16 Best Benefits of Almond Oil For Skin, Hair, Health & More!

Best Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair, Skin & Health:Top 16 

We all have grown up eating almonds first thing in the morning as our parents rave about its benefits on memory. Well, what they say is true but the benefits don’t just stop there. Almond oil, popularly known as ‘Badaam Oil’, made by grinding almonds comes with innumerable health benefits. The oil has been a part of our skin and hair regime since time immemorial and it can be prepared at home as well. There are two kinds of almond oil, first is sweet almond oil which is made from sweet almonds and can be used for skin, hair and cooking purpose. The other one is bitter oil, which is made from bitter almonds and are toxic in nature hence should not be used for cooking as it can be fatal. Almond oil is laden with multiple nutrients like potassium, magnesium, protein just to name a few and has umpteen benefits for the skin, hair and health. So let’s decode some of its benefits.

Best Benefits Of Almond Oil For Hair, Skin And Health

Best Benefits Of Almond Oil For Hair, Skin And Health

16 Best Almond Oil Benefits for Skin, Face, Hair & More!

1) Removes Tan
Almond Oil is one of the most effective home remedies to remove sun tan. Hailed for it’s various skin benefits on skin, it contains Vitamin E which has been used to remove tan since ages. It penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and repairs the damage caused by UV rays. Also, the anti-inflammation properties of Omega 3 fatty acids help in calming and soothing burnt skin which not only takes care of tanned skin but also reduces the chances of skin cancer. Almond oil also has natural SPF 5 which may not be sufficient for scorching heat but when combined with other nutrients, it is highly effective. To use it, you can either apply almond oil on the affected areas or add 1 teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of lime juice to some almond oil and apply it on the skin. Leave this on for 15-20 minutes and then wash off.

2) Prevents Wrinkles: Almond Oil Benefits for Face
Collagen makes our skin soft, supple and young, however with age the collagen gets uneven and that results in fine lines and wrinkles. The presence of Vitamin E in almond oil repairs the damage done to the collagen layer. Almond oil is also packed with proteins which can provide amino acids to the production of collagen. Vitamin E being the anti-oxidant, combats free radicals which further prevents wrinkles. Just simply massage almond oil on the face and leave it overnight for best results.

3) Moisturizes The Skin: Top Benefits of Almond Oil on Skin
Our skin needs to be well hydrated to impart a glow to the skin. Laden with fatty acids, almond oil acts as a natural emollient which not only moisturizes the skin but also locks in the natural moisture by forming a protective cover. This is essential to make the skin soft and supple. To use, apply the almond oil on the skin preferably after bath for better absorption.

Top 16 Benefits Of Almond Oil

Top 16 Benefits Of Almond Oil for Face

4) Reduces Acne
The deep cleansing action of fatty acids in almond oil prevents acne breakout by unclogging the clogged pores. It also eradicates dust and grime which can cause acne. These fatty acids keep sebum under control, a substance which leads to excess oil production. To use, mix sweet almond oil with honey and apply it. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash your face with lukewarm water. Repeat this procedure twice a week for better results.

Best Benefits Of Almond Oil

Best Benefits Of Almond Oil for Skin

5) Removes dead skin cells
Being light in texture, almond oil can penetrate deeper into skin and remove dead skin cells and impurities, thus rejuvenating the skin. The vitamin A content in it prevents flare ups of acne and blackhead which further makes the skin clearer. To prepare a mask at home, puree one avocado and mix it with honey and almond oil. Mix these ingredients well and apply it on your face for 15-20 minutes. Wash off your face with a lukewarm water after that.

Best Benefits Of Almond Oil For Skin

Best Benefits Of Almond Oil For Skin

6) Treats Eczema: Best Almond Oil Benefits on Skin
Eczema is a skin disease which causes skin inflammation. Almond oil, due to its natural emollient properties, moisturizes the skin well thus helping with eczema. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of almond oil calm the redness and soothe it. Simply rub some oil on the affected areas regularly for good results.

Top Almond Oil Benefits for Face & Skin

7) Treats chapped lips
Dry and chapped lips can be a huge issue especially in winters. The natural moisturizing properties of almond oil soften the lips and make it smooth and supple. Also, it has lightening properties which lighten the color of the lips. To use, simply rub some sweet almond oil on the lips either on its own or with honey. If you are simply applying almond oil you can keep it overnight but if you are mixing it with honey then wash it off after half an hour.

8) Removes  Dark Circles:
The therapeutic properties of almond oil makes it one of the best home remedies to get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes. Laden with Vitamin E, the oil effectively lightens the skin under the eyes. It also reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. It further helps in contracting dilated blood vessels which is a major reason behind discoloration of the under eye area. To use almond oil, gently massage it under the eyes in small circular motion. Alternatively, you can also mix equal quantities of almond oil with a milk powder and make a paste. Dab the paste gently and let it stay until it dries out. Then wash with lukewarm water and pat dry. So next time you are fretting over your dark circles, ditch the under eye creams and give almond oil a try instead.

Top Benefits Of Almond Oil For Face

Top 10 Benefits Of Almond Oil For Face

Top Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair & Hair Growth

9) Hair Growth
Oiling is the key to long, lustrous and healthy hair as it not only nourishes the roots but also induces blood circulation which promotes hair growth. While we all have grown up using coconut oil, there are plenty of benefits of using almond oil for hair growth due to the presence of magnesium. Deficiency of magnesium leads to severe hair fall hence it is an important requirement for our hair follicles to maintain its strength and vigor. You just need to massage your hair well with almond oil atleast twice a week. After that, soak a towel in hot water and then squeeze excess water from it. Wrap it around your head. This will ensure better absorption of oil.

Benefits Of Almond Oil For Hair Growth

Benefits Of Almond Oil For Hair Growth

10) Cures dandruff: Almond Benefits for Hair
Dandruff can be caused due to umpteen reasons with dry scalp being one of them. Almond oil is very effective at controlling dandruff due to its natural emollient properties that nourish the scalp well. It also prevents the tresses from losing moisture which keeps dandruff at bay. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil soothes redness, itchiness and clears the scalp of dead skin cells. To use, mix some almond oil with mashed gooseberry and apply it gently on your hair. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash it off with a mild shampoo.

11) Reduces Split Ends
Split ends inhibit hair growth and makes the hair look rough and dry. Exposure to sunlight, overuse of shampoo or excessive styling products contribute to split ends. However, almond oil, enriched with proteins and Vitamin E helps in reducing split ends. To use it, you need to apply the oil to the lower ends where split ends are more likely to be found but be gentle as they are prone to breakage. Repeat the procedure twice in a week for best results.

Top Benefits Of Almond Oil For Hair

Top Benefits Of Almond Oil For Hair Growth

13) Adds shine & luster to the hair
Many lose the natural sheen of the hair due to pollution, dust, improper diet etc. The presence of multiple vitamins like A,B , E and proteins in almond oil give vitality to dry and dull hair. Also, the presence of fatty acids like omega 3 shield your hair from the sun by forming a protective barrier, thus preventing damage to the hair. Simply apply almond oil twice in a week on your hair and notice the difference yourself.

Amazing Benefits of Almond Oil For Health & Body

13) Healthy and strong nails
Healthy nails not only accelerate growth but also provide strength to it. The presence of potassium and zinc in almond oil make sure that your nails stay hydrated, thus making it less prone to breakage. Massaging some almond oil on your nails before going to bed would suffice and will help strengthen your nails.

Best Benefits Of Almond Oil For Massage

Best Benefits Of Almond Oil For Massage

14) Regulates Cholesterol
This is one of the most effective benefits of almond oil for health. It keeps cholesterol under check and regulates it which is a per-requisite to keep cardiovascular diseases at bay. Also, almond oil has a good amount of potassium and low amount of sodium that helps keep the blood pressure regulated. Being packed with monounsaturated fatty acids, it also ensures the general well being of the heart. To reap the benefits, you can add a tea spoon of sweet almond oil while cooking.

Benefits Of Drinking Almond Oil

Benefits Of Drinking Almond Oil

15) Cures Constipation: Almond Oil Benefits for Health
The mild laxative action of almond oil helps in treating digestive ailments like constipation. To use it, you can add some almond oil as a dressing for salads. The presence of fiber in salads coupled with the laxative properties of almond oil is one of the best ways to get rid of constipation. Alternatively, you can also add some almond oil in the milk and drink it at night for smooth motion in the morning.

Top Benefits Of Almond Oil In Milk

Top Benefits Of Almond Oil In Milk

16) Relieves Sores Muscles
The pain relieving properties of almond oil helps to cure sore muscles and muscle ache. It also has the presence of protein and calcium which help in preventing osteoporosis and ensures strong bones. Simply heat some almond oil, apply and massage it gently on the affected joints or muscles for instant relief.

These were some of the best benefits of almond oil for hair, skin and health. It is surely packed with gazillion benefits but if you are consuming it, remember to keep the intake limited as over consumption might lead to side affects.  Also, try find organic or 100% pure almond oil as most options available in the market are loaded with mineral oil and one is not able to reap the maximum benefits.