Balayage Hair Coloring Technique : What, How & Where To Get It Done in Delhi, India!

What is Balayage Hair Color: Latest Hair Coloring Trends

Whether you want a whole new look or a slight change, ‘hair color’ has the power to influence your entire look instantly. Global highlights are not for everyone but ‘highlighting’ is definitely for everyone. If you’re thinking of adding some pizzazz to your look with some hair highlights then you should definitely try the latest Balayage hair coloring technique which is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. Bala say what? Don’t worry, ladies. Team HBM got you covered. Today we will not only tell you what is balayage hair color, the technique but also where you could get it done in Delhi!

What Is Balayage Hair Coloring Latest Hair Coloring Trends

What Is Balayage Hair Coloring: Latest Hair Coloring Trends

What is Balayage? Balayage Definition

Balayage Hair Color is the latest buzz and the most popular coloring request in salons. Sun-kissed makeup is has been famous for years and now this effect has reached the hair coloring trends. The effect of sun-kissed hair ie Balayage is the hottest hair coloring trend right now and many celebrities have been seen rocking it. Balayage is a freehand coloring procedure which was first developed in France, which means ‘ to sweep’ in french is now gaining popularity all over the world including India. In traditional hair coloring/highlighting techniques, the hair color is applied onto the hair using foil or cap but this technique doesn’t use foils. Since the color is applied as a freehand, eventually you get random, natural highlights which gives a beachy, casual sun kissed look.

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Balayage Pronounciation

Balayage, often confused as bayalage is pronounced is bal¦ay|age.

What Is Balayage How Is It Done

What Is Balayage: How Is It Done?

Balayage Hair Color For Brown & Dark Hair

The highlights done using this technique look very natural because they start closer to the roots than the tip. A specialized stylist can give you breezy topical beachy look by coloring your hair strands without using foils. We often feel that highlights tend to look very unnatural on Indian/ dark hair and this is where balayage is the preferred choice. Balayage on brown or dark hair looks extremely natural and in my opinion looks the best! This is a must try technique for girls looking for something new yet something that looks natural and exciting.

How is Balayage Hair Coloring Done?

Balayage is a French word which means “sweeping” so when hair is highlighted using the Balayage technique, the color is swept from the base to the tip. The colorist first sections your hair and takes a small chosen section and sweeps the color vertically thereby coating the front and back of the hair majorly.. The coloring is done without using foils. Instead of the foils, the stylist sometimes uses a hair color brush and a wooden paddle for color application. After coloring each section, it is covered using cellophane. The results give you  effortless sun-kissed highlights.

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Difference Between Balayage And Ombre Hair Color

Difference Between Balayage And Ombre Hair Color

Balayage vs Ombre

Many people are comparing Balayage Hair Color with Ombre. Well, I would like to clarify that Ombre is a hair coloring trend but Balayage is a technique of coloring and both cannot be compared together. Ombre is the gradual lightening of the hair ie dark roots to lights tips in a gradient effect. Balayage on the other hand are natural, sun kissed highlights.

Balayage is low-maintenance than ombre with no regular visits to the salon for touch-ups. Ombre is preferred more for long hair so that the results are visible clearly while balayage is perfect for every length and I’ve seen balayage on short hair look pretty amazing too. Both the trends are very different and it just depends on what kind of look you’d prefer, subtle or striking.

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Balayage Hair Color Effect

Balayage will give you the most natural and sun kissed effect. It is a great option for all hair-types because it requires minimal maintenance. Ash blonde, dramatic red highlights, blonde, gray, ombre and even pink are very popular color options that people choose for this technique. This technique is also very beneficial for those with gray hair since it is a freehand technique so it allows the colorist to target the gray hair specifically. The main difference you get using this technique is that it gives you the most natural looking results and has less noticeable regrowth line.

Where Can I Get Balayage Hair Color In Delhi India

Where Can I Get Balayage Hair Color In Delhi India

Bayalage Hair Color in Delhi, India

So Lisha, recently tried this trending hair coloring technique and went with a mix of bayalage with ombre. A variety of shades ranging from blonde, ash blonde to dark brown were used on her dark black hair and as you can see the result is oh so amazing. We highly recommend Alaya Spa + Salon for bayalage hair color in Delhi, India. Do check out our Instagram page for more pictures of her new hair color 😀

So thats all the dope you needed on Bayalage Hair Color which is fast gaining popularity in salons all over the world. Do let us know if you’re tempted to give this a try 🙂

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