Win a L’oreal Cannes Hamper After A Hangout With Sonam!

I have some really exciting new for you girls. L’Oreal has offered to give away a special Cannes hamper to the winner of the contest being held today. The rules are pretty simple so read on to know more about it!

We have news for you! As Cannes takes the glamour world by storm, our very own fashion powerhouse Sonam Kapoor wants to join your inner circle!


Imagine you and your friends having dinner and Sonam Kapoor joins in the conversation! Experience that situation today as we Hangout with Sonam Kapoor.

We want you to be an exclusive part of this hangout by promoting the same on your blog through a contest. We have a special Cannes hamper for you and the winner of our contest for this activity.

This contest needs to go live today as the hangout is scheduled for 3:30 PM on Google Plus. (

The steps for the contest are simple:
Step 1 – Start a hangout with you & your best friends.
Step 2 – Add L’Oréal Paris India to the hangout.
Step 3 – Talk about All Things Cannes!
Sonam Kapoor might make an appearance & join in!

So hurry up gals and clear out your schedules!