Best Liquid Eyeliners In India: Affordable & High End Options!

Best Black Liquid Eyeliner In India – Waterproof & Drugstore

We can’t be the only ones who believe that one simple black line across the eye makes us look prettier and more put together. Be it a dramatic cat-eye, a subtle winged liner or va-va boom Cleopatra look, wearing eyeliner is a must for many women. However, buying a liner that doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket and still stays in place the whole day can be very tricky! And hey, nobody wants to spend all that money and not get what they were promised. So, we at HBM, decode the 10 Best Liquid Eyeliners available in India which are waterproof and affordable. Not only have we kept the price range in mind, but also their staying power, their ability to not smudge, their finish- matte or glossy and type- brush or felt-tip. Yes, we got you covered girl!

Top 10 Best Liquid Eyeliner In India Affordable Waterproof Beginners

Best Liquid Eyeliner In India: Affordable & Waterproof

8 Best Liquid Eyeliners in India: Waterproof & Drugstore Brands!

Best Felt Tip Eye Liners In India Affordable

Best Felt Tip Eye Liners In India

1) Maybelline The Colossal Eyeliner– Price: Rs. 425
Maybelline is one brand that provides great quality makeup products at a very low price. And it did it again with the Maybelline The Colossal felt-tip eyeliner . The felt tip of the pen liner makes it ones of the best liquid eyeliners for beginners and college-goers or anybody who does their makeup in a rush. Easy to use, it provides a jet black color in one single stroke. The black liner dries really fast and stays upto 6 hours before it starts to fade away. It is smudge proof but not waterproof, so do not wear it to emotional movies and marriages. If you are looking for best affordable black felt-tip eyeliner, this is the one to go for!

Top Waterproof Liquid Eyeliners In India Review Prices

Top Waterproof Liquid Eyeliners In India

2) Lakme Absolute Shine Line Black Eyeliner-Price: Rs. 350
If you are comfortable with a brush applicator, this is the black liner for you. The liner comes in a cylindrical black tube with a metallic cap. The wand has a fine brush tip meant to achieve the thinnest of thin lines. Unlike the name suggests, the liner is not shiny at all. Rather, it is a matte black. With every stroke you will achieve an opaque matte black finish. The liner has a great consistency and dries up in 15 seconds or even less. It stays put for about 8 hours even on oily eyelids. It doesn’t budge or smudge but does remove like a layer of fevicol if rubbed. This is definitely our favourite picks as the best matte liquid liner in India.

Top 10 Black Glossy Liquid Liners Drugstore

Black Glossy Liquid Liners: Drugstore

3) L’oreal Super Liner Black Laquer- Price: Rs. 720
One would say it’s too pricey for being a drugstore brand and maybe it is but trust us, it is worth every penny. This is one of the best glossy black liquid eyeliners available in India . It is the blackest of black and dries super quick. The felt tip brush makes achieving the perfect winged liner a child’s play. One single swipe is enough for full pigmentation. The liner stays put for a good 6 hours before it flakes away. It doesn’t smudge and is water resistant. The packaging is black and simple with the only downside being that it dries out quickly.

Best Black Liquid Eyeliners In India Pen Tip

Best Black Liquid Eyeliners In India

4) MAC Fluidline Pen-Price: Rs. 1800
Mac Fluidline which is a part of Fluidity Range by MAC Cosmetics, is a great high-end pen eyeliner in India. It is a basic black pen with a flexible and narrow felt tip. The tip is longer than most liners and helps in precise application especially graphic liners. It is not waterproof but stays put for about 7-8 hours if you don’t rub your eyes. The MAC Liquid Liner has good pigmentation and can be removed easily by just a facewash. Apart from black, it comes in various other colors. It surely is expensive but totally worth buying if you want a liquid eyeliner that is easy to apply.

Top Black Liquid Eyeliners in India Review: Drugstore & Affordable

Best Waterproof Black Eyeliners In India

Best Waterproof Black Eyeliners In India

5) Sugar I Told You So! Waterproof Eyeliner- 01 Black Swan Price: Rs.699
Sugar is somewhat of a new brand in India and they have some great makeup products. One of which is the Sugar I told you so waterproof eyeliner. It is a felt tip liner and comes in a pen form. The color is jet black and gives full pigmentation in one single swipe. It claims to have a 24-hour wear, which obviously is not true but it does wear for a great 8-9 hours without smudging and smearing. The applicator is great for winged eyeliner and even graphic liners.  Apart from the slightly high price point, it is surely one of the top waterproof liquid eyeliners in India.

Best Affordable Black Liner In India Lakme

Best Affordable Black Eye Liner In India

6) Lakme Insta Liner Price- Rs. 110
If you are a 90s kid then you will know all about this liner. Also, commonly called the nail paint liner due to the shape of its bottle. This liner has been in the market for a very long time now and is the cheapest black liner in India. The eyeliner is great for people who have just started makeup and are on a low budget. The liner wand is a brush tip but is not flimsy. It has a matte finish but is not jet black in color. The eyeliner stays put for a good 4 hours and doesn’t smudge. It is sweat resistant but not waterproof and washes away in a few splashes of water. It does take a little longer to dry but it is a great product with shelf life of 30 months.  Its low price and matte finish makes it to our 8 best affordable liquid eyeliners in India.

10 Best Glossy Liquid Eye Liners In India Drugstore Affordable

Best Glossy Liquid Eye Liners In India: Drugstore

7) Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner– Price: Rs. 325
Maybelline is easily the best drugstore liquid eyeliner brand. The Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liner has a very thin brush tip which is great for a winged liner. It imparts a jet black color in a single stroke. As the name claims, it has a very glossy finish. The liner’s consistency is just perfect and dries quickly. It stays upto 6 hours. On rubbing the eyes, it flakes away and a simple facewash can remove it, so there is no hassle of using makeup removers! If you want a matte option, try the Hyper Matte Liquid Liner which comes with a satin finish.

Best Eyeliners In India Nyx

Best Eyeliners In India

8) NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner  Price: Rs. 725
The very famous International brand, NYX launched its makeup line in India online with Nykaa. With its store opening in Mumbai and now their products being easily available, NYX gets a well deserved spot. The NNYX Vinyl Liquid eyeliner is a gorgeous eyeliner. It is highly pigmented and has a fine tip brush that makes it easy to line the eyes. It has a glossy finish which stay put for a solid 6-7 hours. The liner is not waterproof but water resistant making it one of our top liners in India.

We hope, now you are sorted with the best liquid eyeliners in India! If you have other favorite liners, share them in the comments below!