MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Review- An Oil That Actually Works!

MABH Hair Oil Review & Price

Guest Post By Mia

I’m obsessed with my hair. Have been as long as I could remember. I’ve experimented with my hair as much as you could imagine. Hair dryers, blow outs, straightening irons, curlers, you name it, I’ve done it. The resultant damage was shocking. My hair lay limp, lifeless, lackluster and dry no matter what I do to it. A year ago, I realized that if I was to have hair on my head ten years from now, the time has come to start showing some love to it. I began this rigorous hair care routine which involved oiling (which I hated), minimum heat, no hair dryers, no harsh shampoos and what not.

MABH Fast growth Hair Oil Review Price India- The best Oil for Hair Fall & Hair Growth

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Review Price India- The Best Oil for Hair Fall & Hair Growth

Though over the course of a year, my hair has gained back some life, it still hangs limp and doesn’t grow that much over time. I was on the lookout for something that would put some zing back into my hair and then I received the MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil by Lancy. I thought why not, it has “growth” in it, it has “oil” in it and best of all, it has “fast” in it. 😀

I have used the MABH oil for seven times as on today, used it for a month and a half, emptied the bottle and now I’m ready to present my report to the world (drama queen style :P).

MABH Fast growth Hair Oil - The Best natural & Ayurvedic Hair Oil

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil – The Best natural & Ayurvedic Hair Oil

About the MABH fast growth hair oil:
MABH hair oil is an all-natural homemade herbal hair oil. It contains no preservatives, parabens or any chemicals of any sort. It contains 18 essential herbs all intended to promote hair growth and repair damage.

Price: Rs 400 for 100ml
Can be bought on MABH online

The MABH oil comes in a plastic bottle with a stopper at the mouth and a screw on cap. I punched a hole in the stopper using a needle to dispense only a small amount of oil at a time. But by the second time I tried getting the oil out, the stopper popped out and the oil was all over my dresser area. I rescued as much as I could but then it’s a con in the packaging department. Wish the packaging could have been more secure.

MABH Fast growth Hair Oil Review

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Review

Texture and Color
The hair oil is quite runny. It does spread quite evenly through the hair. But the oil feels very heavy on the hair and it’s definitely not suitable for everyday use unless you prefer having oily hair hence like suggested its best to be used before washing your hair. The hair oil is a deep green gold color and has a clear consistency. You do not see any particles floating around in the oil which is the case with many other homemade oils.

Buy MABH Fast growth Hair Oil Online

Buy MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Online

Now comes the interesting part. Since there isn’t any ingredient list specified, and it says that it contains 18 herbs, I tried guessing a few by the smell. I know I know, once its all mixed together we can’t really identify anything. But well, I tried :P.

I could definitely make out a strong coconut smell. So this much is understood that the oil is made from coconut oil as a base oil. I could also detect a strong henna smell. So it does contain henna as well. I could make out a slight curry leaf smell. So I guess it contains that as well. I could also detect a slight tangy gooseberry (amla) smell.  It probably contains amla too. The packaging also says it contains neem, bhringraj and tulsi though the scent was lost in it. So how many did we get right? I guess Lancy had better answer this question 😛

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Swatch Review

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Swatch & Review

The smell is quite strong and doesn’t really fade. It might bother some, but since it’s a natural smell, I don’t mind it. But yes, I did wear it out one day and it was pretty obvious everyone around me could smell it 😀

Does it work?
The biggest question of them all. Does the MABH hair oil live up to its claims? Let me list out my hair issues and see how much or how little it worked on them in a month and a half.


After a month of MABH Oil

  1. Dandruff
Flakiness reduced by about 30-35%
  1. Itching
Itching reduced about 30%
  1. Hair fall
Number of strands reduced about 30-35%
  1. Dry hair
Dryness reduced about 25-30%
  1. Hair Shine/Lustre
Hair looks shiner and healthier by about 30-35%
  1. Hair Bounce
Bounce increased about 30%
  1. Hair thickness
Hair has thickened about 25%
  1. Hair Growth
Growth has increased about 25%


Did you see the numbers? Although I do have to mention that this is after a month of using MABH hair oil on its own with no other supplements, dietary changes or anything. I’m sure the numbers will grow exponentially after regular usage after a period of time

I’m disappointed in the quantity that we get for the price we pay. It turns out pretty expensive that way. So I guess it could be a con for some.

We tend to have miraculous expectations of anything that says “fast”. This is not a magic potion. Don’t expect the MABH hair oil to show stupendous results in one use. It will not. But over a period of six months, I think it will show us what “natural” can do and lead to bouncier and longer hair with minimum hair fall.

HBM ♥ Note: This sounds like a great hair oil for those facing hair fall issues Mia. I love the fact that it is 100% natural and worked pretty well for you in just a month or so. I’m sure girls wouldn’t mind shelling out 400 bucks for something that works. Well reviewed :*

*Product provided by the brand for reviewing purposes. However, the opinion is honest and unbiased