Best Acetone Free Nail Polish Removers & Wipes in India: Our Top 8!

Best Nail Polish Remover in India: Reviews & Prices

Nobody, literally nobody enjoys removing nail polishes but chipped nails look even worse. Removing glitter nail paints and darker colors is an even harder task. A good quality nail polish remover removes the remains of the nail paints within seconds. Along with which, it nourishes the nails and prevents breakage or discoloration. Acetone-based removers are effective and quick, but are harsh and can damage the nails. They remove the natural oils from the skin and also make the nails dry and brittle which eventually leads to thinning and chipping. And, ain’t nobody wants broken nails!

Finding an acetone-free nail polish remover can be very difficult. So today, we list down the best acetone free nail polish removers & pads in India that are Team HBM approved.

Best Nail Polish Remover India Review Acetone Free

Best Nail Polish Remover in India: Acetone Free Options!

Best Nail Polish Removers in India: Drugstore & Affordable Options!

1) Maybelline Color Show Nail Color Remover- Price Rs.100 for 27 ml
Maybelline has a wide range of nail paints ranging from affordable Color Show ones to the 7 day Super Stay nail paints. The brand also has a superb nail polish remover in their kitty called the Color Show Nail Color Remover. The remover is enriched with Vitamin E that nourishes the nails. It is very effective and removes every spec of nail paint, leaving the nails with a healthy sheen. Its low price point makes it one of the best acetone-free nail polish removers in India.

Best Affordable Nail Polish Remover India Acetone Free

Best Affordable Nail Polish Remover in India

2) faces Nail Enamel Remover Price- Rs.99 for 30 ml
Everybody loves new and freshly manicured hands but removing the old nail paint can be difficult. Thats when the Faces Nail Enamel Remover comes in the picture. This nail paint remover not only removes the color effectively but it also contains vitamin E which moisturizes the nails and protects them from breakage. It is one of the most affordable nail paint removers in India for removing dark nail colors and is of course acetone free.

3) Colorbar Nail Polish Remover Price- Rs.125 for 110 ml
Colorbar’s Nail Polish Remover is easily one of the best acetone free nail polish removers in India. It comes in a translucent plastic bottle with a black cap, making it a travel-friendly option. Acetone free, the nail paint remover contains Jojoba Oil, which nourishes and moisturizes the nails. The remover not only removes the nail enamel within seconds but also strengthens and protects the nails against damage and chipping.

Best Drugstore Nail Polish Remover Review India

Best Drugstore Nail Polish Remover Review in India

4) Sally Hansen Extra Strength Nail Polish Remover Price- Rs275 for 236.5 ml
Sally Hansen is a very famous International nail care brand. They have a wide range of nail enamel removers in India. One of the best being the Extra Strength Nail Polish Remover. It rapidly removes even the toughest glitter nail polishes and darkest colors. It’s enriched formula has essential nutrients to help achieve strong, healthy-looking nails and cuticles with every use.Definitely one of the top drugstore acetone-free nail paint removers.

Top 8 Acetone Free Nail Polish Removers & Pads in India: Reviews & Prices

5) Inglot Nail Enamel Remover, Price – Rs.650 for 100 ml
The Inglot nail polish remover removes nail paint like no other. It has a non-acetone formula that removes the nail enamel quickly. It contains calendula extract, vitamin A and E which nourishes the nails. It also helps to avoid yellowing of the nails without making them brittle. The Inglot Nail Enamel Remover is definitely a must have acetone free nail paint remover.

Best Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover In India

Best Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover In India

6) Colorbar Ultimate Nail Enamel Remover Price- Rs.399 for 100 ml
The Colorbar Ultimate Nail Enamel Remover is a dupe for the Sephora Collection Instant Nail Polish Remover. It comes in a red tub and black cap. The tub contains a sponge drenched with the nail enamel remover. To remove the nail polish all you have to do in dig the finger nail inside and rub it against the sponge. And voila! Nail polish is removed. It is a super quick and very easy nail enamel remover which removes all the polish, even glitter and dark colors within a few seconds. The formula is acetone free and gently nourishes the nails on application. The compact bottle does not leak and since it is not made of glass it does not break, making it travel friendly.

7) Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes Price- Rs.100 for 30 wipes
Liquid nail polish removers are so last year. It’s time we switch to nail polish remover wipes! Kara Nail Polish Wipes contains 30 pads in a single pack. One single wipe is effective in cleansing all ten nails, even the darker colors. The wipes contain an acetone, toluene and paraben free formulation which strengthens the nail. These wipes are made from poly-viscose fibre and contain natural olive oil extracts that prevent drying of nail and skin surrounding nails. The formula is also enriched with vitamin E which keeps the nails nourished and moisturized. The wipes come with a fruity fragrance that makes the experience even more delightful. No liquid formula, the Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes are perfect on-the-go acetone free nail polish remover pads in India.

Best Nail Polish Removing Pads In India Acetone Free

Best Nail Polish Removing Pads In India: Acetone Free

8) Hip Hop Nail Polish Remover Wipes Price-Rs.110 for 30 Wipes
Another great quality nail polish remover wipe in India is by Hip Hop. They are acetone free which prevents drying of nails. Supplemented with sun flower oil, castor oil, citronella oil, lime oil, glycerin, lanolin and urea, it keeps the nails and cuticles soft and nourished. Each wipe is capable of removing even dark colored nail enamels from all the 10 nails. They are definitely oen of the best affordable nail paint removing wipes.

We hope that we made removing nail paints, even glitters and dark colors, an easy task with our list of top 8 best acetone free nail polish removers in India.