10 Beauty Myths That Are Actually True!

Top 10 Beauty & Makeup Myths Busted: Fact or Myth?

How many times have you dismissed a beauty craze because you thought it is simply a myth and nothing else? Well truth be told, time and time again we have come across several beauty myths be it on the net, WhatsApp messages or beauty groups. While some of them are hilarious, some bizarre but a few of them are actually true. Since everyone only talks about the numerous makeup and beauty myths, we thought why not focus on beauty myths that are actually true. So read on to know more.

Top 10 Beauty Makeup Myths That Are Actually True Busted

10 Popular Beauty & Makeup Myths Busted

1) Nails should be filed in a single direction
Yep, you’re not supposed to use a nail filer like an axe. It is considered as a popular myth that a nail filler should be used in a single direction and not in a back and forth motion. However, this myth stands true. This is because the random back and forth motion weakens and makes the nail chip easily . Also, make sure you are not filling the nail right after coming out of a shower as the dampen nails are weak and will lead to easy breakage.

Nails Should Be Filed In One Direction Myth Or Fact

2) Never hit the bed without removing makeup
Many people blatantly claim that makeup causes acne and other skin problems (ignore them, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life) but what they fail to understand is it isn’t makeup that harms the skin. Failing to clean your face be it of dust, grime or makeup is what actually leads to breakouts and clogged pores. When we sleep, the skin needs to breathe and if anything clogs the pores at the time (even the most expensive non-comedogenic and natural makeup product) then the skin is going to break out. Therefore, religiously follow a CTM routine before hitting the bed and wake up with glowing skin.

Applying Lip Balms Makes The Lips Dry Beauty Myths Busted

3) Lip balms make the lips more dry & chapped
The issue with dry lips is that you have to keep on applying lip balms regularly to keep them soft, supple and hydrated. But the moment certain lip balms fade away, lips go back to its normal-state i.e. dry and parched. This is because there are certain active ingredients that can dry out your skin and force you to apply even more to compensate. Try to avoid lip balms with ingredients like camphor, menthol, alcohol, fragrance etc which can further irritate your lips

Beer Makes The Hair Thicker Myth Busted

4) Washing hair with beer shampoo makes it voluminous
Beer might not be the best for your health but it is a blessing if you want thick and luscious hair like Rapunzel to flaunt. Beer is made by brewing barley which is extensively rich in vitamins and proteins & helps the hair to become thicker, stronger and bouncier. It also contains alcohol (in less amounts) which helps to wash off dirt, hair spray, leave in creams, gels, serums, etc. Beer shampoos are great for a fuller and thicker looking mane so if you have fine and limp hair then you might want to give it a try. Unless of course you hate the smell of beer.

Does Toothpaste Work On Acne Pimples Myth Busted

5) Toothpaste helps reduce pimples and acne
This may sound weird but it actually works. Toothpaste contains ingredients like baking soda, triclosan, silica, witch hazel etc which helps in reducing and drying out the pimple. Triclosan & hydrogen peroxide have anti bacterial properties which kills acne causing bacteria. If you’re facing a sudden breakout and do not have an acne spot treatment at home, then toothpaste can be your friend in need. It also helps in reducing dark spots however we only recommend using it as an emergency method rather than a regular spot treatment.

Top 10 Beauty Myths Busted!

Can Hairspray Be Used As Makeup Setting Spray

6) Hair spray should not be used as a setting spray
Does using hair spray work as a setting spray? Yes. Should you use it? No. This is one of the most recent myths which is actually a fact. Drag queens often use hairspray to set their base makeup and this trend has caught on in the past few months. Hairspray acts as a sealant to makeup owing to the presence of various chemicals that keeps the makeup in place. However, it contains alcohol and lacquers which irritate and dry out the skin that leads to dryness or dehydration. So the next time you watch some youtube guru rave about it as a setting spray, girl you know better!

Tight Ponytails Buns Cause Hair Fall Headache Hair Receding

7. Tight ponytails and buns cause hair fall
What are the two most common go-to hairstyles for summers? Tights buns and ponytails. Well, I have bad news. Tight hairstyles like buns, braids, ponytails etc pull the hair on your scalp and is one of the biggest causes behind a receding hair line. It also weakens the hair roots leading to breakage. If you’ve noticed thinning of hair around your temples or crown area then this could be the cause behind it. It can also lead to a condition called alopecia which is a form of baldness. Try tying your hair a little lower on your head and wear a loose pony or a bun instead.

Can Conditioner Be Used As Hair Shampoo Myth Busted

8. Conditioner can work like a shampoo
Washing hair with conditioner. Say what? This is a hot hair trend which is considered to be BS, however a conditioner can actually clean your hair when mixed with water. Shampoos contains surfactants which help in cleaning the hair and conditioners also have the same ingredients. Therefore, it is a great way to wash off the mid-week dirty hair and skip drying out your hair further with a SLES based shampoo. This method is particularly suitable for dry and frizzy hair. Do note that a conditioner will not clean your hair as effectively as a shampoo but it certainly gets the job done.

Should Mascara Be Discarded In 3 Months Makeup Myths Busted

9) Mascaras should be discarded after 3 months
This is considered as one of the biggest myths (which isn’t one) and a deed that most of us never follow. Mascara can become a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause severe eye infections. You should follow this rule religiously if you have sensitive eyes. The maximum we would suggest is keeping a mascara for 6 months after which it most certainly should be binned. Here are some of the best affordable mascaras that you can switch to in case buying an expensive one every few months hurts your pocket.

10) Certain foods cause acne
Acne is caused by various reasons and one of them can be the food you eat.  We are often told to avoid spicy and oily food because some of us have low metabolism and such foods take a long time to digest. Similarly, heavy carbohydrates and sugary foods might lead to breakouts in certain people. Research has shown that cutting down on dairy products, chocolate, spicy food etc helps with the breakouts.

So these were some of the biggest beauty myths which are actually some straight up facts. Do share with us the ones that surprised you the most.