Best Whitening Body Lotions In India For Tan Removal: Affordable Options!

Top 5 Fairness Body Lotions In India For Dark Skin for Men & Women

Healthy, radiant and glowing skin is an epitome of beauty. However, harsh weather conditions like stress and scorching heat take a toll on our body and make our skin look dull and dark. Most of us have tanned and uneven body skin tone which makes many women uncomfortable to wear dresses or sleeveless clothing. But as they say, ‘For every problem there is a cure’.  For sun tan removal and skin lightening too, there are many skin whitening body lotions. A  good skin lightening lotion adequately moisturizes the skin while adding glow and radiance to it. Some even contain SPF to protect from sun damage. So here are the best skin whitening body lotions in India for summers and fairer skin.

Top 5 Body Lotions For Skin Whitening In India

Best Whitening Body Lotions in India for Dark Skin

Best Whitening Body Lotions in India for Men & Women: Affordable Options!

Best Lightening Body Lotions For Black Skin Opt

Best Lightening Body Lotions in India for Fair Skin

1) Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair and UV Protect Body Lotion: Price Rs 249 for 200ml
This is easily the best skin lightening body lotion in India for both men and women. It contains Vitamin C which is very effective at removing sun tan. This lotion offers 40 times higher vitamin C, that penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and moisturizes the skin well. Also, the presence of fruit extracts like Camu Camu and Acerola cherry acts as a natural barrier to fight sun induced skin damage. The UVA/UVB filters also shield the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It is very lightweight and the non-greasy texture makes it the perfect body lotion for summers. Also, the Nivea Skin Lightening body lotion has a light fruity fragrance which lingers on for an hour or two. Definitely one of the most effective skin lightening body lotions in India.

Best Skin Whitening Lotions In India Opt

Best Skin Whitening Lotions In India for Men

2) Vaseline Healthy White Triple Lightening Lotion SPF 24: Price- Rs 255 for 300 ml
Enriched with Vitamin B-3,  triple sunscreen and SPF 24, this skin lightening body lotion from the popular brand Vaseline is really effective. While Vitamin B-3 helps in brightening the skin, SPF 24 and triple sunscreen provide three layers of protection and eradicates dull and damaged skin cells, thus giving radiance to your skin. It has a slightly thicker consistency compared to the Nivea body lotion but is non-sticky and light enough to be used in summers. The Vaseline body lotion moisturizes the skin pretty and is the best affordable whitening body lotion with SPF in India.

Top Skin Lightening Body Lotions India Men

Top Skin Lightening Body Lotions in India

3) Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Hand and Body Lotion: Price- Rs 295 for 300ml
Enriched with herbal plants and fruits extracts, the Lotus Whiteglow lotion lightens and brightens the skin tone by reducing uneven pigmentation and dark spots. The rare fruits and plants extracts penetrate deep into the skin to add natural sheen and radiance to the it. Also, the presence of  SPF 25 shields the skin from sun damage. The consistency of the lotion is on the thicker side hence we recommend using this as a night time lotion in summers. It moisturizes the skin fairly well and regular usage leads to soft and supple skin.

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Best Whitening Body Lotions With Spf India For Summers

Best Whitening Body Lotions With SPF in India For Summers

4) VLCC Mulberry Body Lightening Lotion SPF 15: Price- Rs 255 for 350ml
Natural mulberry fruit extract lightens the skin tone with regular usage hence this VLCC body lotion is very effective at removing sun tan. It is enriched with proteins and Vitamin A, C,E, K which not only locks in the moisture but also adds a glow. The presence of anti-oxidants helps in fighting the free radicals, which prevents fine lines and ageing . It also contains aloe vera which is generally known for soothing and calming burnt skin. Furthermore, the presence of olive oil ensures that the skin remains hydrated and nourished throughout the day. The lotion is light pink in color which gets absorbed easily. It’s beautiful and sweet aroma lingers on for a while. This is a great skin lightening body lotion for dark skin.

Top Body Lotions To Get Rid Of Sun Tan India Affordable

Top Body Lotions To Get Rid Of Sun Tan in India

5) Khadi Lavender Fairness Lotion: Price-260 for 210 ml.
Laden with amazing herbal ingredients, this fairness lotion is one of the top lotions for skin lightening. It not only lightens the skin tone but also evens it out. The natural ingredients help in reducing the melanin production without disturbing the skin’s PH balance. The presence of aloe vera and lavender oil in the lotion helps in lightening the skin tone by soothing burnt skin, thus helping you get rid of tan. Also, the Khadi lotion aids in removing dead skin cells from the surface and revitalizes the skin cells which adds glow and fairness. The lotion blends into the skin effortlessly and gives a mild and beautiful aroma of lavender. However, it’s not as hydrating as the other lotions in the list so we recommend this for normal to oily skin for use in summers.

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These were some of the best body lotions for fairness and removal of sun tan in India. Do note that it’s always better to use a body lotion on damp skin, preferably immediately after bath for better absorption.