Best Tan Removal Body Scrubs in India: Our Top 10!

Top 10 Best Body Scrubs to Remove Tan in India

If there is one thing we won’t miss about summers, it has to be the sun tan. Whether you’re in the midst of a tan-tastrophe or are aiming for super-smooth skin, body scrubs come to the rescue! Some cleanse; some moisturize while others smell amazing. An excellent body scrub has the perfect balance of skin-sloughing and moisturizing elements coupled with an amazing fragrance. Sounds like a tall order? Well, luckily we at Team HBM are body scrubs hoarders and today we handpick the best body scrubs for tan removal available in India with both affordable and high end options.

Best Sun Tan Removal Body Scrubs In India Top 10 Affordable Options

Best Sun Tan Removal Body Scrubs In India: Top 10

10 Best Tan Removal Scrubs For Face & Body: Affordable & High End Options!

1) Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Sun Tan Removal Scrub Price: Rs 199 for 75 gm
This is one of the most affordable and effective de-tanning scrubs for face and body. It is made of pure papaya fruit and exfoliates the skin well. The Biotique scrub unclogs pores and removes dead cells. Regular usage helps reduce the sun tan tan and brightens up the face. It is suitable for all skin types and can also be used to help with ingrown hair follicles. The best part about Biotique as a brand is that they make products with herbs and natural extracts which don’t harm your skin.

Best Affordable Tan Removal Body Scrubs In India Top 10

Best Affordable Tan Removal Body Scrubs In India

2) Inveda D Tan Scrub Price: Rs 295 for 100ml
This ayurvedic scrub is packed with anti- oxidants, Vitamin E and Essential Amino Acids which work wonders on the skin to remove dead cells. It removes all impurities and your skin feels cool, comfortable & refreshed. This is one of the best face and body scrubs for tan removal and bright skin. Since it is a natural product, the scrub is suitable for all ages. It works better than it smells and leaves your skin moisturized and brighter.

3) The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia Salt Scrub Price: Rs 2395 for 350ml
This is a luxuriously pampering creamy salt scrub for the body with skin softening butters sourced from Africa. This scrub gives you the wonderful exfoliating properties and is inspired by African Tribal Spa Rituals. It has a very balanced consistency that reduces the darkness caused by the sun tan. Moreover, it brightens the skin by getting rid of the dead skin cells and gently removes the tanning. The Ximenia saly scrub also moisturizes and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. If budget is not an issue, then this is best body scrub for tan removal and soft skin.

Best Tan Removal Scrubs For Hands Body In India

Best Tan Removal Scrubs For Hands & Body In India

4) Soap & Glory The Scrub of Your Life Price: Rs 1100 (approx) for 200ml
S&G is known for their beautifully scented body scrubs and body butters. The Scrub of you life a is thick and foamy scrub satisfyingly packed with just the right ratio of scrubbing beads. Lathering it in your hands prior to application creates a nice mixture of creamy liquid and fine scrub to make for effective, light exfoliation without any residue. The small pink granules have a very subtle and pleasant smell. It is suitable or all skin types and can be used regularly. The scrub is like sunshine and happiness for your morning! This is easily the best scented body scrub in India and is currently available at Sephora stores and online on Amazon.

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5) Fabindia Coffee Neroli Body Scrub Price: Rs 450 for 200gm
This scrub effectively cleanses the skin and removes tan making it bright and fair. It is packed with goodness of coffee which gently removes impurities and exfoliates dead cells. This heavenly coffee scrub by Fabindia softens and polishes the skin helping it regain and retain a healthy, radiant glow. It can be used weekly for clear and smooth skin.

Top 10 Best Natural Body Scrubs For Tan Removal In India

Top 10 Best Natural Body Scrubs For Tan Removal In India

Top 10 Body Scrubs in India For Tan Removal: Affordable & High End Options

6) Auravedic Professional Pure Lightening Skin Polish With Sandal/Turmeric Price: Rs 180 for 50gm
Auravedic is a natural beauty brand which sources and uses only the best local natural ingredients. The turmeric and red sandal present in the scrub reduces pigmentation and dark spots. While the presence of Jojoba beads gently buff away dull, tanned and dead cells to reveal glowing skin. The best part of this scrub is that it is free of Parabens, SLS, harmful chemicals & colours. This is one of the top tan removal body scrubs in India which is also very affordable.

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7) Nature’s Essence Caressence Apricot Face & Body Scrub Price: Rs 175 for 275 gm
This scrub has a creamy texture with lots of apricot grains making it very effective as a body scrub. It even removes old tan and with regular use improves the skin tone too. After scrubbing, it does not dry out the skin as it contains apricot oil and carrot seed oil. The scrub smells pleasant and makes for a great scrub for removing tan from the face and body.

Best Tan Removing Scrub In India For Face And Body

Best Tan Removing Scrub In India For Face And Body

8) St. Ives Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub Price: Rs 629 for 283 gm
St. Ives formulas use effective and natural ingredients for fresher, younger looking skin. Not only does it clear up your complexion, it makes your skin feel soft and smooth. The scrub gently removes the tan and reveals the glowing. It is one of the most popular scrubs in India for the face, hands and body to remove tan.

9) Forest Essentials Body Polisher Cane Sugar & Tamarind Price: Rs 2475 for 300 gm
This amazing body polisher by FE contains mineral-rich sea salt from the Kerala coasts and raw cane sugar with pure cold-pressed oils extracted from almonds and apricots. It is a sugar based coarse body scrub that leaves the skin super soft. It takes out all the ingrown hair and dead skin cells leaving it gleaming and gloss. This scrub is a great exfoliating and polishing treatment which intensively hydrates and repairs the skin. One of the best body scrubs in India, period!

Top 10 Best High End Scrubs For Tan Removal In India

Top 10 Best High End Scrubs For Tan Removal In India

10. Nature’s Co Irish Moss Sugar Scrub Price Rs 1495 for 200ml
The scrub contains Irish Moss; an algae from the Atlantic Ocean which plays a vital role in regaining the youthful properties of hair, skin and nails.The sugar granules present in the scrub are big enough to nicely scrub the body without being too harsh. It removes dry, flaky skin and dead cells very well and makes the skin very soft, supple and radiant. The almond oil in the scrub is excellent for moisturizing the skin even while the scrub is in action. This is one of our favorite products from Nature’s Co.

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Apart from scrubs and face packs, you can also try various home remedies to get rid of the sun tan. As it is always said, prevention is better than cure so always apply a good waterproof sunscreen on exposed parts before going out. If your job requires travelling or you like to go out often always carry an umbrella and sunglasses.

Do let us know what is your pick out of our top 10 body scrubs in India for tan removal.