Is Gajar the New Nazar Battu?

For years, we have relied on all kinds of strange things to protect ourselves from negative vibes. And heard of pretty weird stuff in the “charms to ward off evil” business. But this one beats them all.

Introducing Gajar 2.0!!!! Yes…that’s what it’s called. What’s more surprising? It works for some. As if the Nimbu-mirchi nonsense wasn’t enough, we have a Gajar now. Apparently, you just have to hang the “Gajar 2.0” in your car and it changes everything. No kidding, eh?



Call it the Nimbu Mirchi avatar, madness or stupid, it’s selling like hot cakes. The founders claim to use the Sixth Sense Power to ward off evil of all kinds, especially when you are driving. According to the experts from Indian Horoscope Council, the technology is built to sense negative energy from your surroundings, with a special focus on automobiles.

“We have been in the car gadgets’ business for years now and I’ve never heard something so strange. We have built products on technology and not superstition! For instance, you can plug our Carot device in your car and it locates your car, helps with safety of your car and family, better diagnostics and host of other benefits. But our device is a gadget based on science, not a totka!” says Shruti Yadav, Product Owner at Minda iConnect Pvt. Ltd.

Does Gajar 2.0 promise no accidents or car thefts? Yes. But only based on belief.

So, basically, if these guys are to be believed, you now have a new totka to make those negative vibes go away by hanging a Gajar. Tempted to try it out?