Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill 02 : Review & Swatches

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill #2 : Review & Swatches

Hello Lovelies,

After my recent tryst with Inglot Lipstick #37 I couldn’t wait to try out more shades from their Freedom System. Today I’m going to review Inglot Lipstick # 2. What is with Inglot and numbers BTW??

inglot lipstick refill #2 review swatches price india

Inglot Lipstick Refill #2 Review & Swatches

Price: ₹ 300
Quantity: 1.2gms

inglot lipstick refill #2 review swatches price india

Inglot Lipstick Refill #2: Quantity & Price in India

Inglot Lipstick refill is a small round pan which comes in a plastic casing. You can use this casing to store the refill or you can buy a magnetic palette to store it safely. It isn’t travel friendly unless you store it in a palette. The plastic casing contains the necessary details like date of manufacturing & expiry, quantity and price.

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill 2 review swatches price india

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill 2: Review & Price

Inglot Shade #2 is a beautiful and vibrant peachy pink with a strong coral undertone. It is slightly neon and is the perfect bright shade for summer and spring. The lipstick instantly perks up my complexion and all I need is a thick winged liner, loads of mascara(and no kohl) to complete the look. In my opinion this will suit fair to medium skintone beautifully but might wash out the dusky beauties so it is better if they try it out at the store prior to buying it.

inglot refill lipstick #02 review swatches

Inglot Refill Lipstick #02: Review & Swatches

The lipstick has a creamy texture which glides on effortlessly and does not tug during application. It settles into a semi matte finish which is not too drying but it tends to settle into dry patches and accentuate them. So, it’s better to exfoliate your lips well and apply a lip balm underneath if you have extremely dry lips like I do. Due to the semi matte finish it does not bleed.

inglot lipstick refill 02 swatch on indian light skin

Inglot Lipstick Refill #02 Swatch!

Pigmentation & Staying Power
hade 2 is well pigmented and a single swipe gives a good color pay off. It applies evenly and you get an opaque finish with 2 swipes which easily covers pigmentation of lips.
The lipstick is long staying and lasts put for about 3-4 hours with small meals and snacks after which it settles into a light pink stain. However, you will need to touch it up after a full meal.

Price & Availability
Inglot lipstick refills aren’t exactly cheap. Sure they do cost only 300 bucks but you get a tiny quantity (1.2gms to be precise) making it costlier than a MAC lipstick! However, it is great for trying out new shades especially the bold and bright ones which we might not wear often.
Inglot is easily available in major cities and you can also buy it online from Majorbrands which offers many enticing discounts from time to time.

inglot lipstick refill 02 swatch lipswatches on indian skin and review

Inglot Lipstick #02 Lip Swatches on Indian Skin & Review

1) A gorgeous summery peachy pink shade with a coral undertone
2) It will flatter light to medium complexion beautifully
3) Has a creamy texture which settles into a semi matte finish
4) Well pigmented and 2 swipes easily cover pigmentation of lips
5) Good staying power and stays put for around 4hrs
6) The lipstick refills are a great option for trying out new shades


1) Tends to settle and accentuate dry patches
2) It isn’t travel friendly unless you store it in a palette

HBM Rating
4 / 5(Reviewed by Lisha B.)Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill 02 : Review & Swatches

HBM Reccomendation : Inglot Freedom System Lipstick in shade # 2 is a gorgeous pinkish peach lipstick with a coral undertone. It has a semi matte finish, good staying power and is well pigmented. You will need to prep you lips well if have dry and chapped lips but nothing that a hydrating lip balm can’t remedy. It is one of the best peachy pink lipsticks I’ve tried and I will strongly recommend it

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    I think this is such a gorgeous color. I have never tried any lipsticks from Inglot.

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      The shade truly is a stunner!

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    I still dont own any from inglot?.. BTW where do u buy inglot here.. i dint find it here in noida??

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      ha ha ure sooo cute! I barely have any lipsticks as I’m more of a lipgloss girl!
      thanks sweets :* Its always great to hear from you!
      oh boy! You’re seriously missing out on AH-LOT! You can inglot from select city walk and dont forget to check out their eyeshadows!

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    In fact, I like the fact that they do not fade, but set like a stain. I would simply put on a little gloss and I am good to go.
    What beautiful lip swatches!

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    I love that one! I am mainly buying my makeup from INGLOT , because here they are really cheap compared to other brands, plus they are good for my skin/eyes/lips and the colors are FABULOUS! I will try to locate this one, because right now they are having a huge discount on lipstick refill pots hehe :))