GM Diet Plan: Diet Chart, My Experience, Daily Updates + Tips!

How To Lose Weight Fast: GM Diet Plan: Vegetarian GM Diet Chart, Daily Updates + Tips!

Hi Everyone,

So lately I have been a big lazy bum and started skipping my workouts. Somehow this always happens with me. I lose weight, I maintain it for say a couple of months and then laziness sets in again and I gain it all back. So this time I plan on kicking this habit of mine once and for all and to start my weight loss program I decided to start off with this insanely popular GM diet. Now, I have never been a fan of diets and I do not believe in dieting, primarily because being a punjabi I’m a big time foodie and would rather have that extra piece of pizza and spend an extra hour at the gym working off the calories.

GM Diet Plan Diet Chart & Tips

GM Diet Plan Diet Chart & Tips

Best Weight Loss Program: GM Diet Plan, Chart & Tips

However, the GM diet is more of a detoxification process which I think will be perfect to prepare my body. It is a 7 day weight loss program which consists of eating certain fruits and veggies on a particular day. I have tried this before twice, unsuccessfully, and let me tell you it is definitely tough. I have managed to stick to it till Day 5 after which I’ve lost steam ๐Ÿ™ So this time, I’m hoping to keep myself motivated with your support by daily updating the post with my experience and GM diet chart for vegetarians, kinda like a journal ๐Ÿ™‚ Follow my on Instagram @heartbowsmakeup for my daily updates!

Update: You can read about my experience and complete diet plan for all the 7 days of the GM diet here

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So the GM diet plan mainly focuses on food rich in fiber and low on fat, carbohydrates and protein. If you’re wondering how to lose weight fast then this diet has been known to be very good with its results. On an average people lose a minimum of 3kgs and a couple of inches and can go upto 5kgs which is amazing for a 7 day weight loss management plan. This is a General Motors Diet, yes the popular automotive giant. This diet program was founded for their employees and the GM Diet Plan has the full support of the Food and drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture.

On my previous tries, even though I managed only till Day 4 & 5 respectively I still ended up losing 3 kgs ๐Ÿ˜€

How To Lose Weight Quickly: GM Diet Chart + Vegetarian Alternatives!

GM Diet Chart Plan GM Vegetarian Diet Alternatives

GM Diet Chart Plan: GM Vegetarian Diet Alternatives

So below is the GM diet chart & for the 7 day weight loss program

Day 1: For the first day, your diet is restricted to fruits and only fruits. There is no restriction on the amount but all you are supposed to eat is fruits and consume water ๐Ÿ˜€ Packaged juices are a strict no – no and fresh juices should be avoided. Also fruits like bananas with starchy carbohydrates should be avoided.

Day 2: On day 2, you are only allowed to eat vegetables, raw or boiled but without any salt or additions. Also intake of a minimum of 10 glasses of water is highly recommended.

Day 3: On this day, you can have both fruits and vegetables and is definitely my favorite day as it felt the easiest. However, vegetables like corn, carrots and peas are to avoided.

Day 4: On day 4 of the GM diet, you are supposed to have bananas, skimmed milk (without sugar) and the GM Diet soup also popular as the Wonder Cabbage soup (shall be sharing the recipe on Day 4 of my diet).

Day 5: As the diet progresses, it gets easier and on this day, you are allowed to have 5 to 6 large tomatoes with small servings of beef. For vegetarians, the alternative is lentils.

Day 6: On day 6 you are recommended to have mixed vegetables, especially greens along with beef/protein alternative for vegetarians. You can also have the wonder soup on Day 6.

Day 7: On the last day of the GM Diet Chart, you are allowed to have a little amount of starch. So you can have fruits, vegetables, a bowl of white/brown rice along with sprouts.

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General Motors Diet Chart & Tips!

The diet does not specify any minimum amount of workout but 30 mins of walking or exercise daily is recommended for optimum results. Throughout the 7 day GM diet plan you are required to have a good amount of water. For a detailed information on the GM diet and chart you can check out GM Diet Works.

I shall be posting daily updates and diet information on my Instagram today onwards so make sure you follow me there. Also, if you would like to join me in this diet then tag #heartbowsmakeup in any of your social media posts and lets help each other survive the 7 days of the amazing GM Motors diet!