My Long Hiatus: Battling The Writer’s Block!

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It feels like ages since I last wrote a post, because well it has been ages. I guess it is pretty evident that I have not been regular on the blog because frankly speaking, I could not put my heart and soul into my work anymore. Even though I was still curating content, I felt my heart wasn’t in it and I wasn’t happy with the end result. I decided to take a month-long break which almost turned into half a year. Even though I am fortunate enough to have made my passion, beauty blogging, into my profession, there are times when I lose that fire in my belly and things get monotonous. More so, when you’re battling your own personal issues.

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That said, I feel really lucky, blessed and fortunate to have had started this journey. The entire year, my inbox has been full of messages from my fellow bloggers and readers concerned about my absence. It made me feel so loved when someone commented or messaged me about the lack of posts on the blog. I’m not sure if it was a writer’s block or something else, but I really had to sort out my head; figure out the way I wanted things to go ahead professionally as well as personally.

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So what was I upto this whole time? Well, I netflixed alot for starters, watched almost every (decent) movie released in the theaters. I tried to get back to reading but that didn’t last for long. But the best part about the hiatus was that I travelled. I travelled alot and took my first international trip (that too solo) to watch my favorite band Coldplay perform in Singapore (let me know if you want me to write about my travel experiences). I also combined the trip to visit Malaysia which BTW has some of the prettiest beaches I’ve ever seen. So far, I’ve travelled to 2 countries and 11 cities these past 6-7 months. I could do this because of all the hard work that I’ve put in the last 3 years on my blog and the support that you guys have showered us with. I feel really proud saying that I chose not to get any financial support from my folks for following my heart and had the means to do so myself.

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Till 2016, my life completely revolved around my blog. Working day and night and hardly having time for other things. I guess I needed the break to follow some of my hobbies, like learning how to swim. I wouldn’t dare say that I’m back yet but yes I’m slowly getting back to blogging, curating new content for my Instagram and brain storming about new ideas. I might not be as regular as I used to earlier but I will try to post as often as I can, a few times a week at best.

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I’m trying to keep this short as I rarely post anything personal on my blog. However, I felt I needed to talk about my long break as receiving all your messages, mails and comments meant alot to me even though I rarely replied to them all. I realize I’m very fortunate to have reached the place that I am and I can only thank each one of you for sticking around for so long 🙂