10 Best Face Masks For Dry Skin In India: Mini Reviews & Prices

Top 10 Hydrating Face Masks for Dry Skin in India: Affordable Options!

Dry skin has its own woes as it feels stretchy, flaky and drying all the time. Also, it’s more susceptible to fine lines, wrinkles and ageing than oily skin. Hydration and moisturizing are the key factors to maintain dry, patchy and flaky skin and to prevent premature ageing. A face pack is a must for everyone as it not only give the skin a glow but also revitalizes and relaxes it. People with dry skin, while looking for a face pack should choose one that doesn’t dry out their skin further. Instead, it should provide the much needed nourishment and moisture. Today, Team HBM has compiled the 10 Best Face Packs & Masks for Dry Skin available in India for both men and women.

Best Face Masks For Dry Skin India Top 10 Affordable

Best Face Masks For Dry Skin in India: Top 10

Best Face Mask in India For Dry Skin: Reviews & Prices

1) Biotique Bio Pistachio Youthful Nourishing & Revitalising Face Pack: Price: Rs.199 for 50g
Imagine the goodness of pistachios in a face pack and that too at such an affordable price! This Biotique Pistachio Face Mask is a deeply nourishing pack blended with pure pistachios, almond, saffron and lentil seed oil. Regular application smoothens out the skin leaving it soft and nourished. It also revitalizes the skin giving a radiant and ageless complexion. This is easily the best affordable face mask in India for dry skin.

Best Affordable Hydrating Face Masks India Dry Skin

Best Affordable Hydrating Face Masks India Dry Skin

2) Aroma Magic Hydrating Seaweed Pack: Price: Rs.375 for 100g.
Seaweed is an effective emollient which can help to smoothen out wrinkles and nourish dry skin. It is a gel based formula with extracts of seaweed, lotus, flax seed, aloe vera and pure essential oils of rose and lavender. All these are good hydrating and moisturizing ingredients. The pack hydrates the skin and enhances the radiance. The skin immediately feels supple and smooth. It is definitely a must have hydrating face mask for dry skin that makes the skin glow.

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3) Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Yoghurt Skin Whitening & Brightening Masque: Price: Rs.195 for 80g.
This is one of our favorite face masks for dry and sensitive skin. It is enriched with yoghurt enzymes and bearberry extracts. These two ingredients soothe and nourish the skin while leaving a noticeable glow. The face mask never really dries and goes on the skin like a cream. It is definitely a good face mask for dry and dehydrated skin.

Top 10 Face Packs For Dry Skin India Reviews

Top 10 Face Packs For Dry Skin in India

4) Khadi Rose Glow Face Pack: Price: Rs.120 for 50g
This face pack from Khadi is packed with all-natural ingredients and herbs to make your skin feel healthy, nourished and glowing. The rose extracts provide nourishment leaving the skin soft and silky. It comes in a powder form which has to be mixed with water or rose water for perfect radiance. The face mask might feel drying once it completely dries but on washing it off, the skin feels rejuvenated. It is a great affordable face mask for dry skin.

5) FabIndia Papaya Pack: Price: Rs.275 for 120ml.
This face pack is infused with the goodness of papaya which has the enzyme papain that helps to gently remove dead cells. It is also rich in Vitamin A which helps fight against fine lines. The pack is full of nourishing ingredients and leaves a healthy glow on the skin. If you are looking for a great hydrating face mask in India, this one is your best bet.

Best Sheet Masks India Dry Glowing Skin Top 10

Best Masks in India for Glowing Skin: Top 10

Top 10 Face Packs for Dry Skin in India: Affordable & High End Options

6) Innisfree It’s A Real Squeeze Mask: Price: Rs. 200 per sheet
Sheet masks are a cult favorite with famous celebrities like Karlie Kloss, Kim Kardashian and even Nargis Fakhri as its fans. Originated in Korea, sheet masks were launched in India by the famous Korean brand, Innisfree. They have a large variety of variants ranging from cucumber, olive to green tea, barley, honey etc. The masks are packed with gooey moisturizing liquid and are to applied the face for a minimum for 15-20 minutes. Discard the sheet after you’re done and massage the liquid into the skin. You can wash it off if it feels too heavy for you. It leaves the skin really smooth, supple and hydrated. The only downside of these masks is that they can only be used once hence can turn out to be a bit more expensive compared to the traditional face packs.

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7) Jovees Shea Butter Face Pack: Price: Rs.155 for 100g.
Jovees has a huge range of face masks and their Shea Butter Face Mask is a powerful hydrating face pack in India for dry skin. It contains shea butter, mulberry fruit, grape fruit, papaya enzymes, sunflower oil and precious herbs that help to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. This is the best face pack for extremely dry, mature skin as it replenishes lost moisture and with regular use makes the skin glowing and nourished.

Best Facial Masks For Dry Acne Skin India

Best Facial Masks For Dry & Acne Skin in India

8) Natio Ageless Hydrating Mask:Price: Rs.1130 for 100g
This luxury mask by Natio is enriched with organic rosehip and sesame oil which provides energizing vitamins to the skin. It also contains papaya and aloe vera that moisturizes the skin and keeps the skin looking young and fresh. The price is definitely on the higher side but it works amazing well for dry and dehydrated skin.

9) The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-in-Mask: Price: Rs.1195 for 100ml
The Body Shop has a wide range of face-masks. Their vitamin-e face mask is one of a kind as you don’t need to wash it off. It’s a light, creamy, gel-type mask which instantly relieves dryness and patchy skin. The face mask restores the skin’s optimum moisture levels. One just needs to scoop out some mask and massage it into the skin. Leave it on and let it get absorbed into the skin. It smoothens out the appearance of fine lines caused due to dehydration, making the skin smooth and supple. A highly recommended top face mask for dry and dehydrated skin.

Best Face Masks For Dry Skin India Reviews Prices

Best Face Masks For Dry Skin in India: Reviews & Prices

10) Forest Essentials Facial Treatment Masque Madhulika Nourishing Honey Lep: Price: Rs.1625 for 50g
This is an ayurvedic mask made from organic honey, fermented raw cane sugar, orange juice, herbs and oils. Honey and raw cane sugar being a natural humectant replenishes the skin’s moisture leaving it soft and smooth. Honey also absorbs impurities and cleanses skin. This is a must have luxury face mask for dry skin.

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These were our favorite 10 best face masks for dry skin available in India. Tell us in the comments below if you have tried any of these before and share your experience.