How To Get Long & Thick Hair : Tips & Tricks!

How To Get Long & Thick Hair Fast: Effective Tips & Remedies

Having a shiny long mane like Rapunzel, may not be possible but a majority of women crave for long hair that shines with health! However, implementing this desire into reality remains a big hurdle for a lot of women. Problems like hectic pace of life, stress, lack of sleep and
hygiene takes a toll on the health of the hair, making long hair a distant dream. If you want to have shiny and long hair, adhering to basic hair care methods is absolutely necessary.

So today, to help you get the hair of your dreams we list out the best tips to get long and healthy hair!

How To Get Long And Thick Hair Tips Tricks

How To Get Long & Thick Hair: Best Tips & Tricks

How To Get Long & Thick Hair Naturally : Effective Tips & Remedies!

Get Rid Of Damaged Hair

To ensure your hair grows long and remains healthy, it is very important to get rid of hair strands that are already damaged. This includes hair damaged by color, chemicals, split ends, etc. You should trim hair with care to ensure damaged hair strands do not remain and mar the appeal of the mane.

Long Hair Tips Regular Trimming

Long Hair Tips: Regular Trimming

Trimming Properly And Periodically

One of the best tips to have long and thick hair is careful and periodic trimming. Hair damage often starts at the ends and proceeds to the roots, that is, hair follicles. You can use a good quality trimmer at home, but getting it done at a suitable salon is preferable. You need not trim every month as it is. Trimming hair by less than an inch every couple of months should be good enough.

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Avoid The Use Of Chemicals

A lot of women, especially those in their early 20s and even 30s, resort to using plenty of hair styling products. These products include gel, hair shinning mouse, leave in creams, sprays and similar products meant for giving a wet look or styling hair in specific ways. While these products can add to your style quotient they also cause substantial damage to the hair owing to the chemicals used to manufacture them. The ammonia used in hair colours can damage the scalp and hair in the long run and must be avoided if you want to have long and healthy hair.

How To Get Long Hair Fast Natural Tips Remedies

How To Get Long & Thick Hair: Best Tips & Tricks

Avoid Usage Of Heating Products

Just like chemicals used in hair styling products, hair tools used for styling and drying the hair can also do more damage than you can imagine. If you want the hair to grow long and healthy, evade the use of curling irons, straightening rods, blow dryers etc as far as possible.

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Long Hair Tips: How To Get Long & Healthy Hair Fast

Use Organic And Natural Products

While a lot of women use expensive hair care products including hair oils, shampoos and
conditioners, they rarely bother to check the composition or the list of ingredients. It has been found in studies, that hair care products made by famous FMCG brands also contain chemicals deemed unsafe for the scalp. Therefore, it is better that you use natural or organic products to wash, oil or condition your hair. There are several brands that sell organic hair care products. It is also better to use natural herbs and plant extracts to make hair packs, rinses and solutions to take care of hair. Examples include hibiscus, henna, coconut oil, olive oil, eggs and apple cider vinegar which strengthen and nourish the hair thereby helping it grow longer. This is one of the best long hair tips.

How To Get Long Healthy Hair Naturally

How To Get Long & Healthy Hair Naturally

Making Suitable Lifestyle Changes

It is important that you make a few changes in your lifestyle to help hair get long faster. You need to cut down on habits like inadequate sleep and smoking, for example. They are bad for your overall health and hair growth as well. Those resorting to junk food often also need to change their dietary habits. Including protein rich foods and eating dishes rich in minerals and vitamins is absolutely necessary. Minerals like zinc and iron should be there in your diet. If necessary, you can take biotin, folic acid or fish oil supplements to boost the intake of such nutrients which helps hair grow long and thick. .Foods like flax seeds, walnuts, milk, cheese, spinach, broccoli, beans etc aid in hair growth.

Regular Head Massages

Oiling and massaging your hair helps hair get long and thick. Use hair oils like castor oil or olive oil which aid hair growth and strengthen the hair and make sure to massage your scalp well. Head massages help increase the blood circulation and stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles. This should be followed atleast once in 2 weeks and is known to be a very beneficial practice to get long hair naturally.

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So those were some of the best tips on how to get long & thick hair naturally. If you’d like to know which foods and supplements help in growing hair longer then do let us know in the comments section below and we will do a post on it soon! 🙂

Guest Post By Maanasi