Wag Box By Heads Up For Tails Review, Products & Price

Wag Box By Heads Up For Tails Review, Products, Price & Buy Online India

You’ve heard alot about beauty and jewellery subscription boxes on HBM but we recently came across a unique subscription box for your pets. Yes, something to pamper your furry babies with every month. Heads Up For Tails is a popular website for pet food, treats, toys, merchandise and a whole lot of things. They recently came out with their monthly subscription boxes for dogs called Wag Box. I gave it a try this month and being very honest, I had many apprehensions considering the high price tag. Lets find out if it managed to win me Willy over.

Wag Box By Heads Up For Tails Review Price Products

Wag Box By Heads Up For Tails Review, Price & Products

Price: Rs 1999 for one month
Can be bought here

Product Description
The Wag Box is all about a heady mixture of surprises, happiness, personal care, treats and love. After all, nowhere else do you get a personal shopper cum happiness officer for your dog and yes, there are some lovely surprises in store too!

Our Wag Box is designed for pet owners who truly appreciate the marvellous meanings that gifts give to life in general, who understand the need for their pets to be pampered just like a little child and of course, for those who love their dogs more than anything else in the whole wide world! This little Wag Box is our own special offering for owners and dogs, something that we envision as our own little bundle of happiness that spreads warmth across as many homes as possible!

Heads Up For Tails Wag Box Review Price Buy Online

Heads Up For Tails Wag Box Review, Price & Buy Online

While placing the order for your Wagbox, you get to customize the box according to your dog’s size, breed and interests. Particularly for my dog who is 10 years old, he no more plays with new toys, prefers sleeping all the time and enjoys his long walks. Also, being a bit overweight due to old age, I was worried that if they send any clothing it might be a bit too small for him as he is not the average size of a small breed. However, for reviewing purposes I didn’t get too much into detail and mentioned Willy’s habits for their perusal. The awesome team at Heads Up For Tails took everything into consideration and sent a box which was best suited to my baby’s needs!

Wagbox By Heads Up For Tails Products Review

Wagbox By Heads Up For Tails Products & Review

They don’t specify the minimum number of products in each box but I received 6 items in my Wag Box. It came in a big red box which looked so cute. We received 2 vegetarian dog treats,  a dry shampoo, a super cute bandana, a dog leash and a beautiful diary.

Best Gifts For Pets India Wag Box

Best Gifts For Pets India: Wag Box

Staring with the treats, since I mentioned in the form that Willy is a vegetarian they sent Pumpkin & Carrot Cookies along with Mini Fruit Chewies. I had serious doubts over Willy liking the cookies due to the flavour but he absolutely loved it. He has been trying to pry the box open ever since we got them and cannot have enough of them. You can also buy these separately from their website and the price is pretty decent so I’m sure I’ll be buying it again for him. The mini fruit on the other hand is too hard, harder than his chewy bones and he rarely eats them.

Dog Treats & Food Online India Wag Box Review

Dog Treats & Food Online India: Wag Box Review

What intrigued me the most was this PetaCLEAN Hot Chocolate Fudge Dry Shampoo for dogs! Heads Up For Tails retails some really interesting stuff and with winters approaching this is just perfect. You don’t need to wash it off with water and can be used daily to clean the pets coat.

Pet Grooming Products Online India Heads Up Fr Tails

Pet Grooming Products Online India: Heads Up For Tails

For the longest time, I’ve been looking for a good leash to get for Willy. I did not want the same ole boring solid colors for him but unluckily thats all I found at pet stores. Luckily, I received just what I wanted in this month’s WagBox. A super cute leash perfect for ‘my much loved money’ Its of great quality and I love the collar has this adjustable lock mechanism instead of the pinhole ones. This is definitely my most favorite product from the box.

Cute Dog Leashes Online India Heads Up For Tails

Cute Dog Leashes Online India: Heads Up For Tails

Heads Up For Tails has the most interesting and super cool merchandise for cats and dogs. I am a huge fan of their bandanas and got Willy one from their Select City store which said ‘Laddo Singh’. They sent us another one for my fat and cute brat in the Wag Box that is absolutely perfect for him ๐Ÿ˜€ Besides that, I also received a beautiful diary.

Cute Quirky Dog Bandanas Diaries Wagbox

Cute Quirky Dog Bandanas & Diaries: Wagbox

Overall, I love the fact that unlike other subscription boxes, you can customize the box as per our pets’ needs. Everything in the box was loved by Willy barring maybe the mini fruits. The concept is great and if you’re someone who is a huge fan of Heads Up For Tails then this gives you the perfect opportunity to try out a variety of their products every month.

Personally, its not something I’ll subscribe to every month as I can get these products individually from the website since the products included in the box were worth pretty much the same amount as the box. I wish they start including more products in the Wag Box making its value higher than what you pay for as thats the primary reason why I love subscription boxes ๐Ÿ˜€ This is also a great option to gift your friends’ pets on their birthdays.

Indian Lifestyle Blogger Girl Walking Dog

Indian Lifestyle Blogger

That said, Willy and I both loved this month’s box and highly recommend you to check out Heads Up For Tails if you have a pet at home as you’ll find amazing stuff to pamper them with on the website ๐Ÿ™‚