10 Best Lob Haircuts & Styles We’re Loving- Pinterest Worthy!

Top 10 Long Bob Haircuts & Styles- What is a lob?

One of the most trending hairstyles of 2016 has to be the lob, also popularly known as the long bob. The lob a is fun and flattering hair cut that any face shape can pull off. It is very low maintenance and doesn’t need to be styled either especially if u have straight fine hair.

What is a Lob, you ask? Long bob aka lob haircut is the longer version of a bob and is being rocked by celebrities all over the world. In India, most of us are obsessed with long hair but a lob not only makes one look chic but also takes years away from your face, making you look younger. If you’re still worried about whether it will suit you or not, then check out our top 10 Lob hairstyle & haircuts for inspiration.

Top 10 Best Lob Haircuts 2016: Images & Pictures

Lob Haircut For Round Face 2016

Lob Haircut For Round Face 2016

1. Angled Lob
Give your mane the famous Jennifer Aniston angled long bob look that was very famous in the 90s and still is. If you have fine hair, then you can style your locks with this haircut as it will add more volume to your hair. You can also style your angled lob in a half updo which is super easy to do and looks on point.

How To Style A Lob Haircut With Layers

How To Style A Lob Haircut With Layers

2. Tousled Long Bob Haircut
Victoria Beckham gave us major hair inspo when she recently chopped her long locks into a sensual tousled lob hairstyle. If you don’t have natural curls, then you can use a curling wand and curl your ends slightly for a similar look. For the festivities,wear a floral headgear and you are good to go. This is one of the best lob haircuts for wavy hair.

Lob Haircut With Layers For Thick Hair

Lob Haircut With Layers For Thick Hair

3. Lob with Layers
If tousled waves aren’t your cup of tea, then rock the famous layered lob. We love the way Jessica Alba effortlessly pulls this look and we bet you will look nothing but gorgeous. Layers add a good volume to your hair and this is the perfect lob for fine and thin hair.

Asymmetrical Lob Haircut 2016

Asymmetrical Lob Haircut 2016

4. Asymmetrical Lob for Round Face
From Beyonce, Priyanka Chopra to Ashley Olsen, the angled lob haircut has been a favorite with many divas. If you want an edgy look, then we definitely suggest this sassy hairstyle. It will make you stand out in the crowd and is one of the hottest hairstyles of 2016.

Lob Haircut Definition Images

Lob Haircut Definition Images

5. Super Sleek Lob Haircut
If you are a fan of pin straight hair, then you should definitely give your locks this super sleek lob haircut that Kim Kardashian rocked last year. Prep your hair with heat protectant spray and then with a flat iron wand straighten your hair and get this sleek hairstyle. If you have naturally straight hair, then what are you waiting for?

10 Best Lob Hairstyles Rocked by Celebrities:Pictures

Lob Haircut Thick Hair 2016 Pictures

Lob Haircut for Thick Hair Pictures

6. Curly Lob Hairstyle 2016
Curls are forever the craze and instead of completely curling your lob, you can give it a soft romantic look by curling just the ends. Anushka Sharma looks absolutely stunning in this lob hairstyle. If you’re wondering how to style a lob, then this is the perfect inspiration. The look will compliment your gowns and dresses perfectly!

What Is A Lob Haircut Long Bob

What Is A Lob Haircut: Long Bob

7. Lob with Side Bangs
If you have a broad forehead and you’re worried that the haircut might look odd on you, then fret no! This fusion of long bob with voluminous side bangs is perfect for you. It is one the safest options yet looks very stylish. If you wish, you can give your lob a textured look which is ideal for the party season.

Longbob Haircut For Round Face 2016

Long Bob Haircut For Round Face 2016

8. S Wave Lob Hairstyle 2016
While everyone is trying their hands at beachy waves, you can go creative with the iconic S wave that Jennifer Lawrence donned a few years back. This hairstyle softens the facial features and looks amazing. So if you are looking for a fuss free hairstyle for short hair, then definitely give this a shot.

How To Style A Lob Long Bob

How To Style A Lob: Long Bob

9. Retro Long Bob Haircut
For the upcoming festive season, get a complete new makeover with the super chic retro lob. For this hairstyle, style your long bob by taking some roller pins and curl your hair overnight. Then, next morning spritz your hair with textured spray and with the help of curling wand, curl the ends of your locks outwards. If you have front bangs then curl them too and get ready to receive loads of long compliments.

Messy Long Bob Images 2016 Lob

Messy Long Bob Images 2016

10. Shaggy Lob 2016
A messy long bob is super fun and is every celeb’s favorite hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect for both the beach to the boardroom. For this look, spritz texturizing spray to your layered lob and gently curl your hair with your styling tool. Next, give a messy look with your fingertips.

From Hollywood to Bollywood, every celebrity is rocking the lob hairstyle and if you are
in love with it, then do give it a shot. Do share your favorites from the best lob haircuts of 2016.