Best Moisturizer for Combination Skin in India For Summers: Our Top 10!

Top 10 Best Moisturizer for Normal- Combination Skin in India

Facial skin is much more delicate than the rest of our body. Unlike our body, we can’t use any random lotion on our face. We need to consider many things like skin type, sensitivity to certain ingredients, weather etc before investing in a moisturizer best suited for our needs. Frequent launches of new moisturizers with tempting claims and attractive packaging makes the hunt for a good and suitable face cream even more difficult. The most important step for having a clear and healthy face is to understand your skin type. Usually women commit the mistake of following a skin care routine and products of incorrect skin type which results in various skin problems. While its easier to figure out if you have oily or dry skin, it gets a bit tricky with combination skin. As a rule of thumb, if some parts of your face are dry (usually the cheeks) and the others oily (usually the nose and forehead) then you have combination skin. While there are many moisturizers for oily skin and dry skin in India, it can be a bit tricky when it comes to normal-combination skintype. So here are the 10 best moisturizer for combination skin in India suitable for summers and every budget!

Best Moisturizer For Combination Skin In India Top 10 For Summers

Best Moisturizer For Combination Skin In India: Top 10

10 Best Moisturizer For Combination Skin Available in India For Summers

1. Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Oil Control Lotion: Price – ₹155 for 120 ml
Most of us have grown up using or hearing about Lacto Calamine Lotion. It is enriched with the goodness of clay and glycerin which makes our skin beautiful and clear. The lotion provides nourishment, controls acne and oil besides removing dead skin cells. Though it does not contain any SPF content but it still protects the skin from sun rays. It is a non­greasy and non­ sticky lotion which gives a matte look without leaving any whitish cast. It is the best affordable moisturizer for combination in India for school and college going girls.

Best Affordable Moisturizer For Combination Sensitive Skin India

Best Affordable Moisturizer For Combination & Sensitive Skin in India

2. Garnier Essential Care Daily Moisturising Lotion: Price – ₹135 for 75 ml
This is a light weight daily use moisturizer for normal-combination skin type which quickly gets absorbed into the skin. It does not make the skin oily or greasy. The skin looks soft, healthy and nourished post usage and stays oil free for a good amount of time. It is a dermatologically tested lotion which also acts as great makeup base without clogging the pores.

3. Neutrogena Oil – Free Moisture for Combination Skin: Price – ₹299 for 118 ml
As the name suggests, it is a great moisturizer for people with combination skin available in the Indian market. It is a light weight oil free moisturizer which not only hydrates the dry areas but also controls the shine in the T–Zone or wherever the skin is oily. The product comes with a pump dispenser which dispenses the right quantity for a single use. You need only a pea size amount for every use, so it will take ages to finish a single bottle. It has a mild almond like fragrance which keeps on lingering for awhile. The skin quickly absorbs the moisturizer and gives a matte finish. A great budget moisturizer for normal-combination skin.

Best Moisturizer For Summers Combination Skin India Top 10

Best Moisturizer For Summers for Combination Skin in India: Top 10

4. L’Oreal Hydrafresh Deep Boosting Essence: Price-  ₹685 for 50ml
L’Oreal makes some of the best skincare products in India. This is a lightweight moisturizer which feels like gel and has small green beads. The beads dissolve upon application. This is absolutely the best moisturizer for combination skin in India as it effectively gets rids of the dry patches and is super light on the skin. Highly recommended for combination-oily skin in summers.

5. Olay Moisturizing Lotion: Price – ₹220 for 75 ml
One of the best moisturizers for combination skin in summers. You need to use it only for a week to notice the difference in your skin. It improves the texture of the skin, makes it more smooth, supple and hydrated. It is a light weight and non­-greasy moisturizer for people with normal to combination skin. This is a water based moisturizer which does not clog the pores or causes any break outs. It not only provides moisturization to the skin but also helps in restoring and maintaining firm youthful looking skin.

Best Moisturizer For Combination Oily Skin India

Best Moisturizer For Combination & Oily Skin in India

6. Plum Aloe Caring Day Moisturizer: Price – ₹450 for 60 g
This face moisturizer turns dry, irritated and dull skin into nourished, healthy and radiant skin. It is completely free of silicone, synthetic fragrance and colours. This is a light weight lotion which gets absorbed into the skin quickly and gives an instant glow. It has a soothing fragrance of aloe vera gel which won’t bother anyone with a sensitive nose. A great everyday moisturizer which provides adequate hydration even during the harsh winters. This moisturizer by Plum is one of the best moisturizers in India and the great part is that it is a cruelty free brand.

Top 10 Best Moisturizers & Face Creams For Normal-Combination Skin India

7. L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Laser Day Cream SPF19PA+++: Price – ₹1100 for 50 ml
This perfect day cream comes in an attractive blue packaging. It gives a radiant skin and provides protection against the sun. The cream also claims to prevent spots and skin darkening. The light weight consistency gets easily absorbed and hydrates the skin without making it oily. It reduces the level of melanin in the skin and gives a visibly fairer skin. If you want to say goodbye to dull and lifeless skin, then you will love this product because of its long lasting results. Easily the top moisturizer for combination skin in India for summers and was also featured in out Top 10 Effective Fairness Creams in India

Top 10 Best Moisturizers Face Creams For Combination Skin India

Top 10 Best Moisturizers & Face Creams For Combination Skin

8. Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising Lotion: Price – ₹175 for 100 ml
This hydrating lotion deeply conditions the skin and is absorbed easily making the skin healthy and supple. It is enriched with the natural extracts of almond, lotus, wheat germ oil and pure essential oil. It helps in improving the texture of the skin and makes it healthy and glowing without irritating the skin or making it dry. This is suitable for those with slightly dehydrated skin and for normal-combination skin in winters.

9. The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream: Price – ₹995 for 50 ml
This face cream by TBS is a good daily moisturizing cream that has the lightness of a lotion with the hydrating properties of a cream. Even though it is supposed to be hydrating it does not make the skin oily. Presence of Vitamin E in it transforms dull and lifeless skin into radiant and glowing skin. This is the perfect moisturizer for normal skin in India which can be used all year long.

Best Moisturizers For Normal Combination Skin India

Best Moisturizers For Normal & Combination Skin India

10. Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion: Price – ₹675 for 250 ml
A moisturizing lotion which is highly recommended for combination-sensitive skin. If you have any skin issues like acne, dullness, dry patches then this is a great option. It is easily absorbed and does not feel too heavy on the skin. This moisturizer by Cetaphil for combination-oily skin is gentle and hydrating. It is one of the best products for your face and is highly recommended by dermatologists.

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So those were our top picks as the best moisturizer for people with combination skin in India. Do let us know your favorites in the comments below.