Wedding Makeup & Skincare Tips: The Perfect Guide For a Bride To Be!

Bridal Makeup & Skincare Tips: The Perfect Checklist for an Indian Bride-To-Be

Weddings are always one of most special events in a girl’s life. It can be very hectic for a bride-to-be when it comes to shopping or just getting everything done on time. Everybody offers some or the other advice every now and then. It can obviously make any bride bewildered about what to do and what not. Today we will be covering some basic but very important wedding makeup & skincare tips for brides to be to simplify the distress and help make them look their best on their wedding day.

Wedding Tips Skincare & Makeup Bridal Tips & ChecklistWedding Tips Skincare & Makeup Bridal Tips

Wedding Skincare Tips For a Bride To Be

No matter how much you invest in high end makeup or an amazing makeup artist, if your skin is not in a good condition, it will show through. A good skin care routine is something which you cannot ignore. It will spare you from the trouble of layered foundation and concealers not only on the wedding day but on several other functions during that period. Here are some useful bridal skincare tips to keep in mind for achieving that perfect glowing natural skin.

Wedding Skincare Tips For Brides To BeWedding Skincare Tips For Brides To Be

1. Proper CTM: We know you are exhausted of listening to this again and again but there is a reason we keep repeating it. Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize. Not only will it keep the pimples and breakouts at bay but your makeup would not look patchy when applied to a well behaved skin. You can check out the best skincare products for oily skin here and dry skin here.

2. Exfoliation is the key: To prepare for your wedding you will most probably be visiting the market more than ever. It is your skin which suffers the most. Scrub away all the dirt to avoid any kind of zits and slough away dead skin. You should exfoliate your face at least twice a week. Alternatively, you can also use a mild scrub on daily basis depending on your skin type.

3. Hydrating masks are your best friend: Besides adding a boost of hydration, hydrating masks firm up the skin. Check out these 10 homemade face masks for glowing skin which are known to show great results.

4. Do not experiment: Avoid changing your skincare routine and trying out new facial products as you never know what product doesn’t suit you. Stick to your regular C-T-M products and eat a well balanced diet. Have fruits, nuts and vitamin supplements on a regular basis. I would recommend the juice of apple, beetroot and carrot everyday. It will give you a healthy glow.

Bridal Skincare Tips Skincare Regimen For Indian Brides To BeBridal Skincare Tips For Indian Brides To Be

5. Relax: We understand being a bride can be very stressful and you go through a plethora of emotions but try your best to relax and unwind. You could book yourself and your mom for a spa which would rejuvenate both of you. Exercise for atleast 20-30 minutes everyday which will not only keep you fit but also help alleviate your stress levels. Practice meditation to get calmness within. Your skin will thank you for this.

6. Pamper the peepers: Take adequate sleep and rest your eyes well. Massage your eyes daily with almond oil for at least for 15 days prior the wedding and use a good under eye cream every night. Drink ample amount of water to avoid eye bags or dark circles.

Wedding Makeup Tips: A Perfect Guide for an Indian Bride To Be

Bridal Makeup Tips For A Indian Bride To Be ChecklistBridal Makeup Tips For A Indian Bride To Be

Bad bridal makeup can make the prettiest women look like clowns. The following wedding makeup tips are all you need to avoid such a disaster.

1. Opt for non-SPF makeup and moisturizer for your wedding day. Weddings include alot of flash photography and using SPF infused makeup can lead to flashback, think creepy ghost face which can ruin your pictures. If not completely SPF, opt for something with low SPF like the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation which has no flashback and is perfect for weddings.

2. Do not experiment directly on your wedding day. Avoid using colored lenses or dramatic eye makeup. If you are going to do it for the first time we would recommend trying it before hand and making adequate changes accordingly. Sometimes certain looks might look good only in our head and might be a different story when in action.

Indian Wedding Makeup Tips Eye Makeup Lips Blush SuggestionsIndian Wedding Makeup Tips & Suggestions

3. There is no rule for wedding makeup as such. Go for anything you like. Bold eyes, bold lips or both bold eyes and lips. If you can carry it off then go for it girl! Just make sure to have a word with your makeup artist. We highly recommend getting a wedding makeup trial which many salons and makeup artists offer nowadays. Last minute blunders are almost never rectified so its best to discuss things and looks with your MUA during a trial.

4.  Make sure to prime your face. It not only makes your skin look smoother but also makes the base makeup last on longer. Here are the best 10 primers for oily skin that we love and recommend. Besides this, never opt for a lighter or a darker shade of foundation and concealer. Nothing is worse than an ashy base makeup for a bride.

5. Contouring can be your best friend so don’t shy away from it. Do not go overboard à la Kim Kardashian West. A sculpted face looks very flattering amidst the heavy trousseau, bulky jewelry and blinding lights. But like we stated before, do not experiment, try it before hand.

6. DO NOT go overboard with the shimmer. A combination of highlighter, glitter eye shadow, and glossy lipstick can be OTT. Keep it subtle and focus more on the highlighter for that gorgeous glow.

So those were our top wedding skincare and makeup tips for brides which will help you look gorgeous on your wedding. Do share your favorites with us.

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