Best Face Bleach In India For Oily & Sensitive Skin: Our Top 8!

Best Bleach Cream in India for Oily Skin for Face: Review & Prices

Don’t we all dream and strive for a flawless skin? Among the various skin woes, a common problem we desi girls deal with is facial hair. You can hide other skin problems with the help of makeup but facial hair can be troublesome. One can opt for threading (painful), waxing (brings wrinkles and burns skin), laser (expensive) and various other options to treat facial hair. However, one of the most inexpensive and less stressful methods is hair bleaching creams. These face bleach also helps in skin lightening, fading hyper pigmentation, dark spots and other blemishes. You might be skeptical about trying bleach creams on your face and if you have a sensitive skin then you might run far away but fret not, we handpick the best face bleach creams that are safe for sensitive, oily and dry skin types in India.

Best Face Bleach In India Oilys Sensitive Skin Affordable

Best Face Bleach In India Oily & Sensitive Skin

Best Face Bleach for Oily & Sensitive Skin in India: Affordable Options

1. OxyLife Natural Radiance 5 Crème Bleach- Price: Rs.80 for 27 gm
Oxylife Natural Radiance Bleach is one of the best bleach creams for sensitive face in India. The product claims to fight 5 skin problems namely- sun tan, dark spots, dull skin, uneven skin tone and dead skin cells along with lightening of facial hair. This facial bleach is a life savior. It doesn’t irritate the skin or initiate breakouts. Fulfilling its claims of reducing sun tan and hyper-pigmentation it also removes dead skin cells effectively. If all this wasn’t enough, it also comes with a post bleach skin radiance serum that leaves the skin glowing and nourished.

Best Face Bleach For Sensitive Skin Fairness

Best Face Bleach For Sensitive Skin

2. Fem Fairness Natural Gold Bleach Cream- Price: Rs.45 for 64 gm
The Fem bleach crème does not contain any ammonia so you will not experience any signs of skin irritation, redness or damage. It is the top face bleach in India for sensitive & dry skin and gives a natural glow. It helps with uneven skin tone, tanned skin and reduces discoloration. The effect lasts for 30-50 days so you wouldn’t have to use it every 2-3 weeks. It is the best solution for hair on the face.

3. Jolen Mild Cream Bleach- Price: Rs.188 for 140 gm
The USP of this fabulous bleach cream is that it is formulated with aloe vera- a holy grail ingredient for sensitive skin. Jolen Mild Cream Bleach lightens facial hair, reduces pigmentation, uneven skin tone and leaves the face dewy and smooth. Make sure you use the right amount of the activator and cream and trust us you wouldn’t be disappointed with the product at all. Enriched with the goodness of aloe-vera, it is the best bleach for dry & sensitive skin in India.

Best Face Bleach For Lightening Dark Facial Hair In India 0

Best Face Bleach For Lightening Dark Facial Hair In India

Top Bleach Creams in India for Oily, Sensitive & Dry Face

4.  Oxyglow Diamond Bleach Cream- Price: Rs. 290 for 240 gm
Get a smooth, soft and glowing skin with one of the best selling face bleach creams for oily skin in India. It has natural ingredients rich in Vitamin C such as lemon peel powder, pineapple extract and silver shimmer powder making it suitable for combination to oily skin. Not only does the face bleach reduce sun tan but also reduces signs of aging and improves skin elasticity. If you have oily skin, then we definitely recommend this brand to you.

5. VLCC Insta Glow Diamond Bleach- Price: Rs.80 for 30 gm
If you have sensitive and irritable skin, then diamond bleaches should be your go-to products. The VLCC Insta Glow Diamond bleach has a mild chemical composition that is safe for sensitive skin. It has diamond ash that detoxifies the skin, improves skin immunity and leaves the skin youthful and glowing. It has a water based pre-bleach cream and creamy post bleach that works in reducing the tan, blemishes and brightens the skin.

Best Face Bleach Creams Oily And Dry Skin India

Best Face Bleach Creams for Oily And Dry Skin India

6. Nature’s Essence Gold Bleach- Price : Rs.60 for 43 gm
This Nature’s Essence Gold Bleach works well to get rid of dark facial hair. Its mild formula doesn’t damage or irritate the skin. Most face bleaches lighten the hair color into blonde or orangey shade but this remarkable product matches your facial hair to your skin tone. It is one of the best face bleaches in India to lighten facial hair.

7. Fem Turmeric Herbal Fairness Cream Bleach- Price: Rs.51 for 24 gm
For a rejuvenated skin, we recommend the famous Fem turmeric bleach, which is formulated specially for sensitive skin. Turmeric is an ancient home remedy to treat facial hair, dark spots and dull skin. With no added ammonia, this face bleach is a must have for sensitive and oily skin. The cream sloughs away dead skin cells, uneven skin tone and reduces sun tan.

Top Face Bleaches In India Oily Skin

Top Face Bleaches In India for Oily Skin

8. 03+ Meladerm Vitamin C Gel Bleach- Price: Rs.460 for 96 gm
The iconic o3+ Meladerm Vitamin C gel bleach lightens the skin and facial hair effectively. The key ingredient of the gel bleach is Vitamin C which boosts collagen production and keep the skin youthful. Added bonus: it is free from peroxide and balances the hydration level of your skin. It is definitely the best gel based face bleach for oily skin in India.

Do’s and Don’ts of using Face Bleach Creams

  1. Apply face bleach on a clean skin sans makeup.
  2. Do a patch test 24 hrs prior to using the bleach on your face
  3. Don’t over indulge in the quantity of the activator
  4. Avoid going out in the sun after bleaching your face.
  5. Don’t use soap after the bleach.
  6. Don’t exceed more than 15 minutes .
  7. Avoid smearing bleach on sensitive parts of your face- under eyes, corner of the nose.

Now go ahead and buy the best face bleach for your sensitive, oily or dry skin! Also, tell us in the comments below if you have used any of them and share your before and after experience with us!