10 Best Indian Beauty Youtubers & Channels To Follow!

Top 10 Indian Beauty & Fashion Youtube Channels for Makeup Tutorials

Digital media has really boomed over the past few years and the emerging Indian fashion and beauty bloggers as well as YouTubers have been at the forefront. With their various reviews, tutorials, DIYs, lookbooks, etc. their passion, dedication and hard work clearly shows. It is no wonder that they have established themselves as leading digital influencers. The Youtube community has been really active and is helping many women to learn the art of beauty and makeup through their own version of creativity. So, in today’s post we are going to handpick our top 10 best Indian beauty YouTubers for their reviews, makeup tutorials, fashion hacks and more.

Best Indian Beauty Youtubers Channels For Makeup Tutorials

Best Indian Beauty Youtubers & Channels For Makeup Tutorials

Best Indian Beauty & Makeup Youtubers & Vloggers

1. Kashual Beauty: Best Indian Beauty Youtube Channel
Kaushal is a British-born Indian YouTuber and a fantastic vlogger. Currently she has more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube and is extremely popular for her makeup tutorials. Every look of hers is on point and she has also done alot of tutorials suitable for every occasion. From her detailed eye makeup steps to the wonderful swatch videos – everything is simply perfect. One of her best vidoes is the ‘Kylie Jenner Inspired Make-Up Look’ (more than 10 million views) and ‘Tutorial on Foundation Contour & Highlight Routine’ (more than 3 million views). We absolutely love her screen presence and she has the best Indian youtube channel for makeup tutorials.

Best Indian Youtube Channels For Makeup Tutorials

Best Indian Youtube Channels For Makeup Tutorials

2. Ankita Srivastava | Corallista
Corallista is founded by Ankita Srivastava who is a popular Indian beauty blogger and vlogger from Mumbai. Her USP is her makeup tutorials which are specifically aimed at the Indian audience be it for a marriage, Diwali etc. She covers everything related to beauty on her channel be it product reviews, first impressions, hauls, swatches, skincare routine and  makeup tutorials. She has around 120,564 subscribers and some of her most viewed videos are the ‘Easy Party Makeup for Beginners Tutorial’ (657,550 views) and ‘Makeup for Work/College’ (624,232 views). Definitely one of the best Indian beauty youtubers you must follow.

3. ShrutiArjunAnand
Shruti is an Indian beauty & fashion vlogger on YouTube with 488,576 subscribers and covers almost everything on her channel. Be it beauty, skin care, hair care, makeup, reviews, hair tutorials, fitness, lifestyle, henna art and hauls. She started in 2010 and quickly gained popularity. Her videos are super fun to watch and we love how aesthetically shot and clear her videos are. Her most viewed videos are the ‘5 Quick & Easy Heatless Hairstyles’ (6,414,941 views) and ‘How To Remove Pimples Overnight -Acne Treatment’ (3,537,576 views). Also, watch out for her beautiful henna designs and look-book.

Top Indian Female Vloggers Beauty Fashion

Top Indian Female Vloggers

4. RajiOsahn
RajiOsahn is a desi YouTube beauty guru to look out for. She has a lot of remedies and tutorials for problematic skin on her channel like pigmentation, dark circles and how to cover, conceal and lighten scars. Her hacks and tutorials are extremely relatable and easy to understand, even for beginners. Her base makeup is totally flawless and she shows some great tips and tricks to emulate it. Her most viewed videos are ‘Eyebrow Threading using only hands’ (727,988 views) and ‘Step by Step Threading facial hair at home’ (666,586 views). She is our favorite Indian Beauty Youtuber for beginners and for those dealing with acne prone skin.

5. Sjlovesjewelery
Sjlovesjewelery is run by Shreya Jain who is a Delhi-based college student. She is one of the most hardworking Indian makeup & beauty vloggers and the effort clearly shows in her videos. With more than 135,081 subscribers and she is surely one of the best beauty influencers in India. Shreya covers a host of things on her channel – reviews, swatches, tutorials, dupes etc. She is extremely chirpy, down to earth and following her makeup tutorials is very easy for beginners. The pretty lass also does a lot requested videos so if you have anything on your mind, you just tweet it to her or request her on Instagram. Her most viewed videos are the ‘Patnajali Aloe Vera Gel review’ (970,701 views) and her weight loss journey (840,648 views).

Best Indian Beauty Youtube Channels Gurus

Best Indian Beauty Youtube Channels & Gurus

Top 10 Indian Beauty & Fashion Youtube Channels & Female Vloggers

6. MrJovitaGeorge
Spunky, sassy and talented describes Jovita well. Her videos are extremely engaging and she has a knack of featuring beauty and makeup products in her own humorous way. Her channel is not only restricted to fashion and makeup and she regularly does Youtube challenges as well. There are very few YouTubers with an amazing dusky skin tone  like hers so it’s a plus for deeper complexions to find products better suited for their complexion. She has around 153,906 subscribers and her most famous videos are’ ‘How To Apply Foundation (Tan Indian Skin/ Medium-Dark Brown skin)’ with 879,389 views and ‘How To Get Rid Of Hyperpigmentation, Dark Upper Lip, Dark Spots & Acne Scars Naturally At Home’ with 812,417 views.

7. Scherezade Shroff: Best Indian Fashion & Beauty Youtube Channel
Mumbai-based vlogger Scherezade Shroff aka Sherry is the most candid YouTube Indian blogger you will come across. With a huge following of 128,303 subscribers, her videos are extremely versatile ranging from fashion, makeup, DIYs, reviews, makeup & hair tutorials, travel etc. She is also a model and her beauty and fashion expertise is totally on point. Sherry even discusses alot of  ‘taboo’ topics on her channel.

Best Fashion Makeup Youtube Channels India

Best Fashion & Makeup Youtube Channels in India

8. My Happinesz
One of the most upcoming beauty & lifestyle youtube channels, it is run by Komal who comes across as someone very down to earth and bubbly in her videos. Komal features very interesting and different content like ways to hide tummy fat, lingerie guide, DIYs besides the usual makeup hauls, reviews, tutorials etc. She also has a vlogging channel called KomaVlogz which is equally popular. Her most popular videos are ‘How to hide tummy fat’ with 354,882 views and ‘Deepika Padukone Inspired Messy Bun’ with 320,791 views.

9. Debasree Banerjee
Debasree is a Mumbai based fashion & beauty Indian vlogger with over 74,000 followers. She regularly creates informative videos for beginners ranging from the best products and tutorials. Her channel also features skincare tips, one brand tutorials, lookbooks and GRWM videos. Debasree’s most popular videos are ‘The best kajal for eyes in India’ with 281,912 views & ‘Makeup Starter Kit’ with 281,259 views.

Best Indian Beauty Makeup Vloggers Youtube Channels

Best Indian Beauty & Makeup Vloggers

10. Delhifashionblogger: Best Female Indian Vlogger
Komal is a Delhi based beauty vlogger though she is originally from Kumaon (Uttrakhand). She has done her masters in English literature and has been making videos for a long time. Her videos are mostly a good mix of beauty, DIYs and fashion hacks. With detailed steps and explanations, her videos are easy to follow. She features a detailed demo of various products along with reviews and swatches. Komal’s most viewed videos are the ‘Lakme eyeconic Kajal + Mascara review’ with 261,447 views and ‘At home natural facial in 3 steps’ with 249,386 views.

So these were our top picks as the best Indian Beauty & Makeup Youtube Channels. Do share your favorite Youtube gurus below 🙂