Best Affordable Beauty & Makeup Products In India Under Rs 150!

Best Affordable Beauty & Makeup Products In India Under Rs 150 Worth Buying!

Does it also happen often with you that you lose/ finish/ ruin all your skin care and make up products at the same time? It’s another story that most girls are broke 365 days of the year but this kind of poverty can only be understood by a student. It’s like when I finish up my moisturizer at the end of the month and at the same time I break my kajal, lose my lip balm and crave for that beautiful summery matte peach lipstick. Ugh! Today, I will share how I juggle with this situation throughout the year. Because girls got to know #priorities. Also, when you know your skin and makeup you can tackle with this scenario the best. For instance, if you know that you are an eyeliner pro and can create a Deepika-like Wing with your Rs 50 kajal, you know where you can spend the rest of your money. Or if you know your skin cannot suit any face wash except that luxurious one from Forest Essential, you have to invest in it. So here are the best beauty and makeup products in India under Rs 150 worth buying during your broke days. And even if you’re not broke, these effective yet super affordable beauty products can always help you save a little extra money!

Best Beauty Makeup Products Under Rs 100 India

Best Affordable Beauty &Makeup Products Under Rs 100 India

10 Best Affordable Beauty & Makeup Products in India Under Rs 100 Worth Buying!

Lakme Insta Eye Liner: Price – Rs 110 for 9 ml
This super affordable eyeliner by Lakme is a beautiful black matte eyeliner, which I assume every eyeliner freak has tried atleast once in their life. It does not peel off, is water resistant and does not cause any itching. No, it might not be best suited for watching a romantic tear jerker like ‘The Notebook’ but it can stand well despite the Indian humidity. It is a perfect daily wear liner for beginners.

Best Makeup Products Worth 100 Rupees India

Best Makeup Products Worth Rs 150 in India

2) Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm: Price- Rs 100 for 4.8 gm
Since Maybelline is busy raising the price of their Baby Lips Lip Balm, it was mandatory for me to look for other options available in the market. Nivea is a well trusted brand in India hence I gave their lip balm a try. It is creamy, moisturizing and heals dry lips extremely well. This affordable lip balm also has SPF 10 for sun protection.

3) Lakme Rose Powder: Price- Rs 150 for 40 gm
Lakme is one of the most popular makeup brands in India and it offers some of the best affordable products in the market. The Lakme Rose powder is one of those products which many girls might have grown up seeing in their mother’s vanity. It has a velvety texture and brings out a fresh even complexion. Available in 2 shades, this is the best affordable loose/finishing powder in India. With baking and sandbagging technique being the latest trend, this is an absolute must buy!

Best Affordable Beauty Products In India Under 100 Bucks

Best Affordable Beauty Products In India Under 100 Bucks

4) Johnson’s Baby Oil: Price- Rs 100 for 100 ml
This multi-purpose baby oil is easily the best beauty product in India. It works as a moisturizer, makeup remover, eye cream, cuticle oil and much more. Once you get addicted to this magic potion there is no getting back. Ladies with dry skin must give it a try as a night cream and it is also the best makeup remover for those with sensitive eyes. It not only removes waterproof makeup easily but does not sting the eyes either!

5) Maybelline Color Show Nail Paints: Price- Rs 75 – 150
There are numerous nail polish ranges available in India but the Maybelline Color Show Nail Paints are by far the best. With an extensive shade range and finishes available, Maybelline has you covered on all fronts. The Color Show nail polishes apply easily, are pretty opaque, stay put for a considerable time and do not chip easily. Maybelline keeps launching new collections which keeps us more hooked. Definitely the best affordable beauty and makeup product available in India.

Best Affordable Nailpaints Face Cream India Under Rs 100

Best Affordable Products in India Under Rs 100

6) Boroline Antiseptic Cream: Price-Rs 55 for 40 gm
How many of you have you grown up seeing the Boroline Cream in your home? I guess many of you must be nodding your head. Be it a bee sting or dry elbows, this was the one product that my mom always relied on. The Boroline cream heals chapped lips, rough hands, elbows and feet, soothes sunburns and nappy rashes among many other things. One of the best affordable products under Rs 100 in India that one must buy.

Best Affordable Beauty Products In India Worth Buying

Best Affordable Beauty Products In India Worth Buying

Best Beauty & Makeup Products in India Under 100 Bucks

7) Lacto Calamine Lotion: Price- Rs 55 for 30 ml
The Lacto Calamine Lotion is the perfect product for the days you are running late or do not want to use many products on your face. It comes in 2 variants for oily and dry skin. If oily and greasy skin is your concern then it will keep your skin shine free for good 6-7 hours. Since it contains zinc oxide it is very effective on pimples. This product also heals the skin and soothes sunburn and other allergies. Besides that, it contains glycerin which hydrates the skin well. I can go on for hours and hours about the benefits of Lacto Calamine, this is just one beauty product under Rs 100 everyone must own.

8) Dabur Gulabari Rose Water: Price- Rs 70 for 100 ml
You all know how much we emphasize on the importance of cleansing, toning and moisturization. While there are many toners available in the market but I have this firm belief that there is no better toner than rose water itself. You can also use it for many things- like adding it to your face masks, applying it to cotton pads to cool your eyes, using it as a face spray etc. The choice is all yours milady. The Dabur Gulabri Rose Water is one of the best and versatile products available in the India market and highly recommended.

9) Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream: Price- Rs 69 for 9 gm
Ever since I got introduced to BB creams, getting ready is literally a 5 minutes game for me. Although there are many other brands providing amazing products within the Rs 100 price range but I chose Garnier because of its lightweight and natural coverage. Great for quick touch ups, you ladies must keep this nifty makeup products in your bags.

Best Makeup Beauty Products In India Under 100 Rs Affordable

Best Makeup & Beauty Products In India Under Rs 150

10) Vaseline Petroleum Jelly: Price- Rs 32 for 25 ml
I can literally list 50 beauty tips you can do with Vaseline in one breath. It’s a lipbalm, moisturizer, brow tamer, cuticle softener, shaving cream, keeps stray hair at place and so on and so forth. If you don’t own it already, then this should be on your shipping list.

These were our top picks as the best affordable beauty and makeup products in India under Rs 150. Let us know your favorites below 🙂