Best Facial Kits For Dry and Oily Skin In India: Our Top 10

Best Facial Kits for Dry, Combination & Oily Skin in India: Price & Mini Reviews

A facial is a great way to rejuvenate one’s skin. It not only relaxes the person but also removes dead skin cells, tanning and whiteheads. However, in today’s busy lifestyle not everybody has the time to visit parlours. Hence a DIY at home facial kit has gained popularity over the years, especially with the sky rocketing prices for facials at salons these days. One should always choose a facial kit according to their skin type. An oily skin demands a product which reduces oil, removes whiteheads and blackheads. While a person with dry skin needs more moisture and nourishment. Hence today, Team HBM, complies the list of the Best Facial Kits For Oily & Dry Skin In India perfect for both men and women.

Best Facial Kits In India Or Dry Combination Oily Skin

Best Facial Kits In India for Dry, Combination & Oily Skin

Best Facial Kits in India for Combination & Oily Skin For Men & Women

1) Aroma Magic Pearl Facial Kit, Price: Rs 950
The Aroma Magic Pearl Facial Kit treats oily and acne prone skin. The facial detoxifies the skin, removing impurities and lightens the blemishes. The face feels squeaky clean, smooth and glowing. The kit includes seven products for a 7 step procedure and is the perfect facial kit for brides as well.

Best Facial Kit For Oily Skin India For Brides

Best Facial Kit For Oily Skin in India For Brides

2) VLCC Anti Tan Single Facial Kit, Price: Rs. 250
VLCC makes some of the best facial kits and face bleach in India. Many people swear by their Anti Tan Facial Kit. It effectively removes tan and dullness and gives the face an instant glow. The kit works best for oily to normal skin. Regular usage helps to effectively reduce the skin tan and evens out the skin. It is a six step facial procedure which includes a toner + cleanser, facial scrub, a de-tanning gel, a facial massage cream, a de-tanning pack and a moisturizing gel. This is the best VLCC Facial kit for oily and tanned skin in India.

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3) Lotus Herbals Radiant Pearl Cellular Lightening Facial Kit, Price: Rs. 950
Lotus Herbals has been in the skincare game for quite some time now. One of their most amazing products is the Radiant Pearl Cellular Lightening Facial Kit. It includes a cleanser, a pearl activator, a massage cream and a facial mask. It fulfills its claim and and removes dullness, leaving the skin looking bright and glowing. The cleanser removes oil and impurities while the massage cream and mask hydrate the skin well. It is one of the top facial kits for normal to oily skin.

Best Facial Kits India For Oily Combination Tanned Skin

Best Facial Kits India For Oily, Combination & Tanned Skin

4) VLCC Fruit Facial Single Kit, Price: 250 for 100 gm
VLCC Facial Kits are one of the best in the Indian market and are popular for their quality and efficacy. This facial kit lightens the blemishes, minimizes enlarged pores and fades pigmentation. It starts showing results from the first use and keeps the skin looking healthy. The kit comprises of a Papaya face scrub, cucumber gel, peach massage cream, orange anti-tan pack and green apple skin guard lotion.  All of these natural products protect and care oily skin as per their properties and give a brighter even toned complexion. It is an affordable facial kit in India for oily skin.

5) Jovees Skin Rejuvenation Fruit Facial Kit, Price: Rs. 195
This fruit facial kit from Jovees uses vitamin nourishment and anti-oxidants of fruits to make the skin glow. It removes excess oil and impurities making the skin healthy & balanced. Antioxidant properties of fruits like banana and papaya brings back the lost radiance due to today’s polluted environment. The kit includes six products which are citrus and blackberry cleanser, honey and almond facial scrub, witch hazel and basil skin toning gel, papaya and pineapple massage cream, apple and avocado fruit face pack and tea tree and witch hazel rejuvenating cream. The Jovees Skin Rejuvenation Fruit Facial Kit it one of the best facial kits for oily skin for men and women.

Best Facial Kit India For Combination Dry Skin Men

Best Facial Kit India For Combination & Dry Skin

  Best Facial Kits for Dry & Normal Skin in India for Brides: Ageing, Hyperpigmentation & Dark Spots

6) Lotus Herbals Natural Glow Skin Radiance Kit, Price: Rs.625
This facial claims to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate dull skin. It hydrates the skin well making it soft and bright. The kit is great for people with normal to dry skin as it hydrates and nourishes it well. It includes a cleansing milk, skin polisher, nourishment crème, fruit pack and moisturizing lotion. All the products contain ingredients that retain the skin’s moisture and brightens it. It is a must have facial kit for dry skin and for that bridal glow.

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7) Aroma Magic Silver Facial Kit, Price: Rs.1000
This is the perfect at home facial kit for women with dry and mature-aging skin. Dry skin tends to age faster and the Aroma Magic Silver Facial Kit provides intense nourishment and moisture to the skin without making it greasy. This product is enriched with moisturizing and cooling ingredients and essential oils which helps to fight against dullness of the skin. The facial also restores the pH balance and gives an even skin tone while minimizing pores and fighting dryness.

 8) VLCC Chocolate Facial Kit, Price: Rs.899:
Chocolate is known for its nourishing and anti-oxidant properties which makes it a wonderful ingredient for dry skin. This Chocolate Facial Kit by VLCC is one of the best facial kits in India for normal to dry skin type. The kit has an easy four step procedure including a scrub, a face pack, a massage cream and a serum. After facial, the skin feels rejuvenated, brightened and hydrated.

Best Facial Kits For Dry Pigmented Aging Skin India

Best Facial Kits For Dry, Pigmented & Aging Skin India

9) Shahnaz Husain 24 Carat Gold Radiance Kit, Price: Rs.1010
Shahnaz Husain is a big name in the beauty industry. All her facial kits are great but the 24 Carat Gold Radiance Facial Kit is the best for dry & dull skin. The kit comprises of four products which includes anti-ageing scrub, moisturizing massaging cream, skin radiant gel and beautifying mask. It rejuvenates the skin, giving it a youthful glow and making it feel supple and hydrated.

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10) VLCC Diamond Glow Single Facial Kit, Price: Rs.330:
VLCC is killing it with their facial kits and no wonder we had to feature so many! Their Diamond Glow Kit is great for dull and dehydrated skin. The kit comprises of four items that is a diamond scrub, detox lotion, massage gel and wash off mask. The diamond scrub removes dead skin cells, leaving a radiant glow on the skin. While the detox gel polishes, nourishes and hydrates the skin. It is one of the best facial Kits for dry and dull skin.

So these were the top facials kits in India be it for combination, oily or dry skin. Do share your favorites below 🙂