Not just an ordinary Carot


It’s April Fools’ and this year we decided to bring a punch of awareness to this fun day. In collaboration with Carot, a smart solution for your car’s safety we introduced the idea of a “magical” device that wards off evil from your car. So, while you believe that Gajar 2.0 will turn the pages of your destiny, maybe not so much.

So, the “carrot” that you expected to bring you luck is in fact, Carot — a smart device for your car that saves you from a slew of issues many of us encounter every now and then.

Introduced by Minda iConnect Pvt. Ltd, part of UNOMINDA Group, the device brings you luck but not on the basis of blind faith.

“Simply insert device into your car’s diagnostic port like you insert a memory stick into your laptop’s USB port! The device has a pre-installed SIM card through which it sends all the data it gets, from car’s engine and its inbuilt sensors, to our server where we analyse the data and provide you with the relevant information,” informs Shruti Yadav, Product Owner at Minda iConnect.

Let’s take a closer look at how Carot taps on technology to keep you and your car safe!

Carot Device

Find Your Car

The next time you can’t find your car in a parking lot, it’s not a mantra you chant but the Carot device helps you find your car by picking up the location of your car. All it takes is a click on a button to know exactly where your car is.

Driver Behaviour Updates

The device gives you driving behaviour analysis & driving violation alerts in case of over speeding, engine idling, harsh braking, high acceleration. Know exactly how your driver treats your car.

Car Diagnostics

Whether it’s a problem related to your car engine or any other issue that can affect your driving experience, Carot keeps you updated. The device doesn’t only help you with the problem but also gives you an insight on its impact on your car & the tips to fix it.

For our Travel Enthusiasts

If you love to travel, Carot is something you can’t ignore. The device gives you trip by trip analysis with all the relevant statistics you need to optimise your drive. From how many stops your car took, the routes you preferred and just about everything you want to review about your last trips is all there on the Carot app. Get all the relevant statistics of your previous trips by simply installing the device. Knowing how many stops you took, the duration, the route etc. helps you plan the next one better.

So when we said Gajar works like a lucky charm, it wasn’t so wrong after all….isn’t it? Carot (not Gajar 2.0!) is magic for your car.

Don’t let those mechanics, drivers and self-proclaimed automobile experts talk you into any wrong deals or information. This April Fools’ save yourself from becoming one.

Get Carot today and make every ride super safe.