Gym Inspiration From Top Bollywood Celebrities

Top Bollywood Celebrities Hit The Gym

With our busy schedules, it is very difficult to keep up with fitness and gymming. And with the monsoon on our head, we have a lot more reasons to skip our workout. ‘Couldn’t go for my run because it’s raining’, ‘Today I want to sit back, relax and eat samosas’ or ‘I’m too tired for the gym’ .Excuses may come easy but a hot body does not.
So today we have top 15 Bollywood celebrities who have not only been sweating it out at the gym but also have been posting about it on there Instagram profiles! If you want the celeb body, you got to workout their style!

15 Best Bollywood Celebrities Workout Images & Pictures

Best Fit Bollywood Actress Alia Bhatt Gym Inspiration

Best Fit Bollywood Actress: Alia Bhatt

1. Alia Bhatt: Top Bollywood Actress
She has been sizzling on the silver screen and making our hearts beat faster with her cute smile, adorable looks and great acting skills. But that is not all, her Instagram profile is major workout goals for us. Alia Bhatt regularly posts videos of her workout motivating all her fans to run to the gym. And if you follow her you get to see those her killer selfies too! BONUS!!

Kriti Sanon Images Pictures Workout

Kriti Sanon Workout

2. Kriti Sanon
She maybe a newbie in the Bollywood industry but her Instagram profile is better than some older actors. With a following of 3.5 million, she has something for everybody- her trendy fashion diary, behind the scenes and her exercise routine. Sometimes her gymming videos make us wonder “How is she even doing that?”

Top Bollywood Actors Images Shahid Kapoor

Top Bollywood Actors: Shahid Kapoor

3. Shahid Kapoor
Last year, he did break our hearts when he married Mira Rajput but his gym selfies make up for it. Not only does he posts inspirational workout videos but also hot pictures of his 8 pack abs. *DROOLING*

Bollywood Divas Pictures Malaika Arora Khan

Fit Bollywood Divas: Malaika Arora Khan

4. Malaika Arora Khan
Even in her early 40s, Malaika Arora Khan looks 25. Just in case you are wondering how, it’s because of her strict gym routine. Well Malaika, all those Pilates sessions are surely paying off!

Hot Ranveer Singh Abs Pictures

Ranveer Singh

5. Ranveer Singh
We all know about his never ending energy and enthusiasm, this top bollywood actor is one actor you must follow. With his funny gigs and dubsmash videos, he constantly shows his tight workout schedule! *MAN CRUSH EVERYDAY*

Fit Parineeti Chopra Pictures

Fit Parineeti Chopra Pictures

Top Bollywood Celebrities Instagram – Gym Inspiration

6. Parineeti Chopra
When Parineeti entered Bollywood she was constantly surrounded by body shaming . We wont lie, she was a little plump for the silver screen. But she surely showed us that we can achieve anything if we work-OUT towards it! Her “GET FIT” campaign makes us want to lock our fridge and hit the gym!

Hot Bollywood Actors John Abraham Instagram

Bollywood Actors: John Abraham Instagram

7. John Abraham
Model turned actor John Abraham has always been in news for his macho body and workout routine. He doesn’t fail to motivate people from hitting the gym with his posts of countless push-ups, weight training and what not. Ofcourse, those biceps didn’t come from nowhere.

Top Bollywood Celebrities Instagram

Top Bollywood Celebrities Instagram

8. Sonakshi Sinha
A couple years back, she was called the fattest lady in Bollywood but, no more is that true. She is at the gym regularly, follows a strict diet and doesn’t fail to share her motivation with everyone on her social media.

Fit Bollywood Actors Images

Fit Bollywood Actors

9. Tiger Shroff
He may be not the biggest name in Bollywood, but Mr. Shroff has some kicks and back flips everyone needs to learn. From kick boxing to karate, Tiger can do it all.

Hot Bollywood Celebs Working Out

Bollywood Celebs Working Out

10. Deepika Padukone
Starring in the upcoming XXX movie, next to Vin Diesel was not going to be easy. But heartthrob, Deepika Padukone has the moves for it. Her workout videos give us major #FOMO.

Hot Bollywood Actors Fitness Workout Abs Images

Bollywood Actors Workout

11. Varun Dhawan
We fall in love with his smile everytime and also with his jaw-dropping body! *GOALS* This handsome hunk has a lot to share about his fitness routine on his instagram!

Hot Bollywood Celebrities Pictures Arjun Kapoor

Bollywood Celebrities: Arjun Kapoor

12. Arjun Kapoor
When Arjun hugged Alia Bhatt in 2 states we just wondered if she was going to choke to death. Yes, who wouldn’t in those beautiful muscular arms. His dream to appear on the silver screen made him shed every inch of fat he used to have. Arjun, is truly an inspiration to all of us and so is his videos of pull ups.

Hot Bollywood Actress Images Nargis Fakhri

Bollywood Actress Nargis Fakhri

13. Nargis Fakhri
When we talk about Nargis, the temperature in the room gets higher. SHE IS THAT HOT. But you don’t get a butt like hers by just sitting on it. So, start doing splits now!

Karan Singh Grover Fitness Pictures

Karan Singh Grover Fitness

14. Karan Singh Grover
This Dill Mill Gaye hunk did not even stop exercising when he was on his honeymoon. GET THAT FOR SOME INSPIRATION, YOU GUYS! His hot body only wants us to run to the gym even faster! By the way, this hottie is trying aerial yoga these days.

Bipasha And Karan Singh Grover Workout Pictures

Bipasha And Karan Singh Grover Workout

15. Bipasha Basu
Our horror star Bips has her own CD of workout called Love Yourself, need I say more about her cardio, now? Since her marriage she works out with hubby- Karan Singh Grover. These two are *COUPLE FITNESS GOALS* for us!

If this wasn’t inspiration enough to hit the gym today, then what is? Go workout today, ladies!