Safetykart: One Stop Shop For All Your Safety & Hygiene Needs! Website Review

Hello Girls,

Today I’m going to talk about my shopping experience with Safetykart. I was quite intrigued by the concept of this site as I have never comes across a website which provides industrial and personal safety items to personal hygiene products. From pepper sprays and Toilet Seat Sanitizers to Fire Extinguishers and Sleeping Tents, they have it all! Oh and if that wasn’t enough, they even have a child safety section which I’m sure mommies and would-be moms would enjoy exploring!

safetykart website review and haul

SafetyKart Website Review & Haul

I decided to order a few personal hygiene products along with a pepper spray. I have always wanted to get myself a pepper spray and I had no idea it was available online! I got my products within 2 days of placing my order(including a Sunday) and the best part was that I got a text informing me when they will deliver the product. I hate it when sites send my parcels on days I’m not available at home!

safety website review

SafetyKart Website Review

They offer COD service along with free shipping on orders above Rs500. My products were securely packed in bubble wrap and there was no leakage. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve ordered from Medplusbeauty and almost always returned the liquid items due to product leakage.

SafetyKart Haul

SafetyKart Haul

If the efficient service and speedy delivery wasn’t enough to make me happy then they made sure to impress me by sending 2 freebies! I can’t recall one site that has ever been generous enough to send me samples or freebies with my purchase!

cooling gel masks indian pee buddy review

Cooling Gel Masks & Pee Buddy in India

They sent me a pack of 3 gel masks which claims to dissipate heat and provide a cooling relief for upto 10 hrs. I’m really looking forward to trying this in the harsh Delhi Summers as I’m sure this will be my saviour. Besides that they also sent a Pee Buddy Pack of 2. The tagline- ‘Freedom to stand and Pee’ made me snigger. Jokes aside its quite a helpful thing and one I’d be sure to purchase!

Here’s a look at all the things I bought!

knockout pepper spray buy online india

Knockout Pepper Spray Review

Knockout Self Defence Pepper Spray
A pepper spray is something I feel every girl should own for her personal safety. Yes, I hope you never have to use it but considering the current environment we live in its best to keep yourself well equipped to defend yourself incase the need arises! It quite small and will easily it into clutches and purses. Its also easy on the pocket and claims to give you 12 powerful burts ๐Ÿ˜€ My mom is so sure I will end up spraying this on myself someday ๐Ÿ˜

knockout pepper spray buy online india

Buy Pepper Spray Online in India

Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer
This is something I desperately needed in my life. I’m sure many of you are disgusted by public washrooms and I for one never use them because of my inherent fear of infections and diseases. Even in a desperate situation I’d rather wait to get home than use the public washroom! This claims to cleanse and sanitize the toilet seat while ensuring protection against 99.9% of diseases that can cause an infection. Atleast the next time I need to go to the loo I won’t have to torture myself. This has found a permanent place in my handbag and BTW it smells quite pleasant ๐Ÿ˜€

Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer review buy online india

Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Review

Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Scrub & Hand Cream
Surprisingly Neutrogena is one brand hat has been seriously ignored by me. I have yet to try the scrub but the I found my HG hand cream with this Neutrogena Hand Cream. At first it feels like sticky glue but once it absorbs the cream makes your hand feel shoooooo softy soft!

Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Scrub & Hand Cream review buy online in india

Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Scrub & Hand Cream

Fresh Ones Refreshing Tissues
One can never have enough of wet wipes and SafetyKart provides a huge variety of wet wipes plus they are quite affordable! Adequately removes dirt and grime as well as makeup!

affordable wet wipes india

Fresh Ones Wet Wipes Review & Buy Online In India

Overall, I had a fantastic experience shopping with SafetyKart and I’m really impressed with the professional handling of my order. Besides that I’m quite happy to see them stocking useful items like pepper sprays,toilet seat sanitizers etc and making them more accessible. I highly recommend SafetyKart as you certainly won’t be let down by their service.