Best Philips Appliances & Products in India: Our Top 5!

Best Philips Appliances & Products in India: Top 5!

I was going through my wardrobe and vanity today and was trying very hard to get some semblance of order into them. I just realized that I have way too many clothes and way more makeup than clothes. And in spite of all that makeup, I still want to splurge on more. In fact, I’m so eager for the Black Friday sales so that I can go guilt free discount makeup shopping. The life of a beauty blogger I tell you!!

Anyway, I got off topic here, what I was meaning to say was, while sorting through my drawers, I noticed that I seem to own a lot more of Philips beauty and grooming products than that of any other brand. So I ,why not make a list of some Philips must haves. So here are the best tried and tested Top 5 Philips Products in India that you must own!

Best Philips Appliances Products In India

Best Philips Appliances & Products In India

Best Philips Appliances & Products in India

Best Philips Epilator In India Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator

Best Philips Epilator In India: Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator

1) Philips Satinelle Epilator – Best Epilator in India
I can honestly say that I can never in my wildest dreams ever live without this product in my life. I started my epilation journey in 2010 and holy moly I wonder how the eff I managed to survive without epilating before that. I barely even want to go to a parlor these days leaving behind the comfort of my home and I honestly much prefer epilating over waxing.Philips Satinelle epilators come in a wide price range and I can assure you that picking any would not make much of a difference, they all work equally well and you can pick and choose according to your budget!! Philips epilators come with rotating tweezers in varying numbers, speed selections for faster or finer hair removals, sometimes they even come with attachments for a shaving head as well. They come in corded and cordless options as well.
If you’re wondering which one to buy, I recommend checking out the Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator BRE210 which is something I have been using and loving recently.

Best Philips Grooming Product India Philips Bikini Genie Trimmer

Best Philips Grooming Product India: Philips Bikini Genie Trimmer

2) Philips Bikini Genie Bikini Trimmer
I have recently acquired this handy little device and I must say that it has made my life so much easier. Grooming bikni hair for me is very important, I’m a firm believer in no hair from the eyes down, well, eyebrows aren’t really no hair right, even though we groom them ;). So I’m a big time advocate for hair removal products and I just love this handy little genie. The Philips Bikini Genie Trimmer comes with multiple trimming attachments that you can use depending upon the hair length that you wish to keep. It is also battery operated and compact thereby  making it perfect for even travelling.The Bikini Genie is definitely a must have!!

Best Philips Hair Straightener

Best Philips Hair Straightener

3) Philips Hair Straightener
In the current Indian market, the Philips Hair Straighteners are the best available which are accessible to everyone as well as are easy on the pocket. I am not going to be very specific here since Philips has many straightener models and I have used about 3-4 of them and have found them to be all equally good. Philips has an extraordinary number of hair straighteners to suit all kinds of budgets and most work really really well. Philips straighteners come with ceramic plates and are amazingly gentle on your hair. Very handy to use and store. If, I had to choose then Philips HP8309/00 Hair Straightener has to be my favorite Philips straightener.

Best Philips Hair Dryer

Best Philips Hair Dryer

4) Philips Hair Dryer
Philips also offers a wide range of hair dryers to suit every pocket. I personally have used two, a travel dryer and a much more powerful styler dryer and I love them both. For a travel friendly hair dryer I recommend checking out the Philips essential care-dryer BHC010/70 which comes with temperature protection settings and hot and cold air options. Its foldable handle makes it extremely compact and easy to travel with. Instead of spending valuable money on getting a blow dry from a salon every single time you want to tame your hair or style your hair, you can invest in the Philips thermoprotect ionic hairdryer HP8234/10. This hair dryer comes with a concentrator nozzle for you to use with a roller brush for sleek waves. The ionic conditioning of this hair dryer gives you shiny and frizz free hair. The hair dryer also comes with a diffuser attachment for those bouncy curls so that you can #BYOS. Perfect for everyday styling while saving up on the time spent at a parlor.

Best Philips Hair Products India Philips Air Styler

Best Philips Hair Product India: Philips Air Styler

5. Philips Air Styler
Philips also has a range of stylers for styling your hair. No more damaging heat products for
your hair if you want to style it every day. Air styling is a much better option than heat styling your hair without causing as much damage. My hair is a total frizz ball and I just cannot wear it natural unless of course I want to look like candy floss minus the pink ๐Ÿ˜‰ Everyday heat styling is not an option for my dry damaged hair and the air styler is a very convenient way for me to style my hair without drying it out further. I have been using the Philips essential care air straightener HP8658 for almost a year and a half now and it totally works at keeping the frizz at bay while not letting my hair get fried.
While I love my air styler, I have also heard really good things about the Philips Kerashine air styler HP8659/00 and I really want to try that next!!

So that is HBM’s list of the best 5 Philips products available in India that are absolute must haves and will make you #GoWowNow!! Let me know if you already use any of these and love them too and if you haven’t tried them yet, let me know which ones you’d love to try!! Until next time ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

This post is part of Philips’s #BeReadyEveryday Campaign.