Best Pond’s Products in India for Dry & Oily Skin: Prices & Reviews

Top 10 Best Ponds Product List For Dry & Oily Skin In India

Don’t we all end up reminiscing about our childhood days when someone mentions Pond’s? It was a leading skincare brand throughout the nineties and it is still a cult favorite of many. From giving us soft ‘googly-woogly-woosh’ cheeks, Ponds has come a long way with newer and better skincare products for varied skincare concerns. Their cold cream and talcum powder are not the only products that people love using. They have creams that reduce dark spots, serums that fight symptoms of aging and face washes that treat pimples and discolouration. So here is a list of the Best Pond’s Products in India that are worth buying, with prices and mini reviews.

Best Ponds Products India For Dry Oily Skin Top 10

Best Ponds Products in India For Dry & Oily Skin: Top 10

10 Best Pond’s Products in India for Dry & Oily Skin: Prices & Review.

1. Pond’s Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Day Cream Price: Rs.599 for 50 gm
We all are aware of the cell regeneration process that takes place continuously among the cells in our body. Similarly, the skin has stem cells that continuously die and are regenerated in a cyclic process. With age, this process of cell renewal starts to slow down. It is then that we start to notice the signs of ageing which include open pores, fine lines and wrinkles. This product by Ponds stimulates the cell generating process which in turn reduces the signs of ageing. It doesn’t feel too greasy on the skin and therefore is perfect for everyday use. Along with its anti-aging benefits it also has SPF 15 for sun protection. Within a few weeks of usage,  one can very clearly see satisfactory results. It is definitely a must have anti-aging Pond’s product available in India.

Best Anti Ageing Ponds Products In India Price Review

Best Anti Ageing Ponds Products In India: Price & Review

2. Pond’s Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Deep Action Night Cream Price: Rs.599 for 50 gm
It is scientifically proven that our cells multiply and repair the damage caused to the skin during night time. Hence, the skin needs a product that is enriched with all the nutrients to nourish our skin at the same time is not too heavy. This product by Ponds is the answer to all of these demands. The Pond’s Age Miracle Cell ReGen night cream contains a combination of six bio-actives that stimulate the process of cell renewal in the skin while you are having a good night’s sleep. This is the best anti ageing night cream in India.

3. Pond’s Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam Price Rs.175 for 100gm
This Deep Cleansing face wash by Ponds is one of its best products. It is known for removing all the pollution and dust particles that gets collected on our skin throughout the day. Formulated with activated carbon and vitamin B3, the face wash helps in the removal of the accumulated dead cells and gunk. Activated carbon is known for its magnetic properties of absorbing the pollutants and dust particles. While doing so it helps the new cells to resurface on the skin and brings gives a healthy glow. It is the best Pond’s face wash for all skin types in India.

Best Ponds Products India Price Rupees For Acne Prone Skin

Best Ponds Products in India

4. Pond’s Pimple Clear White Face Foam Price. 149 for 100gm
This Pond’s facial foam is the best cleanser for oily and acne prone skin.  It washes away all the impurities and excess oil and is formulated with Salicylic Acid and Herbal Clay which help to treat pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and dullness. The formula contains fine scrubbing beads that help in getting rid of the pimple marks and redness through gentle exfoliation. It removes up to 99% of the impurities and pimple causing germs and gives you a clearer, glowing skin within only weeks of its use. One of the best Pond’s products in India for oily skin.

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5. Pond’s White Beauty Tan Removal Scrub Price: Rs.110 for 50gm
This is perfect everyday scrub for summers. We all know the struggles of finding the right tan removing products in the Indian market which will actually do their job. The Pond’s Beauty Tan Removal Scrub is one such product which removes the dead skin cells and reveals a brighter and more radiant complexion. It gently exfoliates away any dullness and tan from the face and instantly brightens up the skin. The scrub is the one of the best Pond’s Product to remove tan and dark spots.

Best Ponds Skin Whitening Products India Affordable

Best Ponds Skin Whitening Products in India

Best Pond’s Products For Dark Circles, Ageing, Hyperpigmentation in India: Prices & Reviews

6. Pond’s White Beauty BB+ Cream SPF 30+++ Price: Rs.350 for 50gm
Ponds BB cream is a great Pond’s makeup product in India. It not only hides imperfections, but also rejuvenates the skin. Its Pro-Vitamin B3 formula removes dark spots and brings an efficient transfer of melanin (constituent of skin that provides pigment) on to the surface revealing a clear and a naturally healthy glow. Along with its skin brightening benefits, this BB Cream for dry skin provides a UVA and a UVB protective layer and has SPF 30 which  fights sun rays. Highly recommended.

7. Pond’s Age Miracle Firm And Lift Eye Contour Lifter Price Rs.899 for 15 ml
This is easily the best Pond’s product for dark circles. The skin around our eyes is very delicate and because of this, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes are one of the first signs of ageing.This product comes with a cooling metal applicator designed to revive the skin by reducing puffiness around the eyes. It consists of special ingredients that help in giving the skin an instant firmness and lift. The formula not only visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles but also treats them.

Top Ponds Products For Oily And Dry Skin In India

Top Ponds Products For Oily And Dry Skin In India

8. Pond’s Gold Radiance Precious Youth Serum Price Rs. 999 for 30 ML
The Ponds Youth Serum claims to be enriched with real gold micro particles. Its gel texture gives a non-greasy matte finish to the skin. The skin not only feels supple and smooth with every use but also looks radiant and nourished. Continuous use has proven to even out the skin tone, reduce large pores and fine lines. It is a great anti-aging Pond’s product in India for wrinkles and oily skin

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9. Pond’s Dreamflower Fragrant Talc Price: Rs.170-200 for 400 gm
If you are a 90’s child, you would be familiar with the Pond’s Dreamflower Talcum Powder. It was used in every household during summers to avoid sweat, oiliness and heat blisters. It is a gentle powder that provides a long lasting protection against body odor and perspiration. The floral-smelling formula feels very soft on the skin and absorbs sweat and oil like no other. It is still one of the best Pond’s Products in India which we highly recommend.

Pond’s has some of the most amazing products in India. Picking out the best ones among their wide range of products is not an easy job. However, these are the finest of their products and the ones you should definitely try. Tell us in the comments below your favorites from our list of the Best Pond’s Products In India.

Contributed by Minakshi Singh