Gillette Venus Subscribe To Smooth Challenge Update #1

Gillette Venus Subscribe To Smooth Challenge Update & Shaving Myths Busted!

I was always anti shaving. Nope, no one could convince me to shave. Call me crazy but I’ve seen enough of my friends speak of shaving as the devil incarnate and I was definitely reluctant to even venture into a shop and take a razor in my hand let alone purchase and use it. Of course it was a big inconvenience for me not to have a handy solution for all the surprise events sprung on me at the very last minute that meant I would have to look like a hairy beast with no way to get rid of unwanted hair easily. So it was with great apprehension that I took up the Gillette challenge to try and get over my phobia for shaving.

Gillette Venus Subscribe To Smooth Challenge Update Shaving Myths Busted

Gillette Venus Subscribe To Smooth Challenge Update Shaving Myths Busted

When I was in school, Waxing was a luxury I couldn’t afford the time for. School days meant you were supposed to look polished in front of hundreds of students and that was when most of my friends resorted to shaving. Hearing them complain about the various problems of shaving was enough to put me off it for a lifetime.

Nicks, cuts along with dry and flaky skin were the biggest problems according to my roomie and I did not want to flaunt dry arms or spend a fortune on moisturizer for the rest of my life, or the time spent slathering it on. So when Gillette said, come let’s bust myths together, I was like…Myths?? Really?? Like dry skin is a myth?? I took them up on their challenge and today, 7 days on, I’m ready to update you guys with my progress!!

Shaving Myths Busted

Shaving Myths Busted

I’ve been religiously shaving my legs at night with Gillette Venus Razor for the past week and I’m actually quite surprised to know that expectation and reality are vastly different when it comes to shaving. There are few tips and tricks that I picked up at the Gillette event that made my shaving process actually better and I must say it’s not the razor that did more harm, it’s the way you use it.

I moisturized my skin before going in for shaving, maybe an hour or two before and always showered after shaving, not before!! My razor just glided on my skin and I hardly had to use force. I used the Gillete Satin Gel for shaving and not bar soap like my friends did and this made my job so so easy. Once I was done, I just rinsed off and my skin felt super smooth.

What dry skin? I was surprised to see that my skin didn’t feel dry or flaky or whatever it is that my friends told me. Nope, it’s not the razor!! Dry skin caused by shaving?? Definitely a MYTH!!! I’m definitely going to continue shaving…it takes me all of five minutes and keeps my legs super smooth and hair free…Easy Peasy!!

I’ll update you guys on the other shaving myth- if it really does darken the skin next week . Till then stay gorgeous and hairfree 🙂

Team HBM