Best Sunscreen in India For Oily & Dry Skin: Our Top 10!

Top 10 Best & Affordable Sunscreen in India For Oily & Dry Skin

Sunscreen is a holy grail product for good and healthy looking skin. To keep your skin damage free, it doesn’t matter whether you apply a BB/CC cream or a layer of light coverage foundation unless you slather on some sunscreen for protection. It is a shield that is going to protect your skin not only from the harmful UV rays that cause tan and sunburns but also from some serious factors like pigmentation, premature aging etc. It doesn’t matter what kind of skin you have, sunscreen is an essential and indispensable part of skincare. So today we compile the Best Sunscreen in India for Oily and Dry Skin, including many affordable options.

Best Sunscreen In India For Oily & Dry Skin Top 10

Best Sunscreen In India For Oily & Dry Skin: Top 10

Best Top 10 Sunscreen in India For Oily & Dry Skin

1) Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Matte Gel – SPF 50 PA+++ Price – Rs 295
Lotus is the best sunscreen brand in India and this one is a life saver for oily & acne prone skin. I have been using this one since time immemorial and trust me, there’s not a better sunscreen gel than this which protects you from both UVA & UVB rays. It gets absorbed into the skin within seconds and gives you a fresh soft matte look and also imparts a faint floral aroma. Hands down the best affordable sunscreen in India for oily skin!

Best Affordable Sunscreen In India For Combination Oily Skin

Best Affordable Sunscreen In India For Combination & Oily Skin

2) Neutrogena Ultra Sheer dry-touch Sunblock SPF 50+ Price – Rs 499
A close second would be this great sunscreen for combination to oily skin. There were a few summers when I tried Neutrogena dry-touch sunscreen and I must say, it is outstanding. You wouldn’t even feel that you have applied anything on your skin. Water-proof, sweat-proof, moisturizing yet ultra-light, the sunscreen provides superior broad spectrum protection for your skin and it does not make the skin greasy at all.

Best Affordable Sunscreen in India For Oily Skin

Best Sunscreen In India For Oily Skin

Best Sunscreen In India For Oily Skin

3) VLCC Sweat Free Sunblock Lotion SPF 40 Price – Rs 320
The broad spectrum sunscreen protects against the harmful UVA & UVB rays. While this might not be as ‘sweat proof’ as claimed but it scores high on preventing tanning and sunburn. For the price, this is a great sunscreen for combination skin type.

4) Vichy Capital Soleil Protective Sun Cream Face SPF 50 – Rs 1200
This non greasy, non sticky and paraben free formula contains their best cosmetic filters MEXORYL XL & SX and an active ingredient- DHC. Exclusive to Vichy, DHC is an anti-oxidant active ingredient with large spectrum against UV attacks, capable of operating down to the basal layer of the epidermis. Also helps protects against UV rays and cellular oxidation.

Top 10 Sunscreens In India For Oily Skin In Summers

Top 10 Sunscreens In India For Oily Skin In Summers

5) Lacto Calamine Sun Shield SPF 30 PA ++ Price – Rs 199
This super affordable sunscreen in India is perfect for normal to combination skin. It provides adequate protection however it definitely makes the oily skin greasy. It moisturizes the skin well and a little amount goes a long way. If you’re on a budget then this could work well for you.

6) Sebamed Sun Care 50+ Very High Multi Protect Sun Lotion pH 5.5 Price: Rs 1500
The sunscreen is a god sent for oily-acne prone skin which has the tendency for angry breakouts. The sunscreen provides a high protection to the skin without getting heavy or greasy. It is dermatologically tested and is suitable for both children and adults. The Sebamed sunscreen safeguards against sun-induced damage and ageing as well. Although the price tag is heavy on pocket but it is a worthy sun protection product for sensitive skin, definitely the best medicated sunscreen in India.

Best Sunscreen in India For Dry Skin

Best Sunscreen In India For Dry Skin

Best Sunscreen In India For Dry Skin

7) L’Oreal UV Perfect 12H Longlasting UV Protector – Price Rs 475
This sunscreen will not only provide a shield from the harmful effects of UV rays but also works on the protection from the pollution which makes the dry skin dull and lifeless. With a strong protection of SPF 50, it lasts long the whole day and keeps the skin hydrated and rejuvenated with a fresh look. It is easily available in the market and works great for stretchy dry skin.

8) Lakmé 9 to 5 Hydrating Super Sunscreen + SPF 50 PA +++ Price – Rs 500
This is my favorite sunscreen for the winters as it gives full protection to my skin without looking oily and greasy even though it protects the skin from getting dry and rough. It is extremely light weight and absorbs in no time. The moisturization lasts for a long duration and the skin looks totally tan-free even though I have to roam around all day under the sun. The product is easily available in the market and budget friendly for a daily moisturizing sunscreen.

Top Sunscreen For Dry To Normal Skin In India

Top Sunscreen For Dry To Normal Skin In India

9) Avene Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50 – Price Rs 1250
Though this sunscreen is aimed at oily skin beauties, but it is more suitable for those with normal to combination. This product not only protects from sun but also imparts a slight glow to the skin. It covers a very broad spectrum UV protection using a combination of exclusive active ingredients. You would notice the improvement with prolonged usage. Perfect for sensitive skin prone to breakouts.

10) Kaya Daily Moisturising Sunscreen with SPF 30 – Price Rs 890
The brand is well known for its remarkable skin products that helps you maintain an au naturel look. With Ultra Bootstar rating of 5, it offers the highest possible UV-A protection against tanning and ageing due to sun exposure. It is extremely hydrating and penetrates into the skin without looking greasy even for dry skin. You would see a slight brightening effect post usage and works great for dry and dull skin. Definitely the best sunscreen in India for dry skin.

You must keep the following points in mind before choosing a sunscreen.

Sunlight consists of ultraviolet rays which we commonly say as UV rays. UV rays can bedifferentiated into three types – UVA, UVB and UVC. Long exposure to UVA rays can cause premature aging and appearance of wrinkles, skin cancer, photosensitivity reaction and also pigmentation.

UVB is highly responsible for tanning, discolorations, affects mostly the acne prone skin and sensitive skin. It is highly effective between 11am to 4pm as per the climate of India.

UVC gets absorbed by the atmosphere and do not reach the surface of the Earth.

Therefore, while choosing a sunscreen, look for the term multi-spectrum, broad spectrum or UVA/UVB protection. Many a times we skip sunscreen when our favorite cream/moisturizer/foundation/powder has SPF but no way will it protect our skin the way a sunscreen does. And lastly, higher SPF won’t give you better protection. A power of SPF 30-40 is enough as long as you keep re-applying it every 3hrs.

So, these were the top 10 sunscreens in India for oily and dry skin. Do share your favorites below.

Guest Post By Sanchita