Fashion 101: How to Look Taller & Slimmer

Top 10 Tips on How to Look Taller & Slimmer for Short Girls

Wishing that you were just a tad bit taller is something every petite or short girl has wished for at one point of time. While we are all for self love and embracing your body, we also understand that on certain occasions we want to cheat a bit and look different. And to be honest, not all of us are blessed with the perfect genes but the best part about fashion is that you don’t have to. There are many ways to which you can camouflage or enhance certain things so today we bring you the 10 best fashion tips on how to look taller & slimmer.

How to Look Taller & Slimmer: A Petite Girl’s Guide to Fashion

Best Tips How To Look Taller Slimmer

Best Tips How To Look Taller & Slimmer

1) Wear long skirts & maxi dress
A popular myth in the fashion world is that short or petite girls should not wear long skirts or maxi dresses. However, long skirts and maxi dresses look very flattering on a petite frame but the key is to select the right fit and color. Style your long skirt with a crop top or a tucked in shirt but make sure the placement of the skirt is either above or near the navel. If the skirt has a low waist then that will beat the purpose and make you look shorter. Same goes for a maxi dress- either opt for a straight fit or something cinched at the waist which will give an illusion of longer legs. You can also use a thin belt for highlighting your waist line.

How To Look Taller Slimmer In Maxi Dresses

How To Look Taller In Maxi Dresses

2) Deep V-cuts: Fashion Tips to Look Taller
Wearing dresses or tops with a deeper neck line highlights your shoulders and collar bone which diverts the attention away from the lower region of your body. Even off shoulder tops are very flattering on short girls. Not only deeper cuts, you can also use accessories like a statement neck piece to bringing more attention towards your neckline. Layered long neck pieces also make you look slimmer.

3) Prints matter
Choosing the right print for your clothes can do wonders in giving the illusion of a taller torso. While choosing an outfit, one should try and avoid large patterns and opt for small prints instead. You should also be very careful while picking up clothing with stripes. For short girls, always choose vertical stripes over horizontal ones. Vertical stripes makes one look taller while horizontal stripes will make you look short and broad.

Top Ways To Look Taller With Shoes

Top Ways To Look Taller With Shoes

4) How to look taller with heels
Well how about actually increasing your height by a few inches to look taller? Wearing heels can be a bit difficult for some so choose footwear which you feel the most comfortable in. Try to opt for wedges or block heels as they are easier to walk in. And if you’re the sporty kind, you can also try the wedge sneakers, like the Nike Ski Hi Dunks. While shopping for footwear, try to avoid heels that have ankle straps and look for pointy, low vamp-cut heels.

How To Look Taller Best Fashion Tips For Petite Girls

How To Look Taller: Best Fashion Tips For Petite Girls

5) Minis are every short girl’s best friend
The shorter the better is the mantra when it comes to skirts or shorts. They make the legs look longer hence you will end up looking taller. Anything a little above the knees is going to look much more flattering for petite girls. Dresses or skirts that end below the knees makes one look shorter.

Top Fashion Tips to Look Taller & Slimmer for Short Girls

How To Look Taller And Slimmer High Waist Shorts

How To Look Taller with High Waist Shorts

6) Wearing high waisted bottoms
High waist bottoms is a much better option than clothes with low waist for short and petite girls. High waisted clothes elongate your legs while highlighting your waist line. Be it shorts, skirts, denims, all look flattering on short girls when paired with crop tops or tees. This is one of the best tips to look tall.

Best Tips To Look Taller For Girls

Best Tips To Look Taller For Girls

7) Do a top-knot: How to look taller
Doing the right hairstyles can make a huge difference in making you look taller. The ever so popular top-knot or even a high ponytail will increase your height and make you look tall. Shorter hairstyles like the trending lob also compliment short girls compared to longer hairstyles. Top knots also save you alot of time and damage from heat styling tools.

Best Fashion Tips How To Look Taller Slimmer Aifw Street Style

Best Fashion Tips: How To Look Taller & Slimmer

8) Flared Bottoms
Wearing flared bottoms as opposed to cropped or skinny jeans goes a long way in making you look taller an slimmer. However, make sure your bottoms are the appropriate length and not too long. After all, you don’t want to be uncomfortable or worse trip over them. Our editor Lisha, who is petite followed this rule to the T during Amazon India Fashion week and as you can see, she looked divine and tall. Cropped pants are a bit of a no-no for petite girls especially if they are ending above the ankle.

Best Tips To Look Taller Slimmer Short Girls

Best Tips To Look Slimmer

9) Wear crop tops
Wearing crop tops will again highlight your waistline and make your legs look longer. You can get the same illusion with a normal tee,just make sure to tuck it. You will instantly notice the difference it makes and will look much more flattering.

Best Tips To Look Taller Fashion Guide

Best Tips To Look Taller

10) Avoid oversized handbags
Carrying oversized bags is a trending style statement at this point. However, for short girls it’s not a very good option as it is just going to make one look shorter. So try avoiding it and opt for medium sized or smaller handbags. Sling bags and cross body bags are the best options for you.

So these were some of best tips to look taller and slimmer. Ofcourse, the fashion world has no rules and if wearing a certain thing makes you feel good and confident about yourself then go ahead and experiment. These were just a few tips and tricks to help you look your best.

Contributed by Minakshi Singh