in summers. Add a few seeds to your favorite summer drinks to regulate your body temperature in the hot weather.

Basil seeds can be consumed in a number of ways. It can be added to drinks, salads, curd or boiled in water and consumed. It is ideal to consume basil seeds before a meal as they fill up the stomach and this prevents over-eating.

Side Effects of Basil Seeds

Basil seeds are mostly safe for consumption and do not have any side effects as such. However, they can cause uterine contractions hence should be avoided during pregnancy.

So these were the top benefits of basil or sabja seeds for skin, hair and body. This wonder product is easily available in India and should definitely be added in your daily diet to reap maximum benefits.

Contributed by Pushpa