Move Over Flower Crowns, Mermaid Crowns Are Here To Slay!

DIY Mermaid Crown Inspiration & Tutorial: The New Flower Crowns!

With the spring of 2014, came a new trend, popularly known as The Flower Crowns. Since then everyone has been donning beautiful flowers around their head. Fashion gurus and celebrities made floral wreaths a fashion must have by wearing them everywhere.Their vibrant colours screamed happy vibes and festivities. Soon it became a favorite for music festivals like Coachella and all the fashion events. Every fashion magazine and blog featured it and floral crowns literally became the “it” thing.

Floral Crown Vs Mermaid Crown

Floral Crown Vs Mermaid Crown

Soon enough, people began to DIY these flower crowns for the price of pebbles! Cheap and fashion perfect, who wouldn’t want it? I MEAN IF YOU DIDN’T HAVE ONE, WHAT WERE YOU DOING?

Floral Headgear Crown Tutorial

Floral Crown Rocked by Celebrities

Floral Crown Latest Design 2016

Floral Crown

Only when we thought the flower trend was here to stay, Etsy designer Chelsea Shiels came up with Mermaid Crowns and replaced it. Mermaid crowns are made using seashells, pearls and beads bathed in glitter.

DIY Mermaid Crown Tutorial Template

DIY Mermaid Crown

Latest Mermaid Crown Designs

Latest Mermaid Crown Designs

After watching The Little Mermaid, all we ever wanted is to see a real mermaid, didn’t we?And now we have a chance to be one and channelize our inner Ariel!

Trending Mermaid Crown With Shells

Mermaid Crown With Shells

Beautiful Mermaid Crown Latest Trend 2016

Beautiful Mermaid Crown 2016

Chelsea Shiels, a 27 year old Australian first made the crown to hide a scar on her forehead. She had been making these unique mermaid crowns for years but it is only recently that she started selling them on Etsy which soon became popular. She believes these gorgeous mermaid crowns can be worn anywhere and everywhere, although most of her clients buy them for events. Her unique head gears get much praise and sell out very quickly!

Simple Diy Shell Crown Fashion Trend 2016

Simple Shell Crown


Her designs are profound and may not be wearable for everyone so here we bring you some easy DIYs to make a mermaid crown at home. All you need to do is get a ton of seashells, a hairband, glitter and some glue! And viola! You have your own Mermaid crown!

Try these DIYs if you want easy to make and yet elegant looking mermaid crowns

But if you want to “go out there” with your Mermaid Crown, this DIY is is for you 


Easy Mermaid Crown Tutorial

Easy Mermaid Crown Tutorial

We believe this latest fashion trend of 2016 is bound to stick around for awhile, after all who doesn’t want to feel like a mermaid?