DIY: Easy Lip Scrubs For Dry & Pigmented Lips With Natural Ingredients

6 Best DIY Lip Scrub Recipes For Soft & Healthy Lips

Winter is coming! And I am not talking about Game Of Thrones. With fall and winter right around the corner, be prepared to moisturize your dry lips constantly. Well, chapped lips remind me of the liquid lipstick phase? How are you keeping up with the matte lipstick trend? These matte lipsticks sure do look great on the lips but dry them out completely. Chapped and scaly lips definitely aren’t appealing, matte or not. If you are having the same issues like us, we got you covered with not 1, but 6 Best DIY lip scrubs for dry, chapped & pigmented lips for dry lips. All tested on the HBM fam as seen on Snapchat!

In India, there are very limited options available for lip scrubs especially since LUSH stopped its operations. The ones that are available are way too expensive. Do you really want to spend all that hard earned money on lip scrubs when you can just rush to your kitchen and make yourself one?

DIY How To Make Easy Natural Lip Scrub At Home For Dry Chapped Lips

DIY: How To Make Easy & Natural Lip Scrub At Home For Dry & Chapped Lips

These DIY Exfoliating Lip Scrubs are not only going to give you fresh, soft and plump lips but also are going to nourish them. Also, these homemade lip scrubs are all natural and chemical free.They are made of only edible products so you can just lick them off. NO JUDGEMENT. If this hasn’t tempted you to try them out then how about the fact that these exfoliating lip scrubs can be made in under 5 minutes with things that you already own. And wait, you can totally customize these lip scrub recipes according to what you have and what you like.

We only need 2 major ingredients for these recipes.

  1. Oil/Honey: They work as a base. It helps everything mix together in a concoction and nourish your lips.
  2. Sugar/Oats: They work as an exfoliant. It sloughs off dead cells and makes the lips soft and smooth

6 DIY Lip Scrub Recipes for Dry, Chapped & Pigmented Lips: All Natural!

How To Make Vanilla Lip Scrub For Soft Lips DIY Recipe Without Coconut Oil

How To Make Vanilla Lip Scrub For Soft Lips

1. Vanilla Latte Lip Scrub For Dry Lips (DIY coffee lip scrub):

Winter brings some of our favorite things- the holidays, chill breeze and hot lattes. Oh! And chapped lips. This natural lip scrub is hands down our favorite. Anything that is coffee flavored make us go GAGA! And on top of that, the warm vanilla scent. Yum!


  1. Almond/Olive oil
  2. White sugar (regular sugar)
  3. Vanilla essence
  4. Instant Coffee

Coffee Lip Scrub Recipe

1.Take 2 table spoons of almond or olive oil in a bowl.
2. Add 1 table spoon of coffee.
3.Pour 3-4 drops of vanilla essence.
4. Next add one table spoon of white sugar. For a good exfoliation use grinded sugar, also known as castor sugar.
5. Mix all the ingredients together.
6. Voila! Your easy peasy vanilla latte lip scrub is ready. Pour it into a small plastic container and store.

Isn’t it already smelling like heaven? There you go. Take a little of that DIY lip scrub that you just made and rub it on the lips. Scrub that dead and flaky skin off to get nourished, smooth and supple lips.

2. DIY Oatmeal Lip Scrub Recipe (without coconut oil)

DIY Oatmeal Lip Scrub For Dry Chapped Lips Without Honey Coconut Oil Recipe

DIY Oatmeal Lip Scrub For Dry & Chapped Lips Recipe

Since I am on a strict diet, I have been asked to cut out sugar. Well, I decided to cut the sugar from our DIY lip scrub too and use oats instead. We used some honey coated roasted oats for our scrub but good old regular oats also work just fine. Well, if you are wondering, honey coated roasted oats are available online on Amazon and no we are not sponsored.


  1. Oats
  2. Milk powder or Milk
  3. Olive oil

Easy Oatmeal Lip Scrub at Home

1.Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl. Pour 1 tablespoon of oats and mix.
2. Add 1 tea spoon of milk powder. Yes, we totally stole these milk powder pouches from our last visit at the hotel, *wink wink*
3. Now go on and mix all the ingredients together.
4.Voila! You have your delicious DIY lip scrub for soft lips..
5. Pour all of it into a small plastic container. We love to use it right in the morning to get beautiful, nourished lips and a good healthy breakfast!

3. DIY Zesty Orange Lip Scrub For Dark & Pigmented Lips

Now this is a great lip scrub for people with darker lips. Having dark and pigmented lips is not a problem, until all those gorgeous sheer lipsticks and lip glosses do not show up on you. Orange & lemon juice helps you achieve a naturally lighter lip color and the orange food coloring will give your lips a beautiful orange tint.

DIY Lip Scrub For Dark Pigmented Lips Lemon Orange

DIY Lip Scrub For Dark & Pigmented Lips

If you are fancy like us, you can also use orange or lemon zest. Just grab your orange/lemon peel then dry it in the sun for 2 days and grind it in the mixer. Your zest is ready for your easy homemade orange lip scrub.


  1. Orange zest/juice/essential oil
  2. Brown sugar
  3. Almond oil
  4. Orange food coloring (optional)

Orange & Brown Sugar Lip Scrub Recipe

1. Put 1 tea spoon of brown sugar to a bowl.
2. Add 2 tea spoons of almond oil.
3. Add 1 tea spoon of orange zest/juice. Mix the ingredients into a concoction.
4.  Add a few drops of food coloring. Mix everything well
5. Your DIY lip scrub for pigmented lips is ready. Just slather some on the lips and get ready for the citrusy bloom. This not only makes the lips soft but also leaves an orange tint.

How to make easy lip scrubs at home With Sugar

DIY How To Make Exfoliating Lip Scrub For Plumper Lips Cinnamon Honey

DIY How To Make An Exfoliating Lip Scrub For Plumper Lips

4.Plump Them Lips DIY Lip Scrub at Home With Honey

As Kylie Jenner grew up, came the era of bigger, plumper and smoother lips. And with all these YouTube beauty gurus getting lip injections, how are we supposed to keep up with all this with our small lips? If you also think like us, then the Cinnamon Plump Them Up DIY Lip Scrub is for you. The cinnamon and ginger in this exfoliating lip scrub are going to slightly sting you lips and whoa! You will have plump, pout-ier lips, at least for a day.


  1. Ginger juice
  2. Cinnamon powder (dal chini)
  3. White sugar
  4. Honey

Recipe for Cinnamon & Honey Natural Lip Scrub

1. Take about 2 table spoons of honey in a bowl.
2.  Add 1 table spoon of white sugar and mix well. You will have to mix it at every step as honey can be a little tricky to work with.
3. When a concoction is formed, add half spoon cinnamon powder.
4. Add half a tablespoon of ginger juice (just squeeze some ginger shrivels) and mix.
5. Finish making your DIY Lip Scrub for plump and thicker lips by pouring the mixture into a plastic container.

CAUTION: If your lips are extremely dry, to the point where they crack and bleed then this DIY lip scrub is not for you. It might sting your wounds further and result in pain. However, it is a great option for normal, dry and flaky lips.

5. Tint On The Go (DIY lip scrub to stain the lips)

DIY Lip Scrub Without Honey For Natural Lip Stain Beetroot Olive Oil

DIY Lip Scrub Without Honey For Natural Lip Stain

We, at HBM, call it ON THE GO! because it is the easiest to make and literally can be made in a few seconds. If you like to give your lips a natural tint then this one’s for you. It is the easiest lip scrub where the beetroot juice is completely optional. This scrub leaves a pink tint which is hard to remove so you are done with lip products for the day.


  1. Olive oil
  2. White sugar or Castor Sugar
  3. Beetroot juice

Beetroot & Sugar Lip Scrub Recipe

1. Mix 2 table spoons of olive oil with 1 table spoon of sugar.
2. Add 1 spoon of beetroot juice.
3. Mix it well till the juice and oil doesn’t separate.
4. You DIY Lip scrub to give you naturally pigmented lips is ready! So fast, so easy and so good.

6. How to make easy lip scrub at home: DIY Salted Choco Lip Scrub Recipe

Best DIY Lip Scrub For Dry Chapped Lips Chocolate Flavour

Best DIY Lip Scrub For Dry & Chapped Lips

Chocolate and salt may not sound very great together but believe me, it is the greatest combination ever. This delicious lip scrub will not only fulfill your chocolate cravings but is exotic too! The cool part is that if you are too scared to try salt and cocoa together, you can just slip salt out of your ingredient list.


  1. Cocoa powder
  2. Rock salt (or table salt)
  3. White sugar
  4. Honey

Easy Salt Lip Scrub Recipe

1. Take 1 table spoon of honey and add 1/2 table spoon of cocoa powder with 1 table spoon of sugar. Mix the three well till you achieve a thick brown paste.
2. Now add half spoon of salt. Mix everything well.
3. Pour the Chocolatey DIY lip scrub for reducing fine lines into a plastic container and you are sorted. Now all you have to do is massage the DIY lip scrub onto your lips and relive your chocolate dreams.

Tips & Tricks

  1. You must store the DIY lip scrubs in a refrigerator as they do not contain any preservatives.
  2. You can substitute the oils in your DIY lip scrubs according to your preference. Almond oil, olive oil and coconut oil all work equally well in all the recipes with the exact same results.
  3. Just like the oils, you can substitute the sugar as well. If you do not have brown sugar, add white sugar and you are good to go. Also castor sugar (grinded sugar) works great.
  4. If you are unable to find a small plastic container- lens boxes, tablet boxes, old eye cream containers work great, just make sure you sanitize them first.
  5. Take care of your allergies and skip any ingredient except oil/honey and sugar/oats.
  6. You can use a toothbrush to massage these scrubs on your lips. However, be very gentle with it.

Tell us in the comments below about the DIY lip scrub that you are most excited about. If you try any of them do share your experience.