Online Shopping Tips For The Girl On a Budget!

Budget Buying: Online Shopping Tips & Tricks

In the past few years there’s been a hype around online shopping and why wouldn’t there be? It’s soooo convenient. With everyone having a busy schedule to keep up with, ain’t nobody got time to roam around, comb through a million shops & look for that perfect dress or watch. So, here’s where online shopping comes makes life much smoother. You could shop for anything in the comfort of your own home or office.

Online Shopping Tips For Budget Buyers

Online Shopping Tips For Budget Buyers

With the growing demand for online shopping, there’s been a noticeable rise in the number of shopping websites. Now there’s a website for your every demand be it for apparels, makeup, even footwear. There are a billion choices for you to pick from but as a student, sometimes things get a little out of budget for me. So I always look out for sales, coupons and deals!. So today, I’ll share with you some online shopping tips and tricks that I use to get the best deal for my moolah!

Online Shopping Tips & Tricks. The Ultimate Guide For The Girl On Budget

1) Price Comparison: When you finally settle on buying a particular product, search for it on other websites before you hit “Checkout”.  More often than not you will find it on another website priced at a lesser amount due to a better discount. There have been many instances where I’ve found products priced much lesser on Myntra’s sister website- Flipkart or vice versa.

2) Sort it out: Now whenever you look for something, it’s sorted according to the newest trends or popularity.  Because of this you may miss out on a great product best suited to your requirements. So first sort it according to price (low to high) or according to discounts. This step will make sure you see all the products that you may like.

Top Online Fashion Shopping Tips India

Top Online Fashion Shopping Tips India

5) Coupons & Deals:  I always try to look out for all the ongoing sales but because I look up the same product on different sites, sometimes I miss out on great deals. For that issue I suggest using CupoNation, that will keep you updated of the latest offers on all the websites at one place.

If you’re looking to save on beauty products, Groupon has a great new way that doesn’t involve spending anything upfront. Groupon Coupons is a resource for completely free coupons which includes over 77,000 coupons from almost 9,000 stores.Some of their top stores are perfect places for buying beauty products, such as Sephora and Nordstrom.

4) Subscribe to the mailing list:  If you have some favorite online shopping websites, sign up using your email id, like them on Facebook and Twitter. They usually give out coupons to those who follow them on social networking websites. You may also receive mailers about the latest offers going on the websites and will help keep you track of their ongoing deals.

5) More Discount: This will work if you’re not in a hurry. Whenever a sale starts, as days go by, the prices are decremented depending upon the demands of the user. So if you like a product, don’t buy it that very moment. Keep a track of it for a few days. You might get lucky and get an extra discount.

6) Look for Free Shipping: In some websites, there’s a set price above which they offer free shipping. Now if you’ve shopped close to that range, it would be a smarter move to add another product and avail free shipping.

Those were all my tips to have a budget friendly online shopping experience. And because I’d hate to keep this to myself; I thought I’d share it with you guys. Try these tips and I’m sure it’ll help you out.
Happy Shopping!

Guest Post By Pallavi