20 Insane Beauty Trends Of The Decade

Crazy Beauty Trends Of The Decade

Did you think that metallic lipstick, liquid eyeshadow, extensive nail art or derma facials were the craziest beauty trends ever? Well we have a list of insane trends from over a decade to prove you wrong!
Caution: This list includes extensive anti-ageing facials involving venom, animals and gold along with crazy makeup trends that will make your head go bonkers!

10 Crazy Beauty & Makeup Trends!

Indian Beauty Trends Fish Pedicure Vampire Facial Lift

Beauty Trends: Fish Pedicure & Vampire Facial Lift

1) Fish Pedicures: To keep up with the beauty routine, you must be regular with pedicures and manicures, but are you prepared to jump into the fish tank for it? Originated from Asia, fish pedicures have been around for quite some time. In this particular pedicure, the doctor fish nibble over dead skin leaving the feet ever so soft. The experience is oddly satisfying and enjoyable, seeing hundreds of fish tickling your feet!

2) Vampire Facial Lift: Only when we thought that the vampire obsession was over, Kim Kardashian totally changed the game with the vampire facial. No, vampires have nothing to do with it, though it involves one’s own blood being injected into the face to stimulate collagen and elastin fibers, making the skin smoother and clearer. This treatment can cost upto Rs. 1,75,000. That’s BLOODY expensive, right?

3) Permanent Makeup: How does waking up, taking a shower and running to work without having the hassle to put on makeup sound to you? Cosmetic tattooing is a dream come true. In dermapigmentation, the cosmetic surgeon will tattoo designs on your face that resembles makeup in the color and shape you want! This is the perfect opportunity to have on fleek eyebrows you never had or the lip color you always wanted. Even eyebrow tattooing and eyelash extension has surprisingly gained a huge popularity over the past couple of years.

4) Kylie Jenner Lip Trend: Lips; the plumper, the better. When Kylie lied about over lining her lips just to hide her lips fillers, girls began to use all types of suction vessels or even shot glasses to get bigger lips. While some lips looked healthy and beautiful the others turned out a big fail. This was one crazy beauty trend that had some very disastrous results.

Crazy Beauty Trends 2016 Kylip Lip Challenge Snail Facial

Crazy Beauty Trends 2016: Kylip Lip Challenge & Snail Facial

5) Snail Facial: Hail the Korean beauty techniques!!! Snail facial uses snails wriggling on your face and body followed by massaging their slime. The snail mucus has hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, antioxidants and other good stuff to smoothen out and prevent wrinkles on the skin. This can range from Rs. 5,000-20,000 but you can always opt for the cheaper, less gross, snail fluid sheet mask or creams. Effective or not but this can surely give you the creeps.

6) Brow Art: Everybody wants perfectly shaped and arched brows but will you consider decorating them? Brow art involves studs, rhinestones and glitter stuck to the eyebrows. Popular pop start Ke$ha has been rocking studded brows for quite some time now. Dyeing brow hair has also been a hot trend with celebrities like Miley Cyrus and fashion blogger Toshadaa.

Insane Beauty Trends Brow Art Bull Semen Conditioner

Insane Beauty Trends: Brow Art & Bull Semen Conditioner

7) Bull Semen Hair Conditioner: Bid farewell to your Argan oil ! For everybody with dry, fizzy, or dull hair we have a new remedy for you! Hair masks have been popular for quite a while now but semen in your hair? Yes,a bull’s semen is getting popular for its hair strengthening properties! It makes your hair shiny and promotes growth. The treatment involves boiling bull’s testis to broth and then applying it to the hair. It’s a lot cheaper than other hair spas and has proven to work. Will you use bull’s semen for flawless hair? Well we’re not too sure about that but this insane beauty trend sure had us going d@fuq!

8) The Side Shave: I couldn’t even cut my hair shorter until I saw girls rocking the side shave. This literally means shaving one side of your hair and pulling all the left over hair to the other side. You can also get cool designs made these days. And if you can carry this look, we salute you girl! However, if you want an alternative, just pull some hair on the said, tuck it right underneath the others and there you go!

Crazy Fashion Trends 2016 Side Shave Glitter Roots

Crazy Fashion Trends 2016: Side Shave & Glitter Roots

9) Glitter Roots: If you are an 80’s kid then you must have put a ton of glitter in your hair before going to a party. And yes, this trend has returned but we are not sure why? Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Gigi Hadid are sporting it but the only question we have is how do you remove that glitter from your hair?

Top 10 Insane Beauty & Makeup Trends of The Decade

Latest Beauty Makeup Trends Baking Graphic Liner

Latest Beauty Makeup Trends: Baking & Graphic Liner

10) Baking: We aren’t sure if we should thank the lord for the Kardashains and their magical beauty tricks or face palm real hard! This technique is not going to give you delicious cupcakes but creaseless under eye concealer. All you have to do is smack some loose powder over your concealer, let it sit for a couple of minutes, dust it off and there you go! Many have even started using baking powder for this technique. 2016 is surely all about baking, literally!

11) Graphic Liner: Just when we got the hang of the winged liner, another challenge came upon us in the form of graphic liner. Also called the floating liner, it involves making geometric liner designs on your eye. The daring can also experiment with colorful liners! Well this might be an insane beauty trend of the decade, but some of us at HBM definitely dig it.

12) Stiletto Nails: This legit means having nails shaped like a stiletto heel. Warning: These nails have pointy ends. Are we the only ones left to wonder how these people scratch their face or remove an eye booger?

Crazy Beauty Trends Latest Stiletto Nails Leech Facial

Crazy Beauty Trends: Stiletto Nails & Leech Facial

13) Leech Face Lift: Yes. you read it right, leeches! The creepy worm that scares the hell out of us is used for reducing wrinkles and actress Demi Moore swears by it. All you have to do is lay down, let the leeches suck your blood and apply your blood as a face mask. Disgusting, right? Well the leach releases enzymes into the blood and detoxifies it. This tightens, brightens and makes the face look younger. A head to body routine can cost upto £220,000. Yikes!

Insane Beauty Trend Armpit Hair Color

Insane Beauty Trend: Armpit Hair Color

14) Armpit Color: This is one of the most insane beauty trends we came across in this decade. Women have been coloring there hair and shaving there armpits for the longest time but ever considered having colored armpit hair? Madonna and Miley Cyrus have already done it and we know many have been following suit. You can colour it pink, blue or red and the best part is you can shave it all off without any guilt if you aren’t pleased. Now, are you daring enough to give it a try?

15) Kitty Litter Facial: According to YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan, kitty litter is a great facial mask as it contains sodium bentonite clay which is a common ingredient in facial masks. Well time to run after your kitty collecting its poop for skin as soft as a baby’s bum.

16) Geisha Facial: Only if kitty litter wasn’t enough this facial uses Nightingale droppings mixed with rice bran which is then slathered on the face. This is said to be very effecting at treating acne scars and wrinkles. Not so amused? Harry styles, Victoria Bekham and Tom Cruise swear by this facial.

17) Bee Sting Treatment: If all these other treatments weren’t good enough to reduce wrinkles, bee sting is there for the rescue. It is a “natural botox” involving the bee sting which enhances collagen production and visibly brightens up the face. If you are still not convinced, Kate Middleton uses bee sting cream for her skin and it is said that she relied on it greatly to look fresh and glowing for her wedding day as well.

Weird Beauty Trends 2016 Bee Sting Gold Facial

Weird Beauty Trends 2016: Bee Sting & Gold Facial

18) 24 Karat Gold Facial: If you are struggling to find a way to spend all the money you may never have, 24 karat gold face lift is the way to go. This facial uses 24 karat gold sheets to improve elasticity and reverse the cell damage. This may cost from Rs. 30,000 to 1 lakh. You may feel like a million bucks but that’s expensive. Plus gold isn’t absorbed by the skin so we don’t really get the point of it!

19) Rainbow Hair: A couple of years back the only acceptable hair color trend was streaks or global. But with time came red, ombre, platinum and now we have rainbow hair! There is all the colors of the spectrum; pink, red, teal, blue, and what not! And we bow to anyone who can pull that off.

Latest Beauty Trends Rainbow Hair Red Lipstick Under Eye

Latest Beauty Trends: Rainbow Hair

20) Red Lipstick as Concealer: It made all sense when people used green concealer to cancel redness or yellow for hyper pigmentation and scars but using red lipstick to hide them under eyes sounds IN-SANE! This trick might work for some but we still recommend using an orange color corrector to cover pigmentation especially dark circles.

So these were some of the craziest and insane beauty trends that we have seen so far in the decade. Do let us know which ones amazed you the most!