Lip Love: Lip Balms I’m Loving This Winters!

Hiya Sweeties!

You must’ve seen the teaser of this post that I uploaded on Fb. If not,check here. I’m a big sucker of lipbalms and I have one in every room,every bag,every drawer,every pair of trousers uh you get the gist.Right? For someone like me who has perennially dry lips, lip balms are a necessity which should justify why I have 20+ balms with me at the moment. Right.Right? I mean C’mon! I need variety in my life :p
So anyway I’m going to share the lip balms I’m currently using/loving this winters. Detailed reviews coming up soon!

best lip balms for dry chapped lips

My most favorite and the most used lip balm- The popular EOS Summer Fruit Balm. It has to be the cutest,yummiest,lickworthy lipbalm I have ever laid my eyes on. The worst part is that it smells so delicious that I keep licking my lips every 20 secs which ofcourse leads to more dryness :'( I have been using this for the past 3 weeks and I’ll be doing a detailed review on this super soon.

eos summer fruit lip balmYUM YUM

eos best lip balmTrying super hard not to drool while clicking this cute lil egg
eos summer fruit lip balm

The other lip balms I recently bought in my Birthday Haul were these famous Burt Bees Balms. Ever since Sephora opened up in Delhi, I have been lemming for them but I wasn’t sure if they were worth the high price tag. Long story short, I ended up with not 1, not 2 but 4 of these. The flavour in Grapefruit is missing in the pic as I’m not too sure if I like the scent of it. Currently I’m loving Pomegranate which has managed to heal my chapped lips in just a week. Yep A WEEK! Total LOVE!

Burt Bees Lip Balms- Pomegranate, Acai Berry, Mango

Now, time for some tinted love. I have almost completely stopped using glosses and I always step out with a tinted lip balm these days. Maybelline Baby Lips in the shade ‘Cherry Kiss’ gives a gorgeous coral tint to lips which lasts a good amount of time. Pink Lolita on the other gives a strong pink tint which stays put for 3-4 hours. Love the staying power of this one.

And ofcourse how can I forget my favorite Avon Lip Balm in the flavour Cherry. This smells exactly of cherry jelly that I ate as a kid,it gives a red tint and heals chapped lips very well. A total winner!

Best Tinted Lip Balms-Maybelline Baby Lips Avon Cherry

So thats it! Hope you girls liked my current favorites.

Do let me know which lip balms are you currently using and also which ones would you like me to review first? 🙂