How To Remove Make-Up Stains From White Clothes

Make-up Stain Removal From White Clothes

Wearing white seems like a challenge to observers: how can a lady get through the day in white clothes, without staining them? In reality, accidents and stains do occur – for a woman who loves fashion, there is always the risk of her make-up and her white clothes coming together in the most unfortunate way! A make-up stain doesn’t have to mean the end for your clothes – this guide provides the advice necessary to safely remove any and all make-up stains from white clothes. Shine on, ladies!


The General Strategy

For all kinds of make-up stains, the following general guidance applies.

Step 1. Get as much of the excess stain off your clothes as soon as you can. Don’t give the stain any time to set into the fabric! Scrape off the powder or liquid with a sharp and flat object, such as a knife or credit card.

Step 2. Tackle the make-up spill with a stain remover. Different stain removers work best for different kinds of make-up product – a list is given below. Dab the stain remover on with a paper tissue or ball of cotton. Do not scrub – that will only work the make-up deeper into the cloth. Give the stain remover enough time to act, then dab it off with a bit of cool water.

Step 3. Pre-soak the item in a dilute bleach solution (use an oxygen-based bleaching solution for safest results) before moving onto Step 4.

Step 4. Put your soiled garment out for the laundry. Use an appropriate detergent and clean on the highest temperature setting for your fabric.

Step 5. After the wash cycle is complete, inspect your still-damp item of clothing. If the stain is still visible, then repeat Steps 2-5. Do not allow your clothing to dry – a dried make-up stain is much harder to remove.

In addition to any commercial stain removal kits, the following household items work great as stain removers for the following items of make-up.

  • Liquid make-up (e.g., lipgloss, eyeliner, foundation, lotions) = Dilute kitchen detergent solution
  • Nail Polish = Nail polish remover (non-acetone) or, if that doesn’t work, denatured alcohol
  • Waterproof Mascara = Olive, castor or coconut oil.
  • Lipstick = Hairspray

A small make-up stain does not have to mean that your favourite white top is ruined – just a few simple tricks will have it as good as new in no time!

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