Best Gel Eye Liners In India- Top 7 Affordable & High End Options!

Best Gel Eyeliners in India- Smudge proof & Long Lasting

Most of us start our eyemakeup journey with the good old liquid liners and when that spells trouble we move on to the convenient felt tip pen eyeliners. However, if one wants a completely smudge proof and intense pigmentation then a gel eye liner is your best bet. Be it a simple wing or a cat liner or even the much loved graphic liner – gel eyeliners are very easy to control and apply. They generally come with a complementary brush which applies the products smoothly and dries off to a beautiful matte finish. It is also very long lasting and can be used as a base for eye makeup.The only issue is the fact that gel liners have the tendency to dry out and hence need to be closed tightly and stored upside down. Apart from that, it is a must have product for every eyeliner junkie. Thankfully, Indian brands have a wide variety of gel liners but it still can be very confusing.So here are out top picks as the best gel eyeliner available in India including both affordable and high end options.

Best Gel Liners In India Reviews Prices Affordable High End

Best Gel Eye Liners In India: Affordable & High End

7 Best Gel Eyeliners in India: Affordable & Drugstore Options!

1) Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Black – Price 499 for 2.5gms
Who doesn’t want an affordable gel liner that works just as fine as some high-end ones? The Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner is the most loved budget friendly gel eyeliner in India of all times. The formula is so amazing that it is often called as a close dupe of MAC and Bobbi Brown. It comes in a little translucent tub with a liner brush that works pretty well. It has an excellent smooth and creamy texture which is oil free. Only available in black color, its pigmentation is rich black with a single swipe and applies beautifully. The liner has a satin matte finish and doesn’t flake off at the end of the day. It does however smudge a little after 7 hours. The long wearing formula is impressive and the gel liner can also be used on the water line as kajal.

Best Affordable Gel Eye Liner In India Maybelline

Best Affordable Gel Eye Liner In India

2) L’Oréal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza 36H – Price Rs.875 for 2.8gms
This Super Liner Gel Intenza is available in 5 stunning shades. They have beautiful blues and browns and ofcourse black. It comes in a pretty round glass pot with a golden screw on cap with a handy brush. The texture of the product is ultra-smooth and creamy making it easy to use. The L’Oreal gel liner gives a beautiful definition to the eyes and you can also tight line with it. The liner goes on creamy but dries to a complete matte finish. It is smudge proof, water proof and resists tears and sweat. It will not crease, flake off or fade and has a long wearing formula of about 8 hours. This is a best drugstore gel liner in India for oily eye lids.

7 Best Gel Liners Affordable Drugstore India

7 Best Gel Liners: Affordable & Drugstore

3) Lakme Absolute Gel Addict Eye Liner – Price 800 for 3.3gms
The Lakme Absolute Gel Addict Eye Liner comes in around 7 beautiful shades and can be used as a kajal for tight lining, eye makeup base, eyeliner and even an eyeshadow. The liner itself has a creamy smooth texture which glides on the eyes like a dream. High in pigmentation, it provides a rich saturated color. The Lakme gel eyeliner is completely smudge proof and water proof. There is a brush attached to the cap and it makes the packaging pretty convenient for travelling. The liner is long lasting but for a drugstore brand, the price could have been lower. However, if you are looking for colored gel eyeliners in India, then this is your best bet.

Best Gel Liners In India For Oily And Dry Eyelids

Best High End Black Gel Eye Liners Long Lasting Smudgeproof

Best High End Black Gel Eye Liners

4) Inglot AMC Gel Eye Liner – Price 950 for 5.5gms
The Inglot Gel Eye Liners are available in around 40 shades and come in a small tub packaging without any brush. It gives a rich and deep pigmented look and amps up your eyeliner game. A single swipe is enough to deliver a creamy, smooth and long lasting formula with a smudge proof and crease proof finish. It is also hypoallergenic and waterproof and hence can be used on the water line as well. The only con is that it tends to dry up easily otherwise, it is one of the best gel liners in India.

5) Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner – Price $26.00 for 3gms
The Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner is a winner of various beauty awards. A cult favorite amongst various makeup artists, it is one of the top gel eyeliners. The texture is light and creamy with super rich pigment and great color pay off in a single stroke. It is also ideal for using as a kajal.The formula is smudge-proof, water-resistant and lasts throughout the whole day. The quality is top notch and it won’t dry up after a few months like other gel eyeliners. The lasting power is around 10-12hrs and is available in 19 shades.

6) MAC Fluidline Gel Eyeliner – Price Rs.1500 for 3gms
If you are looking to invest in a high end gel eyeliner, then MAC Fluidline is the answer. It has a silky cream–like texture that glides smoothly and can be used for tight lining, eye makeup base, eyeliner and eyeshadow as well. It has an amazing formula which stays put for a long time but can smudge on oily lids. We recommend it to those who are MAC loyalists and don’t have super oily lids.

Best High End Gel Liners Mac Estee Lauder

Best High End Gel Liners India

7) Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Gel Eyeliner – Price $26.00 for 0.1 oz.
Another must have gel liner is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Gel Liner. It is a great high quality liner in India for oily lids. The liner comes in 2 shades only with a small tub packaging and a brush with it. The formula is super rich and creamy and feels like silk when you apply it. The pigmentation is top notch and stays on for a very long time without budging. It is great for tight lining too and wont smudge, smear or fade with time. The price point is slightly high but you get what you pay for.

So these were the top gel eyeliners available in the Indian market. Do share your favorites below.