The Best Hair Removal Method: A Detailed Comparison!

What Is The Best Hair Removal Method: Shaving, Waxing, Hair Removal Creams And Epilators?

There has always been a debate over the best hair removal method among women. Some prefer waxing, some shaving and others epilating or even using depilatory creams. A hairless body has topped every girl’s wishlist and not many women want to be seen with hairy legs and arms. Today, we focus on the best hair removal methods to help you decide the the most suitable option for you. We will focus on all the pros and cons in this battle of the hair removal techniques!

Easy Cheap Best Hair Removal Method

Easy & Best Hair Removal Method

Best Hair Removal Method for Women: Shaving vs Waxing vs Hair Removal Creams

This includes how easy is the hair removal technique to do and the availability.

  • Body hair can be removed within 5-10 minutes by shaving. Also, razors are very easily available in all the local stores.
  • Waxing, on the other hand, requires booking appointments at salons or waiting there for hours, not to forget the nose-y beauticians. One can wax at home also, but with all that powder and hot wax, it sure can be very messy.
  • In comparison to this, epilating is convenient and it can be done whenever and wherever.
  • Hair removal creams are also easy to use as they can be used at home just before showers, but that pungent smell can turn off quite a few.

Shaving is, hand down, the most convenient of all. 

Time Saving
Time is a very critical factor when it comes to choosing the right hair removal technique. Nobody wants to waste time at removing unwanted hair.

  • Shaving takes up to 10 minutes to remove hair and can be done during a shower.
  • If you have ever gotten yourself waxed, you know that waxing requires almost half a day. An entire round trip to the salon, waiting and waxing can take up to hours.
  • Epilators also take a long time to remove body hair. Its small tweezers like head has to be used all over the body and the attachment eeds to be cleaned at regular intervals.
  • Hair removal creams also save time as compared to waxing and epilating. Applying the depilatory cream, waiting for 6-10 minutes and washing it off is convenient but takes longer than shaving.

Shaving saves the most amount of time as it is really easy and quick.

Best Hair Removal Techinque For Body

Best Hair Removal Technique For Body

Body hair needs to removed on a regular basis and those regular trips to the salon can really add up. Let’s see what is the best pocket friendly hair removal technique.

  • A good razor is very budget friendly, our favorite Gillette Venus Razor costs under 200 bucks. It can be used for 3-4 weeks before the need of changing blades.
  • A full body wax costs at least Rs.700-1000, every month.
  • Epilators on the other hand, can range from Rs.2000 to Rs.15,000. Although, they are a one-time investment but changing batteries and blades just add up to the cost.
  • Hair removal creams are cheap and cost around Rs.150-250.

Shaving and Hair removal creams are the most budget friendly options.

Nobody deserves pain for removing unwanted body hair but sadly that is always a major concern when it comes to hair removal.

  • Shaving is completely pain-free
  • Waxing involves pulling of the hair follicles and hence can be very painful. Also, the hot wax might burn the skin.
  • Hair removal creams are also painless
  • Epilators cause the most amount of pain. Ever tweezed your eyebrow hair? That is how it feels all over the body. Only the thought of that makes us cringe!
Best Pain Free Hair Removal Methods

Best Pain Free Hair Removal Methods

Top Pain Free & Easy Hair Removal Technique for Body

Skin Exfoliation

  • Shaving & waxing both remove the dead skin cells from the body, revealing fresh & healthy skin.
  • Epilators and hair removal creams do not exfoliate the skin cells and just remove the hair from the body.

Taking into account the pain, shaving is the perfect option for skin exfoliation.

Hair Removal Method Comparison


  • The best part about shaving is that one can remove the tiniest of hair from the body. To stay hair free, the entire body can be shaved once or twice every week.
  • Razors and hair removal creams remove hair from the surface of the skin and the hair appears to grow back faster. Hence, one will have to use the hair removal creams every once or twice a week.
  • On the other hand, waxing and epilators pull the hair from the roots, therefore the hair takes a longer time to grow back. Medium to full growth are required for waxing and epilating and can be done once or twice every month.
Best Hair Removal Method For Body Shaving

Best Hair Removal Method For Body: Shaving

HBM Verdict: Shaving is the best method of hair removal. Painless, quick, convenient and exfoliating, shaving removes body hair at even the tinniest length. It is not only the most convenient method but also one of the most affordable methods to remove hair.


Tell us in the comments below what is your favorite method of unwanted hair removal. Also, tell us if you wish to try other methods like shaving, waxing, epilating or using hair removal creams over your technique.