10 Best Blotting Sheets For Oily Face in India + How To Make Them at Home!

Top 10 Best Blotting Sheets For Oily Face in India + DIY Blotting Paper at Home!

It is common for all of us to sweat profusely especially during the summers and with India being a tropical land, it gets worse. We completely understand the plight of the women living in the coastal regions who have a tough time dealing with the humidity and sweat. All the morning freshness is lost by the noon and if you have applied makeup you might turn into a reflector due to the sweat and oiliness. Having an oily face is the last thing any girl would want, hence to help you maintain a fresh and matte face, we suggest you start the carrying savior of every oily skin- blotting sheets!

Best Blotting Sheets Tissues For Oily Skin India Top 10 Affordable High End

Best Blotting Sheets & Tissues For Oily Skin in India: Top 10

Oil blotting sheets are the greatest invention, especially for oily skin and can be used by both men and women. They are thin, absorbent and pocket size sheets that banish oil, dirt and sweat from your face. The blotting papers give a matte effect and will keep you fresh throughout the day. Are they similar to a tissue paper? No! Instead of regular tissue paper, oil blotting sheets keep your makeup in place and effortlessly remove sebum (excess oil). So tday, we list of the top 10 best blotting sheets for oily face which are easily available in India. The list includes both affordable and high end options!

10 Best Blotting Sheets For Oily Skin in India: Affordable & Effective Options!

1. Basicare Natural Facial Oil Blotting Paper: Price- Rs 225 for 100 sheets
One of the best affordable blotting sheets in India which are also easily available are the Basicare ones. If you are looking for blotting sheets that will keep your face fresh, wick out sebum and dirt from your pores, then this is your best bet. It has faster oil absorbing properties which soak up the excess sebum from your face. However, if you have very oily skin, then you might require more sheets for effective results.

Best Affordable Blotting Sheets Oily Face India Top 10

Best Affordable Blotting Sheets for Oily Face in India: Top 10

2. NYX Matte Blotting Paper: Price- $4 for 50 sheets
NYX makes some fabulous products and their blotting papers are definitely the best drugstore option. We give it a thumbs up as it is made from 100% pure pulp papers. Other than the matte blotting product, the company even manufactures other variants such as Fresh Face, Tea Tree, Green Tea and Blemish Control. This blotting sheet will effectively remove away the shine without smearing away your makeup. It is an all weather friend as it won’t clog your pores and keeps your skin happy and fresh. This isn’t as easily available in India as we would like but can be bought from Sephora stores and Amazon India. With NYX Cosmetics making a foray into the Indian market soon, this is one product that is an absolute must have for oily skin.

3. Oriflame Optimals Matte Touch Face Blotting Tissues: Price- Rs 149 for 50 sheets
Affordable blotting sheets in India can be hard to find but Oriflame makes some pocket friendly variants. Their Matte Touch Tissues are pastel green in color and do not contain any fragrance. They are effective at removing excess oil and shine from the face. Oriflame also makes another variant called Oxygen Boost Blotting Tissues which are equally good. Oriflame products are available through their reps. It is one of the most effective blotting papers for oily skin in summers.

Best Blotting Sheets Papers For Summers Affordable Options

Best Blotting Sheets & Papers For Summers: Affordable Options

4. The Body Shop Tea Tree Blotting Tissues: Price- Rs. 395 for 65 sheets.
One of the top selling blotting sheets in India, this TBS variant must be grabbed if you are lucky to find it in stock. The Body Shop tea tree tissue is extremely helpful for ladies with oily and combination skin as it doesn’t mess up the makeup. It flawlessly absorbs any excess oil in the T zone area or cheeks. Each tissue is infused with the fragrance of tea tree oil and helps prevent acne breakouts. We highly recommend this to people with sensitive and acne prone skin due to the presence of tea tree oil.

5. Sephora Oil Blotting Papers: Price- $8 for 50 sheets
Sephora collection makes a nice range of blotting sheets which are perfect for oily skin. Available across all Sephora stores, these come in many variants like bamboo charcoal, cooling mint, herbal rose etc. These are thin double sided sheets which remove shine from the face without smudging the makeup. They are packaged in a slim case and do not irritate the skin.

Top 10 Blotting Papers Tissues Oily Skin India

Top 10 Blotting Papers & Tissues For Oily Skin

Top 10 Blotting Papers For Oily Face in Summers

6. Inglot Oil Blotting Sheets: Price- Rs 800 for 50 sheets
Compared to other options, these blotting sheets by Inglot can definitely feel expensive. However, it’s a great option for those who do not have access to other brands as it is easily available across Inglot stores and online on Majorbrands. The soft blotting papers make the skin matte, clean and fresh without affecting the makeup. The sheets come in a neat black packaging, with a ‘push’ window on the back which helps remove a sheet easily for usage.

7. Clean & Clear Instant Oil Absorbing Sheets: Price- $6 for 50 sheets
Another effective drugstore blotting tissue pack is the one by Clean & Clear. These sheets are silky in texture and perfect for absorbing excess oil. They help remove shine from the face and need to be used every 3-4 hours depending on sebum secretion.These pocket sized sheets do not smudge the makeup and removes sweat and dirt besides oil very well. The brand has even launched the oil blotting sheets in pink grapefruit, which give a fruity fragrance and function the same way as the odorless sheets. Sadly these aren’t available in India though you can find it on Amazon at a much higher price. This is one of the products you must ask your friends or family to get you from the west.

Best Drugstore Blotting Sheets Oily Face

Best Drugstore Blotting Sheets for Oily Face

8. Neutrogena Deep Clean Long Last Shine Control Blotting Sheets: Price- $6 for 50 sheets
If you are looking for affordable blotting sheets for oily face then these silky and highly absorbent sheets by Neutrogena must be on your list. It aids in reducing the shine on your face and removes excess oil. It prevents the sebum from clogging your pores and makes the face look absolutely fresh and matte. The best thing about the Neutrogena blotting sheets is that the shine control lasts up to 4 hours. Again, this is also not easily available in India so add it to the list of things to get from the US.

9) Beauty Formulas Oil Control Tissues: Price- Rs 225 for 50 sheets
These affordable blotting sheets in India freshen up the skin in seconds. They blot off excess facial oil without budging your makeup. The tissues are made from natural pulp and are very gentle on the skin. It is easily available at New U stores and also online on their website.

Top 10 Best Blotting Sheets India For Oily Face Summers

Top 10 Best Blotting Sheets in India For Oily Face

10) MAC Blot Film: Price- Rs 1000 approx for 30 sheets
These MAC Blotting sheets are made from patented cutting edge material with great absorbent properties. It easily soaks up sebum and sweat without disturbing your makeup. The sheets are blue in color which turn transparent upon soaking up the oil. They make the face completely matte without leaving a powder-y residue. The price is surely a bummer but if you like splurging, girl go ahead!

DIY Oil Blotting Sheets at Home: Cheap & Effective

DIY Blotting Sheets Cheap Homemade Effective Steps

DIY Blotting Sheets: Homemade & Effective

Oil Blotting sheets can be easily made at home. You really don’t need to spend a bomb on them and are an inexpensive tool for controlling oil and shine. One of the easiest and most affordable way to make your own blotting tissues at home is by buying butter paper or tracing sheets, which you can easily get at any stationary stores. You can trace any shape on the paper- be it round, rectangular or a shape to fit your empty compact. Cut it accordingly and store it in a an empty envelope or case. Your easy and effective DIY Blotting Papers are ready!

So these were our top picks at the best blotting sheets in India. Let us know if use blotting papers often and which ones do you like the most.

Contributed by Priya Jha

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