Natural Beauty Tips & Secrets- Straight From an Indian Grandma’s Closet!

Best Natural Beauty Tips For Glowing Face & Thick Hair

Natural beauty has been in existence since time immemorial. Most modern-day cosmetic manufacturers often use the same old herbal and natural recipes to create beauty therapies packaged in expensive bottles and jars. These therapies also contain many harmful chemicals which hamper the efficacy of natural and organic ingredients. When all these organic substances are available easily at our homes, why opt for such expensive products? You can very well do it yourself just as your grandmother used to do it for you with yoghurt, coconut oil, lemons, cucumbers and much more.

Some of the most effective natural beauty tips for glowing face & beautiful hair that come straight from our grandmothers are as follows:

Natural Beauty Tips For Face & Hair From an Indian Grandmother's Closet

Natural Beauty Tips For Face & Hair From an Indian Grandmother’s Closet

Natural Beauty Tips For Day & Night

Tips for Morning
Take a handful of oats and mix it with water to make a paste. Apply this paste over your neck and face and let it dry naturally. Use whey to rinse it off. Later use water to wash your face and pat it dry with a towel for a soft skin. This beauty treatment may be followed everyday to bring a noticeable shine to your skin!

Tips for Night
While sleeping, apply honey and glycerin mix on your face and let it rest for a couple of minutes. Wipe it gently with wet cotton. You will never suffer from dry skin problems. This beauty tip too can be followed every day to keep your skin soft and supple like a newborn’s!

Best Natural Beauty Tips For Clear & Glowing Face

Best Natural Beauty Tips For Clear & Glowing Face

Best Natural Beauty Tips For Face

For Baby Soft Skin
Mix a teaspoon of honey with half a bowl of mashed apple and apply this paste on your neck and face. Leave it for half an hour and later clean with cold milk. Try this every alternate day to reveal softer and younger looking skin with no side effects, whatsoever!

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To Get Rid of Wrinkles
Barley water is very good for the skin. Apply barley water along with a couple of drops of Gilead on the wrinkled area every night before bed. You will begin noticing a difference in a few day’s time.

Natural Beauty Tips For Younger & Soft Skin

Natural Beauty Tips For Younger & Soft Skin

For Natural Bleach
Cut cucumber slices and rub them on your face. You can also grate cucumber for better effect. Rub cucumber for good 10 to 15 minutes for optimal results. This treatment when followed once a week, will reduce the tan on your skin and leave it smooth and radiant!

Homemade Tips For Soft Hands

For Soft Hands
Make a mixture by mixing half a cup each of rose water, glycerin and witch hazel. Preserve it in a bottle and apply everyday on your hands.

Natural Homemade Beauty Tips & Remedies for Soft Hands

Natural Homemade Beauty Tips & Remedies for Soft Hands

To Get Rid of Chapped Hands
Apply damp table salt on your hands and rub it for around five minutes. This will help your hands get soft and also exfoliate dead skin cells. You may use salt on your skin as often as you feel. But we suggest that you do this atleast once a fortnight to keep your hands clean and soft.

Natural Beauty Tips For Beautiful & Long Hair

For Beautiful & Shiny Hair
After washing your hair, rinse it with water mixed with a little bit of vinegar. You will love the gloss your hair gets! For best results, do this every time you wash your tresses.

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Tackling Grey Hair
If you have grey hair, boil sage or chamomile in some water for around half an hour and rinse your hair thoroughly with this brew. As tempted as you may be to try this simple remedy every time you wash your hair, we suggest you do so once a week only.

Natural Beauty Tips & Secrets for Hair

Natural Beauty Tips & Secrets for Hair

To Get Rid of Dandruff
Mix lime juice with coconut oil and rub it over your scalp once a week. Let it stand for half an hour before washing. Alternatively, buy marshmallow tea and brew it. Wash your hair with this brew, especially the scalp.

Natural Beauty Tips & Secrets for De- stressing

De-stress and Relax Yourself
If you are too tired or just want to pamper yourself, buy some dried rosemary or comfrey. Hang it in a muslin cloth in your warm bath water and experience the soothing magic yourself. Try this any time of the week that you may feel stressed. You will be surprised at how fresh you feel!

Natural Beauty Secrets: How to make homemade perfume with roses

Natural Beauty Secrets: How to make homemade perfume with roses


Homemade Perfume
Does the perfume you buy from the market leave you with rashes and itching? Make your own natural perfume at home. Clean a jar and fill it with pressed rose petals. You can use any other sweet-scented flower too. Fill the jar with glycerin and cover it up tightly. Within three week’s time, your homemade perfume is ready to be used.

If you think who will get into so much of trouble and make such messy recipes at home, think again! It takes only ten minutes of your time and the effect of natural substances on your body and hair is much better than what any skin toner, moisturizer or softener will have. Try it once and we are certain you would suggest the same natural beauty tips to your daughter and granddaughters!

Guest Post by Maanasi