TCA Peeling: Treatment Details, Benefits, Precautions & Side Effects

TCA Chemical Peeling: Treatment Details, Benefits, Precautions & Side Effects

Skin problems like scars, sunburn, fine lines etc. are very common and women tend to use myriad of products hoping to cure it. But most of the time the skin issues only get aggravated. When everything fails, modern cosmetic technology comes to the rescue. Chemical peeling has become really popular in the recent years and today I will discuss in detail about TCA peeling, its treatment, benefits, side effects and the precautions to be undertaken!

TCA Peeling Treatment Details Benefits & Precautions

TCA Peeling: Treatment Details, Benefits & Precautions

What is TCA Peeling?

This is definitely the very first question that arises when it comes to the chemical peel. Well the full form of TCA is Tri-chloroacetic acid. It is used in mild to moderate concentration to treat various skin problems and it is a non-toxic chemical peel which is deeper than Lactic acid or Glycolic acid peeling. It can be used in a concentration mainly between 8% – 30% and the effect lasts for around six month though one session is not enough most of the times to get desired results.

The TCA peeling can be done on face, neck, arms etc. but do make sure that you are undergoing the treatment under a specialist dermatologist. Never try to do the TCA Peel at home for the first time.

So here are some the TCA Chemical Peel Benefits for those undergoing the treatment.

TCA Chemical Peel Benefits & Precautions

TCA Chemical Peel Benefits & Precautions

TCA Peel Benefits

Deep exfoliator- It removes the superficial outermost layers of your skin making it soft and smooth. It also helps to clear clogged pores reducing the tendency of blackheads or whiteheads.

Lightens skin & scars- No this does not mean it will make you fairer but it has the ability to brighten your skin as it helps to reduce hyper pigmentation, acne scars, sunburn, freckles etc.

Improves the texture- TCA peels help in improving the texture of the skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to even out your skin tone.

Sounds good, right? But the story is not at all that easy. After all, it is a chemical peeling process and one should follow some mandatory precautions to prevent your skin from the side effects!

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So here are some of the precautions that must be followed with a TCA Chemical Peel, but its always best to consult your dermatologist for the same.

TCA Peeling Precautions

  • If you are pregnant or lactating mother, then its best to avoid this treatment
  • If you are undergoing chemotherapy or something like this which may cause radiation, don’t use this peel
  • If your skin is prone to scars and cold sores
  • If your skin is darker. Yes! You heard it right. This treatment is mainly advisable for fair to olive skin and dusky complexioned people are advised not to undergo this peeling treatment
TCA Peeling Treatment Technique Side Effects & Cost India

TCA Peeling Treatment: Technique, Side Effects & Cost India

TCA Peel Treatment Techniques

I will discuss the treatment technique in short and it contains several stages. First is the preparation of your skin so that it can bear the treatment. Then the treatment phase comes and later is post treatment or post-operative phases. Remember, sun can damage peeled skin permanently. So If you have any provision to take rest at home instead of going outdoors, please stay inside that too away from harsh sunlight. Also, a sunscreen is an absolute must after a peel.

Preparation of skin for TCA Peeling
A patch test is must. Please do a patch test at least 48 hours before the treatment if you are doing this for the first time. Stop scrubbing your skin at least three days prior to the peel. Avoid using any new or harsh cosmetics suddenly before peeling and after the treatment as well. At times, the dermatologist also tend to advise the patient to use AHA based lotion to apply on the skin for two to three weeks prior to the treatment.

Treatment Day/ Peeling Day
In order to do the TCA peeling on your skin, your dermatologist or specialist aesthetician would clean your face and apply an astringent type solution. Main purpose of applying this is to remove the last trace of oil from your face. After protecting the sensitive areas like lips, eyes, nostrils etc. with petroleum jelly or protector, TCA solution is applied.

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At the time of peeling, frosting can be seen on several areas on your skin. The places become white but this indicates the areas from where the skin will peel the most. Also peeling can be layered in case of severe problematic skin but layering is not at all advisable for first time users.

2 days to 5 days after TCA Peel
You should take good care of your skin in these days as it tends to be very sensitive. Your specialist would suggest you to use some anti-bacterial cream to apply on the area where peel was applied. Avoid using any other products on these days and as makeup is not going to hide your peeled skin, its best to avoid it as it might make it worst.

Not using sunscreen, even if you are present inside your home, is a crime at least for the first few days. Harsh lighting or sun can damage your peeled skin permanently, so be careful about this. Drink lots of water and never ever try to pick up flaky skin form your face. Let it shed on its own. On the 3rd or the 4th day your skin will peel the most and one should avoid swimming in chlorine water after peeling.

TCA Peel Before & After Pics

TCA Peel Before After Pictures

TCA Peel Before & After Pictures

TCA Chemical Peel Before & After Acne Scars

TCA Chemical Peel Before & After Acne Scars

TCA Peeling Side Effects & Cost in India

Though TCA peel has several benefits but at the end of the day it is a chemical peel and doesn’t suit everyone’s skin naturally. So here are some common and severe side effects of TCA peeling.

Common side effects

1) Skin turns pink or later brown due to peeling
2) The skin becomes flaky and rough initially
3) Some may feel dryness after peeling
4) Itching is a common problem
5) Anaesthesia is not required for this peeling, but you may feel pain or burning sensation on the skin

Severe side effects

1) Severe sun damage due to exposure to the sun
2) Hyper pigmentation or uneven skin tone may also occur after this treatment if proper
instructions are not followed
3) Permanent scars may arise, though it is quite rare.
4) Swelling of the skin and wound may also occur!

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TCA Peeling Cost in India

Cost per session: Normally, most of the chemical peels range between 1500 INR to 3000 INR per session. But it varies widely according to the peel used, on the concentration of the peel or the different charges of different aesthetic centres or plastic surgeon.

Last but not the least, try to be happy with your skin as you are beautiful just the way you are. But if you are planning to undergo a peeling treatment, consult a dermatologist first. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of consulting an experienced derma and TCA peel at home should be avoided.

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